The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.


Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi Aloui, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
Low Reynolds number effect on energy extraction performance of semi-passive flapping foil
Author(s): Ali Javed, Kamal Djidjeli, Jing Tang Xing
Keywords: Energy Harvesting, Semi-Passive Flow Energy Harvester, Fluid Structure Interaction, Meshfree Methods, Hybrid grid, RBF-FD
Experimental Investigation of Spray Characteristics of Prefilming Airblast Atomizers
Author(s): Mehrzad Roudini, G. Wozniak
Keywords: Spray characterization, Prefilming airblast atomizer, Liquid atomization, Phase Doppler anemometry
Optimization of an active electrokinetic micromixer based on the number and arrangement of microelectrodes
Author(s): Behnam Keshavarziyan, Mehdi Shamshiri, Mahmoud Charmiyan, Arman Moaveni
Keywords: Mixing process, Electrokinetic excitation, Computation, Optimization
Sessile drop on oscillating incline
Author(s): Ludovic DE MAIO, Francois Dunlop
Keywords: Droplet, Pinning, Two-phase flow, Driven oscillator, Finite elements, Computational study
Self-Similar Motion of Strong Converging Cylindrical and Spherical Shock Waves in Non-ideal Stellar Medium
Author(s): Narsimhulu Dunna, ADDEPALLI RAMU, Dipak K Satpathi
Keywords: Shock waves; Radiation hydrodynamics; Finite difference methods; Rankine-Hugoint jump relations; Mie-Gruneisen EOS; Numerical solution
Numerical Simulation of Diffuser of a Gas Turbine using the Actuator disc model
Author(s): sreeja sadasivan, Senthil Kumar Arumugam, Mahesh Aggarwal
Keywords: Actuator disc model, gas turbine diffuser, flow separation
Experimental study of friction drag reduction of superhydrophobic surfaces in closed channel flow
Author(s): mostafa monfared mosghani, Mohammad Ali Alidoostan, Bahador Saranjam
Keywords: Riblet, Superhydophobic, Drag Reduction, Pressure Drop, Closed Channel Flow, Experiment
Flow Control in a Cavity with Tiny-Obstacles on the Walls for Mixing Enhancement Part I: Flow Physics
Author(s): Behnaz Maneshian, Khodayar Javadi, M. Taeibi-Rahni
Keywords: Flow Control, Mixing Enhancement, Lid-Driven Cavity, Tiny-Obstacle, Scooplike Vortex, Lattice Boltzmann Method.
Dam-break computations by a dynamical adaptive finite volume method
Author(s): Yahya Lakhlifi, salah daoudi, Farid boushaba
Keywords: Dam break, Finite volumes, Unstructured meshes, Mesh adaptation, Roe’s solver, Dry bed.
An experimental study of the flow field and air distribution strategy on a flat plate with air injection
Author(s): hao wu
Keywords: flat plate; air flow rate; distribution strategy; shape of air layer; drag reduction rate; local friction
On wake analysis of flow past rotating downstream cylinder using Hilbert-Huang transformation
Author(s): Neeraj Paul M, S. Tiwari
Keywords: Rotating downstream circular cylinder, flow transition, spectral analysis, Hilbert-Huang trans-formation
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method for Open Channel Flow
Author(s): David López Gómez, Tamara Ramos, Pablo Sánchez Gómez, Roberto Marivela Colmenarejo, Rubén Díaz Martínez, Juan José Rebollo Cillán, Francisco Ramón Andrés Martín, Vicente Cuellar Moro, Miguel de Blas Moncalvillo, Jose Luis García
Keywords: Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH); Bed roughness; Boundary friction; CFD (computational fluid dynamics); Hydraulic resistance (friction factors); Open-channel flow; Velocity profile.
Double-diffusive convection in an Oldroyd-B fluid layer-Stability of bifurcating equilibrium solutions
Author(s): Raghunatha K R, I. S. Shivakumara
Keywords: Double-diffusive convection, Oldroyd-B fluid, Perturbation method, Stability, Bifurcation, Heat and mass transfer
Investigation on the application of optimum non-axisymmetric endwall profiling for a vaned diffuser
Author(s): Z. H. O. U. Li, Fengguang Xiang, W. A. N. G. Zhanxue
Keywords: Diffuser; Non-axisymmetric endwall profiling; Optimization design; Total pressure loss; Flow separation
Drag reduction of Non-circular cylinder at subcritical Reynolds Number
Author(s): Suresh Varatharaj, P. S. Prem Kumar, C. Senthil Kumar
Keywords: D-shape Model,Pressure drag,Shielding effect,CFD,fore body geometry,drag reduction
Laminar Forced Convection and Entropy Generation of ZnO-Ethylene Glycol Nanofluid Flow through Square Microchannel with Using Two-Phase Eulerian-Eulerian Model
Author(s): Cuneyt Uysal, Kamil Arslan, Huseyin Kurt
Keywords: Entropy generation; Ethylene glycol; Eulerian; Microchannel; Nanofluid; Two-phase.
