The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.


Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi Aloui, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Opaque Turbulent Buoyant Jet
Author(s): A. B. Osman, M. Ovinis, Fakhruldin Hashim, I. Faye
Keywords: Deepwater Horizon, optical technique, cross-correlation, k-epsilon model
Effect of Heat and Mass Transfer on Natural Convective Flow of Micropolar Fluid in Vertical Concentric Cylinders
Author(s): Arun Kumar Singh, A. K. Singh
Keywords: Micropolar fluid, Natural convection, Temperature, Concentric vertical cylinder
Effect of Knudsen number, lid velocity and velocity ratio on flow features of single and double lid driven cavities
Author(s): Swarnava Mukherjee, Vahid Shahabi, Gowtham Raj, Kashyap Sundara Rajan, Ratna Kishore Velamati
Keywords: Rarefied Gas Dynamics; DSMC; OpenFOAM; MEMS/NEMS
CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Drag Effects on Vacuum Tube Trains
Author(s): S. A. Gillani, V. P. Panikulam, S. Sadasivan, Z. Yaoping
Keywords: CFD; Aerodynamic drag; Vacuum train; Shock wave; Navier stokes equations.
On the low frequency pressure fluctuation in a 3/4 open jet automotive wind tunnel
Author(s): Jia Qing, Yuyu Zhu, Di Bao, M. M. Rashidi, Zhigang Yang
Keywords: wind tunnel, buffeting, LES, PIV, POD
The Use of Dam Break Model to Simulate Tsunami Run-up and Scouring around a Vertical Cylinder
Author(s): Kuswandi Kuswandi, Radianta Triatmadja
Keywords: Dam break, Run-up, Run-down, Tsunami, Scour, Simulation
Simulation and Modeling for Aging and Particle Shape Effect on Airflow Dynamics and Filtration Efficiency of Human Lung
Author(s): J. Kori, Pratibha .
Keywords: Aging, Filtration Efficiency, Growth of Lung, Lung function, Nano particle, Porosity.
Effects of two-way turbulence interaction on the evaporating fuel sprays
Author(s): H. Khaleghi, Masoud Ahmadi, Hosein Farani
Keywords: Turbulence modulation, Turbulent dispersion, Evaporation rate, Velocity profile alternation
Gas flow and heat transfer in an enclosure induced by a sinusoidal temperature
Author(s): Jamal BALITI, Mohamed HSSIKOU, Mohammed ALAOUI
Keywords: DSMC, NSF, Heat transfer, Sinusoidal temperature.
Numerical characterization of a liquid metal magnetohydrodynamic alternate generator in the laminar-regime under inductionless approximation
Author(s): Jose Amilcar Rizzo Sierra, Cesar Isaza, Jonny Paul Zavala de Paz, Ely Karina Anaya Rivera
Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics, Oscillatory liquid metal flow, Laminar fully developed regime, Inductionless approximation, Navier-Stokes equation, Spectral collocation method, Alternative power generation
Effect of Slot-guidance and Slot-area on Air Entrainment in a Conical Ejector Diffuser for Infrared Suppression
Author(s): Lakhvinder Singh, Sidh Nath Singh, Sawan Sinha
Keywords: Mass entrainment, Slot openings, Heat signatures, Static pressure recovery, Numerical study.
Experimental Study of the Effect of Displacement of Vanes Submerged at Channel Width on Distribution of Velocity and Shear Stress in a 180 Degree Bend
Author(s): CHoonor Abdi, Mohammad Vaghefi
Keywords: Submerged Vanes; Position of Submerged Vanes at Width; Turbulence Shear Stress; Turbulence Kinetic Energy; The Secondary Flow Strength; 180 Degree Sharp Bend.
Optimization of synthetic jet position for heat transfer enhancement and temperature uniformity of a heated wall in micro-channels
Author(s): Jahanfar Khaleghinia, Farshad Kowsary, Cyrus Aghanajafi
Keywords: Micro-channel; Synthetic jet; Position; Optimization.
Blood Vessel Constrictions: A Lattice-Boltzmann Consistent Comparison between Newtonian and non-Newtonian Models
Author(s): Gustavo Adolfo Orozco Alvarado, Clara Tatiana Gonzáles Hidalgo, Allan Mackie, Juan Diaz, Diego Alejandro Roa Romero
Keywords: Blood rheology, Lattice-Boltzmann, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Non-Newtonian models, Simultaneous Optimization
Experimental investigation of flow and coherent properties of excited non-circular liquid jets
Author(s): Morsal Babayan, Pejman Tabatabaee-Hosseini, Negar E. Kandjani, Seyed Amir Tafrishi, M. Jafari, E. Esmaeilzadeh
Keywords: Non-circular Free jet, Liquid-gas instability, Axis-switching, Breakup length, Penetration length.
