The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.


Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi Aloui, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
An Optical Technique based on Continuous Wavelet Transform for Flow measurement Part-I
Author(s): Osman Ahmed, Mark Ovinis, Ibrahima Faye, Fakhruldin Hashim, Osei Harrison
Keywords: Multi-scale, turbulent signal decomposition, wavelet transform, optical technique
Numerical simulation of turbulent airflow and micro-particle deposition in upper human respiratory system
Author(s): Ali Tahavvor, Pouya Zarrinchang
Keywords: Nasal cavity; Micro-particle; Turbulent flow; CFD; Respiratory system
Author(s): Jarosław Brodny, Magdalena Tutak
Keywords: CFD, endogenous fire, longwall, rockfall goaves, underground coal mine
Transition from steady to oscillatory flow natural convection of low-Pr fluids in 3D Bridgman configuration for crystal growth
Author(s): A. Atia, B. Ghernaout, S. Bouabdallah
Keywords: 3D natural convection, oscillatory state, molten gallium, numerical study.
Systematic Investigation of Thrust Production during Plunging Motion of the Airfoil
Author(s): Hossein Hamdani, Haleema Zareen
Keywords: Thrust, Reverse Vortex shedding, Airfoil, Vorticity, Plunge, Reduced frequency
A Performance Analysis on Pressure Loss and Airflow Diffusion in a Chamber with Perforated V-Profile Diffuser Designed for Air Handling Units (AHUs)
Author(s): Muhammed Safa KAMER, Ahmet Erdoğan, Ekrem TAÇGÜN, Kerim SÖNMEZ, Ahmet KAYA, İshak Gökhan AKSOY, Suat CANBAZOĞLU
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Pressure loss, Air handling units (AHUs), Perforated diffuser, Fan
Numerical investigation of fluid flow mechanism in the back shroud cavity of a centrifugal pump
Author(s): Wei Dong, S. Wuli Chu
Keywords: Centrifugal pump; Back shroud cavity; Circumferential velocity component; Radial velocity component; Pressure
Electroosmotic pumping between two immiscible electrical conducting fluids controlled by interfacial phenomena
Author(s): Andrés Matías, Oscar Bautista, Federico Méndez, Juan Escandón
Keywords: Immiscible conducting fluids, Electroosmosis, Circular microcapillary, Maxwell stress, Interfacial stress..
Thermal Stratification and Rollover Performance Analysis of LNG tank Based on Curvelet Finite Element Method and Large Eddy Simulation Technology
Author(s): bin zhao, shuai han, lizhi xu, chengjiang shi, diangui gao, yuanyuan zhang
Keywords: stratification, rollover, LNG tank, Curvelet finite element method, Large eddy simulation
The impact of air fences geometry on air flow around an ICE3 high speed train on a double line railway track with exposure to crosswinds
Author(s): Masoud Mohebbi, Mohammad Ali Rezvani
Keywords: high speed train, air fence, ICE3, double line railway track, crosswind
A dramatic enhancement of heat transfer in Dream Pipe with viscoelastic fluids
Author(s): Puvaneswari Puvaneswari, Karthikeyan Shailendhra
Keywords: Enhancement of Heat Transfer, Dream Pipe, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Laminar Oscillatory Flow, Viscoelastic Fluids, Molar Ratio
Ferrofluid Based Squeeze Film Lubrication between Rough Stepped Plates with Couple Stress Effect
Author(s): Yogini Vashi, Rakesh Patel, Gunamani Deheri
Keywords: Squeeze film, Stepped plates, Roughness, Ferrofluid, Couple stress, Load carrying capacity.
Design Optimization of Ceiling Fan Blades with Nonlinear Sweep Profile
Author(s): Ehsan Adeeb, C. H. Sohn, Adnan Maqsood, M. Aqib Afaq
Keywords: Nonlinear sweep, Design of experiments, Blade design, Computational fluid dynamics, Response surface method
Drag Experienced by a Composite Sphere in an Incompressible Micropolar Fluid
Author(s): Vandana Mishra, Bali Gupta
Keywords: Permeable sphere, Micropolar fluid, Drag force, Stream function, Darcy law.