Numerical flow simulation and cavitation prediction in a centrifugal pump using SAS turbulence model
Author(s): marwa ennouri, Hatem KANFOUDI, A. Bel Hadj Taher, Ridha Zgolli
Keywords: Unsteady simulation,Scale-Adaptive Simulation,NACA66, Centrifugal pump, Cavitation.
Numerical and Neural Network Analysis of Free Convection from a Horizontal Cold Cylinder above an Adiabatic Wall
Author(s): A. R. Tahavvor, Mahboobeh Nazari
Keywords: Natural convection, cold horizontal cylinder, Artificial Neural Network, Adiabatic wall
Coefficient adaptation method for the Zwart model
Author(s): wei jin, xinhai xu, yuhua tang, houcun zhou, hefeng zhou, xiaoguang ren
Keywords: Coefficient optimization,Zwart model,OpenFOAM,Cavitation,CFD
3D Analyze of the Cavitation Mechanism in Turbulent Flow Using Partially-Average Navier Stokes Model around the Clark-y Hydrofoil
Author(s): H. Kanfoudi, A. Bel Hadj Taher, Ridha Zgolli
Keywords: Clark-y hydrofoil, cloud cavitation, Partially-Average Navier Stokes, Vortex interaction, Unsteady flow, fluid structure, OpenFoam.
An analytical study on high speed supercavitating projectiles
Author(s): Hassan Forouzani, B. Saranjam, R. Kamali
Keywords: Supercavitation; Supercavitating projectile; Cavity dynamics; Planing force.
Pressure Drop and Vortex Size of Power Law Fluids Flow in Branching Channels with Sudden Expansion
Author(s): H. Ameur
Keywords: Branching channels; Sudden expansion; Shear thinning fluids; Pressure drop; Vortex.
Numerical Analysis of Homogeneous and Stratified Turbulence under Horizontal Shear via Lagrangian Stochastic Model: Richardson Number Effect
Author(s): L. Thamri, T. Naffouti, Mounir Bouzaiane
Keywords: Richardson number ( ), stratified turbulence, Lagrangian Stochastic model, second orders models, direct numerical simulation.
Author(s): G. Shankar, Devaradjane Gobalakichenin, SUNIL S
Keywords: Ahmed model, Computational simulation, Drag coefficient, Electronic controller, Lift coefficient, Vortex generators, Wind tunnel.
Simulation of a Standard Store Separation from a Generic Wing
Author(s): Muhammad Sheharyar, Emad Uddin, Zaib Ali, Q. Zaheer, Aamir Mubashar
Keywords: Store Separation; Six Degree of Freedom; Trajectory Simulation; Coupling of Flow Solver; Ejection Forces; CFD Analysis; Leading Edge Flap
Analytical solution of boundary layer slip flow and heat transfer over a flat plate using a Switching Differential Transformation Method
Author(s): Seyedhamed Hashemimehne, Mostafa Esmaeili
Keywords: Boundary layer, Differential transform method, Numerical solution, Slip flow
Lubricant rheological behavior effect analysis on the performance of finite porous self-lubricating journal bearings
Author(s): Maamar Malki, Salah LARBI, Sid Ali Boubendir, Rachid Bennacer
Keywords: Hydrodynamic lubrication; Porous journal bearing; Non-Newtonian fluid; Power law
Numerical and experimental investigation of the flow over a car prototype for the Shell Eco Marathon
Author(s): Fausto Arpino, Gino Cortellessa, Andrea Frattolillo, Fabio Iannetta, Mauro Scungio
Keywords: drag coefficient; wind tunnel; particle image velocimetry, shell eco marathon; numerical simulation, wake flow
Experimental Investigation of the In-Cylinder Tumble Motion inside GDI cylinder at Different Planes under Steady-State Condition using Stereoscopic-PIV
Author(s): Mohammed El Adawy, M. R. Heikal, A. Rashid A. Aziz
Keywords: Tumble motion- Stereo PIV- Flow bench- Tumble ratio- GDI engine
Exact Solution of Unsteady Tank Drainage for Ellis Fluid
Author(s): Kamran Nazir Memon, A M Siddiqui, Syed Feroz Shah
Keywords: Tank drainage, Ellis fluid, Exact solution
Study of pulsatile flow in common carotid artery with different stenosis' shapes within various wall conditions
Author(s): pouriya Bayat, Mohammad Reza Tavakoli
Keywords: pulsatile flow, common carotid artery, stenosis, permeable walls, Newtonian fluid
Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation of dispersed oil-water flow with new drop Coalescence Model
Author(s): Ali Akbar Amooey, Elham Omidbakhsh
Keywords: Drop Coalescence; Population Balance; Multiphase Flow; Modeling.