Keywords: ABC algorithm, Pool boiling, Heat transfer, Boiling optimization.
Experimental and numerical investigation of the efficiency and pressure drop of an inertial impactor with variable area
Author(s): Amin Namvar Ayouri, Mohammad Ali Ehteram
Keywords: Blow-by, Micro droplets of engine oil, Inertial impactor with variable area, Pressure drop.
Effect of Timing and Pattern of Fuel Injection on Performance and Emissions of a Diesel Engine in the Low-Temperature Combustion Mode – An Experimental Investigation
Author(s): K Mathivanan, J.M Mallikarjuna, A Ramesh
Keywords: LTC, Single injection, Multiple injections, Diesel engine, Combustion, Emissions, EGR, Boost pressure
Design and Numerical Simulation of Micro Gas Turbine Combustor
Author(s): zhang ping, Y. Liu, J. Li, Y. Yan
Keywords: Single-tube combustor; numerical simulation; turbulent combustion; combustion mechanism.
Experimental Study on the Discharge Coefficient of Bi-Swirl Coaxial Injectors
Author(s): K. Ahn, Bok Jik Lee
Keywords: Bi-swirl coaxial injector; Discharge coefficient; Recess length; Mixture ratio; Liquid rocket engine
In-cylinder aero-thermal simulation of Compression Ignition Engine: using a layering meshing approach
Author(s): olfa moussa, Ahmed Ketata, Driss Zied, pedro coelho
Keywords: Compression Ignition Engine, aero-thermal flow, dynamic mesh, CFD simulation, meshing effect.
Comparison of Interface Description Methods Available in Commercial CFD Software
Author(s): Andres Barrall, Roberta Minussi, Marcus Alves
Keywords: Volume of Fluid, Numerical Diffusion, Interfacial Smearing
Effect of Different SAC Based Nanoparticles Types on the Reflow Soldering Process of Miniaturized Component using Discrete Phase Model Simulation
Author(s): muhamed abdul fatah muhamed mukhtar, A. Abas, Siti Haslinda Mohamad Said, Fakhrozi Che Ani, Dr Azman Jalar, Abdullah Aziz Saad, M.Z. Abdullah, Roslina Ismail
Keywords: Nanoparticle, SAC305, numerical simulation, discrete phase model, Nanocomposite solder paste
Aerodynamic shape design of pantograph network monitoring device on high-speed trains
Author(s): Peng Ji, Fan Wu, Bosen Qian, Yan Lei
Keywords: Pantograph monitoring device; Aerodynamic performance; Numerical simulation; Shape design
Increase in tuning ability of a car shock absorber valve using CFD
Author(s): Daniel Buczkowski, Grzegorz Nowak
Keywords: shock absorber, CFD analysis, damping forces, oil flow, damper valve, flow restriction
Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Secondary Injection with a Novel Pyrogenic Pulser
Author(s): Roohollah Taherinezhad, Gholamreza Zarepour
Keywords: Pyrogenic Pulsers, Secondary Injection, Solid Rocket Motors
a study of the Taylor-Couette flow with finned surface rotation
Author(s): carlos alvarez, william vicente, Francisco solorio, Ernesto Mancilla, Martin Salinas, R. Zenit
Keywords: critical rotation rate, Taylor vortex, Annular fins, Taylor Couette flow, CFD, Vorticity.