Electrothermal convection in dielectric Maxwellian nanofluid layer
Author(s): veena sharma, Anuradha Chowdhary, U. Gupta
Keywords: Nanofluid, Maxwell model, Brownian motion, Thermophoresis, Electric field, Stress relaxation time, Galerkin method.
Micro-Vibration Analysis and Optimization of Aerostatic Bearing with Pocketed Orifice-Type Restrictor
Author(s): yifei li, yihui yin, hong yang, xinen liu, jun mo, hailong cui
Keywords: Gas lubrication, Aerostatic bearing, CFD simulation, Micro-vibration, Dynamic stability, Design optimization
Effect of channel boundary condition in predicting hydraulic jump characteristics using an ANFIS-based approach
Author(s): Kiyoumars Roushangar, Roghayeh Ghasempour, Reyhaneh Valizadeh
Keywords: ANFIS, Boundary condition, Different appurtenances, Empirical equations, Hydraulic jump characteristics.
Wave motion due to a ring source in two superposed fluids covered by a thin elastic plate
Author(s): Najnin Islam, Rupanwita Gayen, B.N. Mandal
Keywords: Ring source potentials, Two-layer fluid, Thin elastic plate, steady state analysis.
Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Aerodynamic Behavior of the Ahmed Body Model with Different Diffuser Angles
Author(s): Pourya Moghimi, Roohollah Rafee
Keywords: Lift coefficient; Drag coefficient; Diffuser angle; Ahmed body; Flow field
Comparative Flow Field Analysis of Boundary Layer Diverter Intake and Diverterless Supersonic Intake Configuration
Author(s): Irsalan Arif, Shuaib Salamat, Mudassir Ahmed, Dur-e- Nayab, Syed Irtiza Ali Shah
Keywords: Aerodynamics; Boundary Layer Diverter Intake; Diverterless Supersonic Intake; Pressure recovery
Reduced-Order Modeling of Unsteady Hypersonic Aerodynamics in Multi-Dimensional Parametric Space
Author(s): Zhiqiang Chen, Yonghui Zhao, Rui Huang
Keywords: Reduced order model, Proper orthogonal decomposition, Kriging surrogate, Piston theory, Multi-dimensional parametric space
Lattice Boltzmann Numerical Investigation of Inner Cylindrical Pin-fins Configuration on Nanofluid Natural Convective Heat Transfer in Porous Enclosure
Author(s): yaser jafari, M. Taeibi-Rahni, majid haghshenas, pouyan ramian
Keywords: Natural Convection; Pin-fins Configuration Effects; Porous Medium; Nanofluids; LBM
On the determination of the solid-to-liquid transition within the flow of yield stress fluids using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Author(s): Nicolas Schaer, José Vazquez, Matthieu Dufresne, Gilles Isenmann, Jonathan Wertel
Keywords: CFD,Yield stress fluids,Free surface flow,Solid-to-liquid transition,Regularized model
A simple method for the estimation of the axial dispersion coefficient in gas flow
Author(s): Małgorzata Wójcik, Mirosław Szukiewicz, Wiesław Próchniak, Paweł Wiercioch
Keywords: Laplace transform; Numerical inversion of Laplace transform; Non-ideal flow; Maple®
On the expedient solution of the Boltzmann equation by Modified Time Relaxed Monte Carlo (MTRMC) method
Author(s): Mehrdad Eskandari, S. Salman Nourazar
Keywords: Boltzmann equation, Time relaxed Monte Carlo, modified time relaxed Monte Carlo, direct simulation Monte Carlo, Taylor series
Numerical simulation of mucus clearance inside lung airways
Author(s): Jyoti Kori, Pratibha .
Keywords: Mucus clearance, Cilia movement, Couette Flow, Porosity, Particle shape, Mathematical modeling.
