Editorial Board

The Editor-in-Chief

Professor Ebrahim Shirani
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, 84156-83111, IRAN
Email: director@jafmonline.net

The Associate Editors

The Associate Editors composed of distinguished scientists in the field that will insure the scientific quality of the accepted papers. The Associate Editors of the JAFM are:

Professor Fethi Aloui
University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis  (UVHC) , LAMIH, UMR-CNRS 8201 ,  Le Mont Houy, F-59313 Valenciennes Cedex 9, FRANCE
Email: Fethi.Aloui@univ-valenciennes.fr

Professor Nasser Ashgriz
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M5s3g8, CANADA
Email: ashgriz@mie.utoronto.ca

Professor Ali Bidokhti
Institute of Geophysics,Tehran University, Tehran 144155-6466 IRAN
Email: bidokhti@chamran.ut.ac.ir

Professor Jean-Marie Buchlin
Von Karman Institute Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics Department Chaussee de Waterloo Waterloosesteenweg, 72 B-1640 Rhode-St-Genese Sint-Genesius-Rode, BELGIUM
Email: buchlin@vki.ac.be

Professor NG, Chiu-On
Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Rd., HONG KONG
Email: cong@hku.hk

Professor D'Orazio Annunziata
Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energetic Engineering - Sapienza University of Rome
Email: annunziata.dorazio@uniroma1.it

Professor Vahid Esfahanian
Mechanical Engineering Department, Tehran University, Tehran, IRAN
Email: evahid@ut.ac.ir

Professor Mohammad Farshchi
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, IRAN

Professor Morteza Gharib
California Institute of Technology,1200E.California Blvd.MC 205-45, Pasadena Ca, 91125, USA
Email: mgharib@caltech.edu

Dr. Swapan Kumar Ghosh
Department of Mathematics, Narajole Raj College,West Bengal ,721 211 INDIA
Email: g_ swapan2002@yahoo.com

Professor Peyman Givi
University of Pittsburgh, 644 Benedum Hall, Pittsburgh, PA15261, USA
Email: givi@engr.pitt.edu

Professor Fazle Hussain
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University, 2703 7th Street, TX 79409-1021, USA
Email: fhussain@uh.edu

Professor Manoochehr Koochesfahani
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and College of Engineering Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, A-31 Engineering Research Complex, Michigan State University, MIchigan, USA
Email: koochesf@egr.msu.edu

Dr.  Zhaorui Li
Los Alamos Natioanl Lab, NM, USA
Email: lizhaorui76@gmail.com

Professor  Sandile  Motsa
University of Swaziland, Mathematics Department, Private Bag 4, Kualuseni, M201, Swaziland
Email: sandilemotsa@gmail.com 

Professor Roddam Narasimha
National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bangalore, 560012, INDIA
Email: roddam@caos.iisc.ernet.in

   Professor Joseph Nimela
   ICTP, Trieste, ITALY

   Email: nimela@ictp.it

Professor Hassan Peerhossaini

Universiity of Paris,  France

Email: hassan.peerhossaini@paris7.jussieu.fr

Professor Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi

Department of Mechanical Engineering,Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran
E-mail: mm_rashidi@yahoo.com

  Professor Luis Rojas-Solorzano

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nazarbayev University, Astana, KAZAKHSTAN

Email: luis.rojas@nu.edu.kz

Professor Nanjundappa Rudraiah
UGC-Center for Advanced Studies in Fluid Mechanics, Department of Mathematics, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 560 001, INDIA
Email: rudraiahn@hotmail.com

Professor Gauri Shanker Seth
Indian School of Mines Dhanbad, INDIA

Email: gsseth_ism@yahoo.com 

Professor Ronald M. C. So
Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ., HONG KONG

Email: mmmcso@polyu.edu.hk

Dr. Sivasankaran Sivanandam
University of Malaya, MALAYSIA
Email: sd.siva@yahoo.com

 Professor Katepalli Sreenivasan
 University of Maryland, USA and, The Abdus Salam ICTP, 34100 Trieste ITALY
 Email: krs@ictp.trieste.it, kattepali.sreenivasan@yale.edu

 Professor Lim Tee Tai
 Department of Mechanical Engineering,National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
 Email: mpelimtt@nus.edu.sg

 Professor Gretar Tryggvason
 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Worcester, Polytechnic institute, Massachusetts, USA
 Email: gretar.Tryggvason.1@nd.edu

 Professor Patrick Weidman
 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado,       80309-0427,   USA
 Email: weidman@colorado.edu

 Professor Jamal S. Yagoobi
 Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering
 Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, USA
 Email: yagoobi@iit.edu

Professor Günter H. Schnerr
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technische Universität München, Germany
Email: schnerr@flm.mw.tu-muenchen.de

Dr. Sangjin Ryu
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering,University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Email: ryu.sangjin@gmail.com