The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.


Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi Aloui, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
Performance Improvement and Two-Phase Flow Study of a Piezoelectric Micropump with Tesla Nozzle-Diffuser Microvalves
Author(s): Shahram Derakhshan, Borhan Beigzadeh, Mohammad Reza Rashidi, Hossein Pourrahmani
Keywords: Micropump, Piezoelectric, Tesla-type valve, Nozzle-diffuser valve, multiphase flow
Dynamic responses of sliding isolation concrete liquid storage tank under far-field long-period earthquake
Author(s): Wei Jing, Xuansheng Cheng
Keywords: sliding isolation; concrete rectangular liquid storage tank; far-field long-period ground motion; fluid-structure interaction; liquid sloshing
Computational Simulation of Shock-bubble Interaction, Using a Front Tracking/Ghost Fluid Method
Author(s): Ashraf Razmi, M. Taeibi-Rahni, Hamid Reza Massah, Hiroshi Terashima, Hamid Moezzi Rafie
Keywords: Computational Simulation, Front Tracking/Ghost Fluid Method, Shock-Bubble Interaction, Supersonic Flow
Determination of Flow Patterns in Vertical Upward Two-Phase Flow Channel via Void Fraction Profile
Author(s): MOHAMAD ARDAN ZUBIR, Rahizar Ramli, Mohd Zamri Zainon
Keywords: two-phase flow; flow pattern; void fraction; superficial velocity
Performance evaluation of insoluble surfactants on the behavior of two electric layers channel flow
Author(s): Sameh Alkharashi, Azizah Alrashidi, Khaled Al-Hamad
Keywords: Insoluble surfactants; Inclined substrate; Viscous fluids; Electric field; Long wave analysis.
A magnetohydrodynamic time dependent model of immiscible Newtonian and micropolar fluids through a porous channel: a numerical approach
Author(s): Devakar M, Ankush Raje
Keywords: Micropolar fluid, Immiscible fluid, Unsteady flow, Heat transfer, MHD flow, Porous medium.
Numerical Analysis on Pipeline Leakage Characteristics for Incompressible Flow
Author(s): Yan Zeng, Rongmo Luo
Keywords: Incompressible flow; Pipeline with leakage; Numerical analysis; Leakage characteristics
Effect of Gurney flap configuration on the performance of a centrifugal fan
Keywords: Centrifugal fan, Gurney flap, Effect of configuration, Experimental investigation
Study of Flow Instability in a Miniature Centrifugal Pump Based on Energy Gradient Method
Author(s): kunhang li, xiaoping chen, H S DOU, zuchao zhu, lulu zheng, X W Luo
Keywords: Miniature centrifugal pump, energy gradient method, flow instability, total mechanical energy.
Non-Gaussian wind pressure characteristics of HAWT tower system with and without rotor
Author(s): N.I Haroon Rashid, S. Nadaraja Pillai, Selvi Rajan, C. Senthilkumar
Keywords: Probability distribution, Tower System, Peak Factor, HAWT, Non-Gaussian
Aerodynamic forces acting on a race car for various ground clearances and rake angles
Author(s): Ivo Džijan, Aleksandar Pašić, Andrija Buljac, Hrvoje Kozmar
Keywords: Race car, Aerodynamic drag and lift forces, Ground clearance, Rake angle, Computational simulations
Turbulent energy dissipation rate and turbulence scales in the blade region of a self-aspirating disk impeller
Author(s): J. Stelmach, R. Musoski, Czeslaw Kuncewicz, Michal Glogowski
Keywords: energy dissipation rate, turbulence scale, self-aspirating impeller
Numerical simulation of triangular microchannel heat sinks using CFD and constructal theory
Author(s): Moloud Mardani, Mohammad Reza Salimpour
Keywords: "Microchannel", "Geometrical optimization", "Heat transfer", "Computational Fluid Dynamics".
Linear Instability of the Throughflow in a Rectangular Box Saturated by a Nanofluid
Author(s): S. Saini, Y. D. Sharma
Keywords: Aspect Ratio, Convective nanoparticle flux, Lateral Walls, Rectangular Box.