Investigation of the Numerical Methodology of a Model Wind Turbine Simulation
Author(s): Narges Tabatabaei, M. J. Cervantes, Chirag Trivedi
Keywords: model wind turbine, computational fluid dynamics CFD, transient, wake profile, turbine performance
On the optimization of the species separation in an inclined Darcy-Brinkman porous cavity under the effect of an external magnetic field
Author(s): Rtibi Ahmed, Mohammed Hasnaoui, Amahmid Abdelkhalek
Keywords: Darcy-Brinkman porous medium, Soret effect, Magnetic field, Separation of species, Analytical and numerical study
Effect of Viscous Gas on Stability of the Electrified Liquid Sheet
Author(s): Runze DUAN, Ying Liu, Dongji Wang, Ziyue Wang, Liansheng Liu, Yan Zhang
Keywords: Instability; Electrified planar liquid sheet; Velocity profile;Spectral method;Linear analysis
Numerical study on the effect of an annulus injector on the hydrodynamic behavior of a spray
Author(s): rasool esmailnejad, Mohamad T. Shervani-Tabar, moharram jafari, Seyed Esmail Razavi
Keywords: Annulus conical injector, CFD, AVL Fire, spray, homogenous distribution of droplets
Bio-thermal Convection in Water-based Nanofluid Containing Gyrotactic Microorganisms: Effect of Vertical Throughflow
Author(s): Shivani Saini, Y.D. Sharma
Keywords: Nanofluid, Vertical Throughflow, thermophoresis, Brownian motion, bio-thermal convection, gyrotactic microorganism
The Effect of Turbulent Uniform Flow Past A Two-Dimensional Square Cylinder
Author(s): Yi-Chao Li, Cheng-Yang Chung, Fuh-Min Fang
Keywords: Turbulent Approaching Flow, Square Cylinder, Large Eddy Simulation.
Numerical Investigation into the Flow Mechanism of Tip Unsteadiness in a Transonic Compressor
Author(s): Guangyao An, YanHui Wu, Jinhua Lang, Zhiyang Chen, Bo Wang
Keywords: Transonic compressor rotor, Flow unsteadiness, Vortex breakdown, Shock wave oscillation
Experimental Investigation of Spray Characteristics of Prefilming Airblast Atomizers
Author(s): Mehrzad Roudini, Günter Wozniak
Keywords: Spray characterization, Prefilming airblast atomizer, Liquid atomization, Phase Doppler anemometry
Micro scale gas turbine diffuser design – a practical approach
Author(s): Michal Czarnecki, John Olsen
Keywords: compressor, centrifugal, micro scale, gast turbine, engine, turbojet
Effect of fin geometry on Flow-Induced Vibration response of a finned tube in a tube bundle
Author(s): Hassan Arshad, Shahab Khushnood, Luqman Ahmad Nizam, Muhammad Ameer Ahsan, Ozair Ghufran Bhatti
Keywords: Finned tube bundle, Flexible tube, Mass ratio, Fin geometry, parallel triangular.
