The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.

Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi ALOUI, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Drag Effects on Vacuum Tube Trains
Author(s): S. A. Gillani, V. P. Panikulam, S. Sadasivan, Z. Yaoping
Keywords: CFD; Aerodynamic drag; Vacuum train; Shock wave; Navier stokes equations.
Numerical Identification of Flow-Induced Oscillation Modes in Rectangular Cavities using URANS
Author(s): Majid Mesbah, Sahand Majidi
Keywords: URANS; Cavity flow; Self induced oscillation; Shear-layer mode; Wake mode; Mode detection.
Wave Motion Through Mangrove Forests in the Presence of a Viscoelastic Bed Due to a Line Source
Author(s): Arijit Das, Soumen De, B. N. Mandal
Keywords: Wave motion, Mangrove forests, Viscoelastic bed, Line source
Behaviour of superhydrophobic, hydrophobic and hybrid surfaces in condensation heat transfer application
Author(s): Hassan Davar, N. M. Nouri, Mahdi Navidbakhsh
Keywords: Dropwise condensation; Heat transfer coefficient; Heat flux; Hybrid hydrophobic-hydrophilic surface.
Impact Evaluation of Full-Span Slot and Blade-End Slot on Performance of a Large Camber Compressor Cascade
Author(s): Hejian Wang, B. Liu, B. Zhang, Zijing Chen
Keywords: Flow separation; Blade-end slot; Full-span slot; Post-loaded blade; Total pressure loss; Pressure diffusing capability.
An Integrated Turbocharger Matching Program for Internal Combustion Engines
Author(s): Sepehr Mousavi, Amir Nejat, Seyed Shahabeddin Alaviyoun, Mohammad Nejat
Keywords: Internal Combustion Engine, Turbocharger Matching, Engine Performance Simulation, Zero-dimensional Simulation, Engine Downsizing
Artificial Neural Network Application for Aerodynamics of an Airfoil Equipped with Plasma Actuators
Author(s): Hürrem Akbıyık, Hakan Yavuz
Keywords: Airfoil, Plasma Actuator, Flow Control, Artificial Neural Networks
Effect of Pressure Gradient on Local Excitation of Boundary-layer Instability Due to Free-stream Turbulence and Micro Surface Roughness
Author(s): Luyu Shen, Changgen Lu
Keywords: Receptivity, Pressure gradient, Boundary layer, Roughness element
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow in Hydraulic Elbows
Author(s): Yavuz Selim Selim, Ali Kibar, K. Suleyman Yigit
Keywords: Hydraulic, Minor loss; Pressure prop; Banjo elbow; Numerical study
Effect of guide vane on turbulence characteristics for single-phase flow through 90-degree pipe bend
Author(s): Sumit Saha, Nityananda Nandi
Keywords: 90° pipe bend; Bend curvature ratio; Guide vane; k-ω turbulence model; Numerical analysis; Turbulence characteristics.
Vorticity-based flow structures and cavitation evolution in high-pressure submerged waterjet
Author(s): Shuang Teng, Haixia Liu, C. Kang, Wenbin Zhang
Keywords: Submerged waterjet; TR-PIV; Flow structure; POD; Cavitation inception; Cavitation evolution
Experiment on erosion wear characteristic of NiWC35 coating and sintered WC under high-speed impacting of solid particle
Author(s): Chao Wang, Aoqiang Duan, Kainian Bie, Xiaofei Liu, Jin Haozhe, Guofu Ou
Keywords: Erosion wear experiment; NiWC35 coating; Sintered WC; Abrasion resistance; Impact morphology.
Author(s): Guilherme Lopes Jr, Luben Cabezas-Gómez, Eduardo Bock, Julio Cesar de Souza Inácio Gonçalves
Keywords: Computational Hemodynamics; Hemolysis; Risk Regions, Physiological Stress
Study on Cavitation Characteristics of Rotating-sleeve Flow Distribution System
Author(s): ruijing liu, tiezhu zhang, shanxiao du, Qinghao Zhao, Hongxin zhang
Keywords: hydraulic pump rotating-sleeve; cavitation experiment; fluid domain simulation
Effect of Mainstream Swirling on Flowfield Characteristics of an Outer-Cavity Trapped Vortex Combustor
Author(s): Yi Jin, Kai Zhang, Kanghong Yao, Yunbiao Wang, Di Wu, Xiaomin He
Keywords:  TVC Swirling flow Squeezed effect Spring flow pattern
Multiplicity of steady state solutions in 2-D incompressible viscous wall driven arc-shaped cavity flow
Author(s): Ercan Erturk
Keywords: Arc-shaped cavity flow, Multiple steady state solutions, Bifurcation Reynolds number, 2-D incompressible viscous flow, Arc length ratio
Numerical modeling of the effects of channel configurations and inclination angles inducing buoyancy on Reverse Osmosis
Author(s): Nacim Zemour, Abdelwahid Azzi, Omar Rahli, Abdelsalam Al-sarkhi, Rachel Louise Gomes
Keywords: Desalination, Reverse Osmosis, Porous Membrane, Inclination, CFD, SIMPLE Algorithm.