2-D simulation with OH* kinetics of a single-cycle pulse detonation engine
Author(s): Emílio Maciel, Carla Marques
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics, Pulse detonation engine, OH* kinetics, OH* images, Diagnostics
Instability and Transition in a Laminar Separation Bubble
Author(s): N. K. Singh
Keywords: Direct numerical simulation; Laminar separation bubble; Transition; Instability
A new relaxation time model for lattice Boltzmann simulation of nano Couette flows in wide range of flow regimes
Author(s): Sadegh Ghatreh Samani, A. H. Meghdadi Isfahani
Keywords: Lattice Boltzmann method; micro and nano- Couette; transitional regime; Knudsen number; relaxation; rarefaction
Capillary wave and initial spreading velocity at impact of drop onto a surface
Author(s): Li PengFei, Wang SuoFang, Dong Weilin
Keywords: Drop impact, Capillary wave, initial spreading velocity, Impact velocity, Contact line
Author(s): Hüseyin Pehlivan, Z. Parlak, Mert Turan
Keywords: Centrifugal pump; Thrust load; Axial load; Balancing hole; Wear ring; CFD
Attempt to Suppress Numerical Viscosity in Incompressible SPH Method
Author(s): Yu Fukunishi, Yuta Takahashi, Yu Nishio, Izawa Seiichiro
Keywords: Incompressible SPH computation, Numerical viscosity, Wall friction, Elliptic kernel function, Special wall treatment
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation on Particulate Distribution in Gyro Casting for the Manufacture of Al/SiC Particulate Metal Matrix Composite
Author(s): Abdul Samad P A, Shalij P R, Ramesh A, Mubarak A K
Keywords: Gyro casting, Stir casting, Computational fluid dynamics, Mixing power, Grid independence study, Mixing index
An Experimental Investigation of a Passively Flapping Foil in Energy Harvesting Mode
Author(s): Muhammad Nafees Mumtaz Qadri, Aamer Shahzad, Fuwang Zhao, Hui Tang
Keywords: Fluid-Structure Interaction, Bio-inspired Energy Harvesting, Leading Edge Vortex, Flow-induced passive flapping motion
Evaluation of cubic-spline based Gas Kinetic Method for simulating compressible turbulence
Author(s): Nishant Parashar, Balaji Srinivasan, Sawan Sinha
Keywords: compressible flows, gas kinetic method, direct numerical simulation, decaying turbulence
Author(s): Selvaraju Ponnusamy Nallusamy, K M PARAMMASIVAM
Keywords: Flow separation control, Vortex generator, VG location, Drag reduction, Boundary layer thickness.
Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Vortex Shedding in a Novel Sub-Scaled Motor
Author(s): Roohollah Taherinezhad, Gholamreza Zarepour
Keywords: pressure oscillation, vortex shedding, strouhal number, solid rocket motor
Numerical Simulation of Pitching Sloshing under Microgravity
Author(s): wenjing yang, Tingting Zhang, Chao Li, Shuman Li, X. Xu
Keywords: Liquid sloshing, Microgravity, Three-dimensional simulation, Pitching, VOF method
Kinematics of a cylindrical particle at low Reynolds numbers in asymmetrical conditions
Author(s): Stéphane Champmartin, Abdelhak Ambari, abderrahim Ben Richou
Keywords: Hydrodynamic interactions, Resistance matrix, Particle transportation, Confined solid particle
Effectiveness of Stent in the treatment of Renal Artery Aneurysm using FSI simulation
Author(s): H. Abu Bakar, A. Abas, N. Razak
Keywords: Renal artery aneurysm, Stent, FSI, PIV
Study on the Accuracy of RANS Modelling of the Turbulent Flow Developed in a Kaplan Turbine Operated at BEP. Part 1 - Velocity Field
Author(s): Raluca Gabriela Iovănel, Diana Maria Bucur, M. J. Cervantes
Keywords: Numerical simulation, Turbulence modelling, Hydropower, Kaplan turbine, Experimental validation
Study on the Accuracy of RANS Modelling of the Turbulent Flow Developed in a Kaplan Turbine Operated at BEP. Part 2 - Pressure Fluctuations
Author(s): Raluca Gabriela Iovănel, Georgiana Dunca, M. J. Cervantes
Keywords: Turbulence modelling, Pressure fluctuation, Pressure recovery, Curvature correction, Scale Adaptive Simulation
Sensitivity analysis and optimization of delta wing design parameters using CFD-based response surface method
Author(s): Mohammad Aelaei, S. Karimian Aliabadi, Fathollah Ommi
Keywords: Delta wing, Air launch-to-orbit vehicle, aerodynamic efficiency, NSGA-II Optimization, Response Surface Methodology
Application of Lobed Mixers to Reduce Drag of Boat-tailed Ground Vehicles
Author(s): Aleksandra Rejniak, Alvin Gatto