CFD investigation on the steady interaction between an offset jet and an oblique wall jet
Author(s): Nidhal Hnaien, salwa marzouk, Lioua Kolsi, Abdullah Al-Rashed, Habib Ben Aissia, Jacque Jay
Keywords: combined jets, inclination, maximum velocity, shear layer, steady RANS, turbulent flow
Numerical Investigation on Temperature and Flow Characteristics of a Tornado-Like Vortex by Using Large-Eddy Simulation
Author(s): Ke Li, Min Xiang, YU HU, XLIANG HUANG, HY QI
Keywords: large-eddy simulation, tornado-like vortex jet, Ranque-Hilsch effect, vacuum degree, energy separation
Numerical visualization of blast wave interacting with objects
Author(s): Santanu Dey, Murugan Thangadurai, Dipankar Chatterjee
Keywords: Blast wave, shock tube, computational fluid dynamics, blast wave attenuation, scattered waves
Effect of pitch angle and Reynolds number on aerodynamic characteristics of a small horizontal axis wind rotor
Author(s): Jianyong ZHU, Peiqing Liu
Keywords: Wind energy,horizontal axis wind rotor,Reynolds number,aerodynamic characteristics, wind tunnel test
Modeling and simulation of an oxygen-blown bubbling fluidized bed gasifier using the Computational Particle-Fluid Dynamics (CPFD) approach
Author(s): A. Di Nardo, G. Calchetti, Stefano Stendardo
Keywords: Fluidized bed gasifier, CPFD method, Multiphase flows
Flame Length Scaling of C2H4-Air Premixed Flames under Acoustic Forcing
Author(s): Donghyun Hwang, Kyubok Ahn
Keywords: Flame length, Flame center length, Dump combustor, Combustion instability, Turbulent vortex flame
Large scale fluctuations in an axisymmetric sudden pipe expansion with large aspect ratio
Author(s): Ansgar Ringleb, Wolfgang Schlüter, Oliver Sommer, Günter Wozniak
Keywords: axisymmetric sudden pipe expansion; laser Doppler velocimetry; Sample-and-Hold; incompressible turbulent flow; large scale fluctuations; narrow-band peak spectra
Numerical Investigations on Unsteady Flow Past Two Identical Inline Square Cylinders Oscillating Transversely with Phase Difference
Author(s): Mithun MG, Prashant Kumar, Shaligram Tiwari
Keywords: Transversely oscillating square cylinders, Phase difference, Wake characteristics, Wake interference, Modes of vortex shedding
Numerical simulation of the non-isothermal coextrusion fiber spinning with flow induced crystallization.
Author(s): Blanca García, Alejandro Zacarías, V. Ferrer, R. O. Vargas
Keywords: Polymer processing, PTT model, FIC
Numerical Simulation of Various Riblet Shapes and a Uniform Model for Boundary Layer
Author(s): Yang Yu, Xiao-dong Ren, Xuesong Li, Chun-wei Gu
Keywords: various riblet shapes, skin friction reduction, velocity profile, von Kármán’s constants, uniform model of the logarithmic law
Numerical Analysis of the Effects of Riblets on Drag Reduction of a Flat Plate
Author(s): Alireza Heydarian, H. Ghassemi, Pengfei Liu
Keywords: Drag reduction; Flat plate; Riblet; Micro channels
Simulating Fluid and Structure Interaction Using Exponential Basis Functions
Author(s): Hanieh Pary Abarghooei, Bijan Boroomand
Keywords: Fluid-structure interaction, Meshless method, Exponential basis functions, Lagrangian description for fluids, Nonlinear sloshing.
2-D CFD Computations of the Two-Bladed Darrieus-Type Wind Turbine
Author(s): Krzysztof Rogowski, Martin Hansen, Piotr Lichota
Keywords: Wind turbine, Aerodynamic blade loads, Aerodynamic wake, Streak line
Nozzle displacement effects on two-phase ejector performance: an experimental study
Author(s): khaled ameur, zine aidoun
Keywords: experiments, two-phase, ejector, R134a, NXP
Computational and Experimental Study on the Water-Jet Pump Performance
Author(s): Ahmed Sheha, Mostafa Nasr, M. A. Hosien, Essam Wahba
Keywords: Jet pump, CFD, Pump efficiency, Geometrical parameters, Operational parameters
Modeling and Optimization of the Magnetohydrodynamic Conduction Pump by Particle Swarm Method
Author(s): bouali khadidja, F.Z Kadid, rachid abdessemed, Abdelmalik taleb-ahmed, toumi abida
Keywords: Fluid mechanics, Magnetohydrodynamic, Conduction pump, Particle Swarm, Finite volume method, Fitness function, Constraints, Optimization
Influence of Stroke on Performance Characteristics of Synthetic Jet Fan
Author(s): Koichi Nishibe, Yohei Nomura, Kazuki Noda, Hiroshi Ohue, Kotaro Sato
Keywords: Synthetic jets, jet pump, fan performance curve, pressure recovery
Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Morphological Changes in Natural Channel Bend
Author(s): Seung Kyu Lee, Truong An DANG
Keywords: Experimental investigation, numerical model, bed load, multiple grain-size, curved channel
Effect of boost pressure on the In-Cylinder Tumble-Motion of GDI Engine under Steady-State Conditions Using Stereoscopic-PIV
Author(s): Mohammed El Adawy, Morgan Heikal, A.Rashid A.Aziz, Shahzad Munir, Muhammad Israr
Keywords: In-cylinder flow, Flow bench,Tumble motion, Boosted GDI engine, Stereo PIV, POD
Multi-objective optimization of two-stage centrifugal Pump using NSGA-II algorithm
Author(s): Mohamed Benturki, DIZENE Rabah, Adel Ghenaiet
Keywords: Multi-objective optimization, Two-stage centrifugal pump, Unsteady, CFD, NSGA-II, NPSHi.