Flow Control of Non-Newtonain Fluid using Riga Plate: Reiner-Phillipoff and Powell-Eyring Viscosity Models
Author(s): Adeel Ahmad
Keywords: Riga plate, Non-Newtonain fluid, Flow control, Powell-Eyring, Reiner-Phillipoff, correlation expression
The influence of surface tension on oblique wave scattering by a rectangular trench
Author(s): Anjan Sasmal, Sandip Paul, Soumen De
Keywords: Water wave scattering, Galerkin approximation, Surface tension, Sub marine trench, Reflection and transmission coefficients
Modeling Frictional Characteristics of Water Flowing Through Microchannel
Author(s): Jayadevan P C, Siddharth R, Pradeep Kamath
Keywords: Microchannel, Numerical simulation, Surface roughness, Friction factor, Empirical correlation.
Effect of Grid Topology on Numerical Simulations of Flow Fields around Wind Turbine Nacelle Anemometer
Author(s): madjid tata, A. Smaili, C. Masson
Keywords: Wind Turbine, Nacelle Anemometry, Turbulent Flow, Numerical Simulation, Navier-Stokes Equations.
Characterization of Magnetorheological Finishing Fluid for Continuous Flow Finishing Process
Author(s): Sanjay Mangal, Mukul Kataria
Keywords: Magnetorheological finishing fluid, magnetic field strength, viscosity, yield stress, constitutive models, Design of Experiments
Effects on heat transfer and radial temperature profile of non-isoviscous vibrational flow with varying Reynolds number
Author(s): Santosh Mishra, H Chandra, arun arora
Keywords: CFD; heat transfer coefficient; Vibrational Flow; Non-Newtonian flow; laminar flow.
Computational Analysis of Integrated Engine Exhaust Nozzle on a Supersonic Fighter Aircraft
Author(s): I. Arif, J. Masud, S. Shah
Keywords: Aerodynamics, Internal Flows, Nozzle; Plume, Nozzle Pressure Ratio
Scale-Adaptive Simulation of flow around a circular cylinder near a plane boundary
Author(s): Mauro Grioni, Sergio Amado Elaskar, Anibal Edmundo Mirasso
Keywords: SAS turbulence model, Circular cylinder, Vortex shedding, Boundary Layers
The Effect of Pulsating Throughflow on the Onset of Electro-Thermo-Convection in a Horizontal Porous Medium Saturated by a Dielectric Nanofluid
Author(s): D. Yadav
Keywords: Nanofluids; Pulsating throughflow; Linear stability theory; Electro-convection; Galarkin method
The Effects of Target Plate Roughness on the Parameters of Circular Hydraulic Jumps: An Experimental Investigation
Author(s): ehsan soukhtanlou, Ali Reza Teymourtash, Mohammad Reza Mahpeykar
Keywords: Circular hydraulic jump, Surface roughness, Bush and Aristoff model, Taguchi method.
Numerical Simulation of Tidal Bore Bono at Kampar River
Author(s): Ade Bayu, Sri Pudjaprasetya, Ulung Wisha, Semeidi Husrin
Keywords: undular bore, Saint-Venant equations, non-hydrostatic numerical scheme
Effect of Stenosis Severity on Wall Shear Stress Based Hemodynamic Descriptors Using Multiphase Mixture Theory
Author(s): Abdulrajak Buradi, Arun Mahalingam
Keywords: Multiphase mixture model; Computational fluid dynamics; Stenosis; Wall shear stress: Coronary artery; Oscillatory shear index.