Geometry and motion characteristics of bubbles released in liquid cross flow
Author(s): Can Kang, Wei Zhang, Yanguang Ji, Yun Cui
Keywords: bubble, liquid cross flow, ventilation, force on bubble surface, bubble deformation, bubble velocity
Numerical and Neural Network Analysis of Free Convection from a Horizontal Cold Cylinder above an Adiabatic Wall
Author(s): A. R. Tahavvor, Mahboobeh Nazari
Keywords: Natural convection, cold horizontal cylinder, Artificial Neural Network, Adiabatic wall
Numerical investigation of the influence of sand impact on the aerodynamic behaviour of a high-speed train with yaw angles
Author(s): Jiabin Wang, Dongrun Liu, G. Gao, Yan Zhang, Jie Zhang
Keywords: High-speed train,Aerodynamic performance,Sand impact,Discrete phase model,Numerical simulation
Electroosmotic Pressure-Driven Flow through a Slit Micro-channel with Electric and Magnetic Transverse Field
Author(s): Behnam Moghimi Mofrad, Mohsen Saghafian, Abolfazl Moradmand
Keywords: electro-osmotic flow; EMHD; Transverse electrical field; Critical Hartmann number
Analytical solution of boundary layer slip flow and heat transfer over a flat plate using a Switching Differential Transformation Method
Author(s): Seyedhamed Hashemimehne, Mostafa Esmaeili
Keywords: Boundary layer, Differential transform method, Numerical solution, Slip flow
Experimental Investigation of Microchannel Heat Sink with Modified Hexagonal Fins
Author(s): Sellakkutti Subramanian, K S Sridhar, CK Umesh
Keywords: Microchannel testing; Modified hexagonal fins; Single phase heat transfer; Copper heat sinks; Laminar flow
The analysis of the gas flow in a labyrinth seal of variable pitch
Author(s): Damian Joachimmiak, Piotr Krzyslak
Keywords: Slot seal, Flow machines, Leakage, CFD, Optimization
Inertia Effects in Rheodynamic Lubrication of an Externally Pressurized Converging Thrust Bearing using Bingham Fluids
Author(s): Alexander Raymand, Jayakaran Amalraj
Keywords: Rheodynamic Lubrication, Externally Pressurized Bearing, Bingham lubricant, Inertia Effects, Angle of convergence.
A numerical analysis of laminar forced convection and entropy generation of a diamond-Fe3O4/water hybrid nanofluid in a rectangular minichannel
Author(s): C. Uysal, Engin Gedik, Ali Chamkha
Keywords: Bejan number; Convective heat transfer; Entropy generation; Hybrid nanofluid; Minichannel.
Fluidized Bed Granulation Parameters Effect On Urea Granule Physical Properties.
Keywords: Air flow pattern, spiral, ANOVA, Density, Hardness, Wind velocity, Binder spray pressure, Bag shake duration, Response surface methodology.
On the Reynolds Average Navier-Stokes Modelling of the Flow around Trains in Crosswinds
Author(s): T. Li, Jiye Zhang, M. M. Rashidi, Mengge Yu
Keywords: RANS; crosswind; aerodynamics; train; flow
Effect of inclination of Twin jets impinging a heated wall
Author(s): Fatiha BENTARZI, amina Mataoui, Mourad REBAY
Keywords: Twin impinging jets; Heat transfer; Large Eddy Simulation; Oblique jets; Finite volume method
Study of Conjugate Heat Transfer from Heated Plate by Turbulent Offset Jet in Presence of Freestream Motion Using Low-Reynolds Number Modeling
Author(s): Sushil Rathore
Keywords: Conjugate heat transfer, offset jet, low-Reynolds number model, freestream motion, numerical simulation
Large-eddy Simulation of a Laminar Separation Bubble
Author(s): Nirmal Singh
Keywords: Separation bubble; Large-eddy simulation; Smagorinsky model; Dynamic model.