Development of the couple stress relationships for the power law fluid and solution of flow in ceramic tape casting process
Author(s): Fatemeh Karami, Afshin Ahmadi Nadooshan, Yaghoub Tadi
Keywords: Couple stress tensor; Characteristic material length; non-Newtoinian fluid; Tape thickness
A similarity solution with two-equation turbulence model for computation of turbulent film condensation on a vertical surface
Author(s): Masoud Ziaei-Rad, Afshin Ahmadi Nadooshan, Saeed Mahmoodi
Keywords: Turbulent film condensation, similarity solution, k-e turbulence modeling, vertical surface
Effects of Gas Cross-over Through the Membrane on Water Management in the Cathode and Anode Sides of PEM Fuel Cell
Author(s): kazem mohammadzadeh, Dr. hassan Khaleghi
Keywords: Numerical investigation; PEMFC; Water Management at the anode; Gas cross-over through the membrane
Preliminary Experimental investigation on a low profile Magneto-Hydrodynamic propulsive blanket, considering plasma generation
Author(s): M. A. Feizi Chekab, P. Ghadimi, Mohamad Sheikholeslami, Aliakbar Ghadimi
Keywords: MHD propulsive blanket, electrolysis, plasma, experimental investigation
Hydrodynamics analysis on the high-speed surface vehicle with super-cavitating hydrofoils
Author(s): Shiwei Zhao, Min Xiang, Houcun Zhou, Weihua Zhang
Keywords: Numerical simulation, Hydrofoil, Supercavitation, Hydrodynamics
Experimental and CFD study of internal flow inside a sessile microdroplet undergoing lateral vibration
Author(s): Tao Zhu, Zhenmin Zhao, Liping Lv, Wen Chen, Lichun Dong
Keywords: Internal flow; Sessile drop; Lateral vibration; Microdrops
Statistical analysis of wedge effect on the seakeeping of a planing hull in irregular waves at the onset of the planing region
Author(s): P. Ghadimi, Sayyed Mahdi Sajedi, Pouria Taghikhani
Keywords: Planing hull; Experimental seakeeping tests; Vertical accelerations; Statistical analysis; irregular head sea; wedge
Experimental Study of Flow Control Over an Ahmed Body Using Plasma Actuator
Author(s): Shahab Shadmani, Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi Nainiyan, Masoud Mirzaei, Ramin Ghasemiasl, Sohrab Gholamhosein Pouryoussefi
Keywords: Automotive, Aerodynamics, Wind tunnel, Drag reduction
Optimization of convective heat transfer from two heating generators into horizontal enclosure including a discrete obstacle: A Lattice Boltzmann comprehensive investigation
Author(s): Taoufik Naffouti, Lamia Thamri, Awatef Naffouti, Jamil Zinoubi
Keywords: Lattice Boltzmann method, convective heat transfer, horizontal enclosure, discrete obstacle, optimization of heat transfer.