Keywords: Drag reduction, Lobed mixers, Boat-tailed vehicles
A numerical study of the frontal system between the inflow and outflow waters in the Persian Gulf
Author(s): abdossamad rahnemania, Aliakbar Bidokhti, M Ezam, Kamran Lari, Ghader Sarmad
Keywords: Frontal system Baroclinic instability Mesoscale eddy HYCOM Persian Gulf
First and second order turbulence closures applied to homogeneous turbulent bubbly flows
Author(s): Fathia chaibina, ghazi Bellakhal, Jamel Chahed
Keywords: First and second order turbulence closures applied to homogeneous turbulent bubbly flows
Effect of Wet Steam on Aerodynamic Performance of Low-pressure Exhaust Passage with Last Stage Blade
Author(s): A. Q. Lin, Xinye Chang, LIhua Cao, H. Zhang, Lanxin Sun
Keywords: Exhaust passage; Wet steam; Aerodynamic performance; Last stage blade
Pulsatile Flow Investigation in Development of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm: An In-Vitro Validated Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis
Author(s): Chi Wei Ong, Foad Kabinejadian, Fei Xiong, Yoke Rung Wong, Milan Toma, Yen Ngoc Nguyen, Kian Jon Chua, FangSen Cui, Pei Ho, Hwa Liang Leo
Keywords: Thoracic aortic aneurysm, Particle image velocimetry, Thrombus, Fluid structure interaction (FSI), Hemodynamics
Aerodynamic forces acting on Ahmed-type vehicles under fluctuating headwind conditions
Author(s): Masaru Sumida, Kento Hayakawa
Keywords: Road vehicle, Fluctuating wind, Aerodynamic characteristics, Ahmed body, Wind-tunnel experiment
Design, Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Radial Inflow Micro Gas Turbine
Author(s): Samip Shah, Salim Channiwala, Digvijay Kulshreshtha, GAURANG CHAUDHARI
Keywords: Turbine Design; Volute Design; Small Gas Turbine
Determination of the drag reduction mechanism associated with the pneumatic regulation of slurry pipeline transport using a numerical method
Author(s): qianyi chen, ting xiong, qiang wu, wei wei, wen zhang, pan jiang
Keywords: piping,numerical simulation,slurry,two-phase flow,turbulent flow
Experimental and Numerical Studies of Secondary Injection in Nozzle Divergence for Thrust Augmentation
Author(s): Gokul Anugrah, Praphaukar Raja, Deepu M, Rajesh Sadanandan
Keywords: Rocket nozzles, Thrust augmentation, HLLC scheme. Finite volume method
Surface Pressure Study of an Airfoil Undergoing Combined Pitch and Low-Amplitude Plunge Motions
Author(s): Arshia Tabrizian, Mehran Masdari, Mojtaba Tahani
Keywords: Combined pitch-plunge motion; Dynamic stall; Experimental unsteady aerodynamics; Supercritical airfoil.
Large Eddy Simulation of Compressible Parallel Jet Flow and Comparison of Four Subgrid-Scale Models
Author(s): Qilin Liu, Yuhong Dong, Huanxin Lai
Keywords: Jet flow, LES, Localized SGS model, Selective mixed scale model, Coherent-structure Smagorinsky model, Coherent-structure kinetic-energy model
Effect of a Weak Jet upon a Strong Jet
Keywords: Two Unequal Jets; Turbulence; Strong Jet; CFD ; Self Similarity
Comparison of Conventional and Modified Burners in Performance with Different Fuels Using a Linear and a Non-linear Eddy-viscosity Turbulence Model
Author(s): Murat Umut Yangaz, Gökçen Alev Çiftçioğlu, Mehmet Arif Neşet Kadırgan
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics, Combustion, Preheating, Fuel, Emissions, Flue gas recirculation
Simulation of Pigging with a Brake Unit in Hilly Gas Pipeline
Author(s): Honggang He, Zheng Liang
Keywords: Method of characteristics; Gas pipe; Hammer effect; Runge-Kutta method; Response surface methodology; Speed control.
Interaction between Natural and Ventilated Cavitation around A Base Ventilated Hydrofoil
Author(s): Houcun Zhou, M. Xiang, W. Zhang, X. Xu, K. Zhao, S. Zhao
Keywords: Natural cavitation, Ventilated cavitation, Interaction, PANS model, Numerical simulation, OpenFOAM
An experimental study on vibration signatures for detecting incipient cavitation in centrifugal pumps based on envelope spectrum analysis
Author(s): A. Ramadhan Al-Obaidi, Hossein Towsyfyan
Keywords: Centrifugal pump, inception of cavitation, vibration signal, envelope spectrum analysis
Influence of the plastic number on the evolution of a yield stress material subjected to a dam break
Author(s): Alan Modolo, Bruno Loureiro, Edson Soares, Roney Thompson
Keywords: Yield stress material, Free surface flow, Gravity flow.