Experimental Investigation and ANN Prediction on the Underbody Drag Minimization in Truck Model using DC Pulsed DBD Plasma Actuator as an Active Flow Control Device
Author(s): A. Sangeet Sahaya Jeyangel, J Jancirani
Keywords: Underbody Drag, Truck, Artificial Neural Network, Plasma Actuator, Active flow control, Active Side Skirt, Drag reduction
Energy extraction performance improvement of a flapping foil by the use of combined foil
Author(s): Ali BOUDIS, Ahmed Benzaoui, Hamid Oualli, ouahiba guerri, Annie-Claude BAYEUL-LAINÉ, Olivier Coutier-Delgosha
Keywords: Flapping foil, Energy extraction, Power coefficient, Combined foil, CFD
Reduction of Aerodynamic Drag force for reducing fuel consumption in Road Vehicle using Basebleed
Author(s): sivaraj G, PARAMMASIVAM K M, SUGANYA G
Keywords: Road vehicle, Wind tunnel, Basebleed, Aerodynamic drag force, Pressure coefficient, fuel consumption
Geometrical optimization of an inducer with respect to rotating cavitation generated radial forces by using orthogonal experiment
Author(s): Lu Yu, Haochen Zhang, Hui Chen, Yongpeng Li, Zhigang ZUO, Shuhong Liu
Keywords: Inducer, geometrical optimization, orthogonal experiment, rotating cavitation, radial force characteristic
Numerical study of water/Al2O3 nanofluid forced convection in a rotating hydrophilic and hydrophobic microchannel
Author(s): Ahmad Sohankar, Mehdi Riyahi, Ebrahim Shirani
Keywords: U-shaped rotating microchannel; water/Al2O3 nanofluid; volume concentration; hydrophobic, slip length; thermal performance
Intake Flow Interference Analysis of Combination Intake Port in Diesel Engine
Author(s): D. W. Jia, X. W. Deng, J. L. Lei
Keywords: four-valve; diesel engine; combined intake port; intake flow interference
Experimental and computational simulation of an open terrain wind flow around a setback building using hybrid turbulence models.
Author(s): Rajasekarababu KB, G. Vinayagamurthy
Keywords: Set-back building; Open-terrain; Wind pressure on the structure; IDDES; DDES
Author(s): Hasan DÜZ
Keywords: entrance length, developing flow, entry flow, pipe flow
Numerical investigations on a small-scale air-slide conveyor
Author(s): Junting Xiang, T. H. New
Keywords: Air-slide conveyor, cement flow, numerical simulation, prototype
Visualization of shock wave phenomenon around a Sharp cone model at hypersonic Mach Number in a shock tunnel using high speed Schlieren facility
Author(s): SAIPRAKASH M, C. Senthil Kumar, Kadam SUNIL, Singh prakash Rampratap, Shanmugam V, Balu G
Keywords: Sharp Cone model, High speed Schlieren facility, Hypersonic shock, tunnel, Shock layer thickness
An Explicit Approach of Natural Ventilation for Various Orientation of Wind Catcher Openings using CFD
Author(s): V. Sivakumar, K. Visagavel, A. Selvakumar, C. Jayavel
Keywords: Ventilation; Window capture; Computational fluid dynamics; Less energy consumption.
Performance and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel-Butanol Blended Fuel in Lhr Engine
Author(s): S. Muthukumarasamy, S. Arun, P. Amirthalingam, P. Yogesh, P. Baradhan
Keywords: Biodiesel; LHR engine; Performance characters; Emission characters
A Comparison between MLP and SVR Models in Prediction of Thermal Properties of Nano Fluids
Author(s): R. Kavitha, P. C. Mukesh Kumar
Keywords: Nano fluids; Thermal Conductivity; Artificial Neural Network; Multilayer Perceptron; Support Vector Regression.
Performance Evaluation of Internal Combustion Engine by Using MWCNT/Water Based Nanofluid as a Coolant
Author(s): Muruganandam M, P. C. Mukesh Kumar
Keywords: Conventional fluid; Nanofluid; Stability; Load; Performance.
Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Double Helically Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger with MWCNT/Water Nanofluid
Author(s): M. Chandrasekar, P. C. Mukesh Kumar
Keywords: MWCNT/water; Double Helically coiled tube Heat exchangers; Nusselt number; Thermal conductivity; Secondary flow; Dean number.
IWF Based Optimization of Porous Insert Configurations for Heat Transfer Enhancement Using CFD
Author(s): T. Sathish, V. Mohanavel
Keywords: Heat transfer enhancement; Porous insert; Genetic algorithm (GA); Computational fluid dynamics (CFD); Optimization.