Performance Enhancement of Centrifugal Compressor with Addition of Splitter Blade Close to Pressure Surface
Author(s): Adil Malik, Qun Zheng, Syed Asad Ali Zaidi, Hamza Fawzy
Keywords: Numerical simulation, multi splitter blades, DDA 404-III Impeller, Centrifugal Compressor
Accuracy of dynamic stall response for wind turbine airfoils based on semi-empirical and numerical methods
Author(s): Sepehr Rasekh, mohammad hosseini doust, saeed karimian aliabadi
Keywords: Dynamic stall, Wind turbine airfoils, Semi-Empirical models, Numerical method
Experimental and Numerical Study of a Submarine and Propeller Behaviors in Submergence and Surface Conditions
Author(s): abbas vali, bahador saranjam, R. Kamali
Keywords: Two phase flows, Hull/propeller interactions, CFD, Sliding mesh, Volume of fluid (VOF) method
A study on the effect of peristalsis and cilia of MHD Micropolar fluid flow through an inclined porous channel
Author(s): .krishna Dr.S.V.H.N. Krishna Kumari.P, saroj D, . Dr.YVK RAVI KUMAR
Keywords: Micro polar fluid, peristalsis, cilia, magnetic field, porous medium
Evaluation of partially averaged Navier-Stokes method in simulating flow past a sphere
Author(s): Sagar Saroha, Sawan S. Sinha, SUNIL LAKSHMIPATHY
Keywords: Partially averaged Navier-Stokes, Turbulence modelling, Flow past a sphere
The Application of Electric Field to Developing Falling Films Using Wire-Plate Electrode Configuration- An Experimental Study
Author(s): Roya Rouhollahi, Sima Baheri Islami, Reza Gharraei, Mohammad Reza Heirani Nobari
Keywords: EHD, Falling film, Dielectric, Image processing, Wire-plate electrode
Author(s): HAZIQ ABU BAKAR, mohamad aizat abas, Nhafizah mokhtar, norizham razak, muhammad najib
Keywords: Mechanical heart valve, Particle Image Velocimetry, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Dynamic Mesh
Boundary layer flow, Heat and Mass Transfer of Cu-Water Nanofluid over a Moving Plate with Soret and Dufour Effects: Stability Analysis
Author(s): Najwa Najib, Norfifah Bachok, Norihan Md. Arifin
Keywords: Heat transfer, Mass transfer, Nanofluid, Soret effect, Dufour effect, Stability analysis
Determination of pressure drop characteristics of fly ash suspension with additive for hydraulic transportation
Keywords: Fly ash; Rheology; Relative viscosity; Pressure drop; Energy consumption
One-dimensional mathematical model for solar drying of beds of sludge
Author(s): Antonio Marcos de Oliveira Siqueira, Niclas Krink, Feliciano Pires de Souza Pereira, Fábio Gonçalves Villela, Gabriel Siqueira Silva, Ana Flávia Fagundes Moura
Keywords: Heat and mass transfer, Dryer performance, Mathematical model, Simulation, Porous material.
Comparative Study of Reversal Flow during the Evaporation or Condensation of Water and Ethanol Film in a Vertical Channel
Author(s): SELLAMI Karima, Nabila LABSI, Feddaoui M’barek, OUBELLA M'hand, Youb Khaled Benkahla, NAJIM Monssif
Keywords: evaporation, condensation, cooling mode, heating mode, vertical channel, buoyancy forces, reversal flow, elliptical flow model.
Two semi-analytical methods applied to hydrodynamic stability of Dean Flow
Author(s): H. Nowruzi, S. Salman Nourazar, H. Ghassemi
Keywords: Hydrodynamic stability, Dean flow, Differential transform method, Homotopy perturbation method
Lubricant rheological behavior effect analysis on the performance of finite porous self-lubricating journal bearings
Author(s): Maamar Malki, Salah LARBI, Sid Ali Boubendir, Rachid Bennacer
Keywords: Hydrodynamic lubrication; Porous journal bearing; Non-Newtonian fluid; Power law