Modelling of Manhattan K-Nearest Neighbor for Exhaust Emission Analysis of CNG-Diesel Engine
Author(s): T. Sathish, A. Muthulakshmanan
Keywords: Hybrid Fuel System; Compressed Natural Gas; Manhattan K-Nearest Neighbor; Manhattan Distance; Diesel Engine Emission.
Influence of Aspect Ratio on Thermal Performance of Heat Sink using Ansys
Author(s): P. C. Mukesh Kumar, C. M. Arun Kumar
Keywords: ANSYS-Fluent; Heat sink; Nusselt number and Fin height.
Experimental Investigation on Linde-Hampson Refrigerating System Operating with Different Blends of Hydro-Carbons as Alternate Refrigerants
Author(s): P. Murugan, S. Mohana Murugan, N. Nallusamy, S. Sekar
Keywords: Linde- Hampson refrigeration system; Vapour absorption refrigeration systems; Hybrid lightning search algorithm-simplex method (LSA-SM); Mat Lab.
Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Blends with Pine Oil
Author(s): J. Kishore Kumar, C. Sundar Raj, P. Sathishkumar, P. Gopal, Godwin Antony
Keywords: Pine oil; Performance; Emission; Corrosion test.
Investigation of Performance and Emission Characters of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Diesel Blends of Linseed and Cottonseed oil
Author(s): K. Thaniyarasu, T. Senthil Kumar, M. Chandhrasekar
Keywords: Biodiesel; Transesterification; Linseed oil; Cottonseed oil; Performance; Emission.
Co-Combustion Analysis of Lignite Coal and Groundnut Shell using TGA
Author(s): C. Sakthivel, P. Gopal, C. Rameshkumar, B. Suresh Kumar
Keywords: Groundnut shell; Coal; Thermo gravimetric analysis; Co-combustion study.
Hardness & Thermal Analysis in Welded Butt Joint of Hybrid Aluminium (LM25) Metal Matrix Nano Composite Cylindrical Rod using TIG Welding Process
Author(s): V. Deepakaravind, P. Gopal, A. Viswanathan
Keywords: LM25 Al Metal Matrix Nano Composite Cylindrical Rod (AMMNC); Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG); Silicon Carbide (SiC); Nano Particle (np).
Experimental Heat Transfer Analysis on Heat Pipe using Sio2 and Tio2 Nano Fluid
Author(s): P. Sakthivel, G. Arunkumar, P. Navaneetha Krishnan, R. Ramkumar, P. Parameswaran
Keywords: Nano fluids; Heat pipe; Inclinations; Thermal resistance; Thermal efficiency.
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Compression Ratio in a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fueled with Spirulina Algae Biodiesel
Author(s): P. Govindasamy, Godwin Antony, K. Rajaguru, K. Saravanan
Keywords: Spirulina algae; Compression ratio; Performance; Combustion; Emissions; Diesel engine.
Analysis of Varying Geometri Structures of Fins using Radiators
Author(s): K. Chinnarasu, M. Ranjithkumar, P. Lakshmanan, K. B. Hariharan, N. K. Vigneshwaran, S. Karan
Keywords: Fins; Heat transfer; Geometrical; Coolant; Nanofluid.
Computational Analysis and Optimization of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger
Author(s): K. Pradeep Mohan Kumar, V. Vijayan, B. Suresh Kumar, C. M. Vivek, S. Dinesh
Keywords: Heat exchanger; Computational analysis; Geometric modelling; Flow analysis; Fluid structure interaction.
Potential Flow Simulation through Lagrangian Interpolation Meshless Method Coding
Author(s): T. Avudaiappan, V. Vijayan, S. Sundara Pandiyan, M. Saravanan, S. Dinesh
Keywords: Lagrangian interpolation; Meshless coding; Flow simulation.
Experimental Measurement and Computational Investigation on the Effect of Inlet Winglet Turbulators on the Heat Exchange Behaviour of Radiator Tubes
Author(s): C. Sadhasivam, R. Thirumalai, K. Techato
Keywords: Winglets; Heat transfer coefficient; Radiator tube; CFD.
An Investigation of Air Flow and Thermal Comfort of Modified Conventional Car Cabin Using Computerized Fluid Dynamics
Author(s): S. Ibrahim, R. C. Mehta
Keywords: Automobile; Air Conditioning, Humidity; Air Duct; Temperature; Vehicle Cabin; ANSYS Fluent.