Combined heat and mass transfer during condensation of vapours mixture and non-condensable gas in a vertical tube
Author(s): Adil Charef, M. Feddaoui, Abderrahman Nait alla, monssif najim
Keywords: condensation; liquid film thickness; laminar flow; phase change; vertical tube.
Aerodynamic Numerical Method Verification for Integrated Symmetric Hypersonic Vehicles in the Cartesian Grid System
Author(s): xun wen, Jun LIU, liu zhen, xia zhixun, jin liang
Keywords: Hypersonic vehicles, Aerodynamic characteristics, Internal and external flow integration, Rapid simulation assessment, Wind tunnel test.
Study of Droplet Impact on a Wall Using a Sharp Interface Method and Different Contact line Models
Author(s): Mohammad Emdadi, Pedram Pournaderi
Keywords: Droplet impact; Dynamic contact angle; Level set method; Ghost fluid method
Heat Transfer by convection in Carbon Nanotube Arrays using Molecular Dynamics Approach
Author(s): Tibin Thomas, Vinod Narayanan
Keywords: Heat transfer, Convection,CNT arrays,
Effect of Heat and Mass Transfer on Natural Convective Flow of Micropolar Fluid in Vertical Concentric Cylinders
Author(s): Arun Kumar Singh, A. K. Singh
Keywords: Micropolar fluid, Natural convection, Temperature, Concentric vertical cylinder
Effect of Fin Parameters in Cylindrical and Divergent Duct under Natural Convection
Author(s): Benkherbache Souad, Si-Ameur Mohamed
Keywords: Fin, Annular space, Divergent duct, Heat sink
Numerical Investigation of Combustion Wave Propagation in Obstructed Channel of Pulse Detonation Engine Using Kerosene and Butane Fuels
Author(s): Noor Alam, K. M. Pandey, Kaushal Kumar Sharma
Keywords: Obstacles, Turbulent flame, Detonation, PDE
CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Drag Effects on Vacuum Tube Trains
Author(s): S. A. Gillani, V. P. Panikulam, S. Sadasivan, Z. Yaoping
Keywords: CFD; Aerodynamic drag; Vacuum train; Shock wave; Navier stokes equations.
On dispersion of a reactive solute in a pulsatile flow of a two-fluid model
Author(s): S. Debnath, A. K. Saha, G. Siddheshwar, A. K. Roy
Keywords: axial-dispersion coefficient, peripheral layer, Casson fluid, reaction rate, two-fluid, three-layer
Experimental Study of an Acoustically Excited Plane Jet at Low Reynolds Numbers
Author(s): Salwa marzouk, N. Hnaien
Keywords: Two-dimensional jet, Pulsating amplitude, Frequency, Flow visualization, Hot-wire anemometer
Numerical Modelling of Transport Phenomena and Macrosegregation during Ternary Alloy Solidification: Solutal Undercooling Effects
Author(s): Suvankar Ganguly
Keywords: Solidification, Modelling, Convection, Macrosegregation
Investigation of the electrical conductivity of aqueous Glycol based ZnO Nanofluids
Author(s): Chilambarasan L, Prakash R., Shanu J.P, Priya Murugasen
Keywords: Electrical conductivity, ZnO-nanofluids, aqueous glycol, Volume concentration, temperature, ion condensation effect
An analysis on the aerodynamic noise of airfoils with serrated trailing edges based on ELES flow simulations
Author(s): Z. G. Zuo, Qian Huang, S. H. Liu
Keywords: aerodynamic noise, airfoil, serrated trailing edge, embedded large eddy simulation (ELES), numerical simulation
A Navier-Stokes solver for compressible turbulent flows on quadtree and octree based Cartesian grids
Author(s): Emre Kara, Ahmet Ihsan Kutlar, M. Haluk Aksel
Keywords: Cartesian grid generation, finite volume solver, turbulent flows, object-oriented programming, Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations, Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model
An investigation on the effect of blade tip clearance on the performance of a single-stage axial compressor
Author(s): M. Ostad, R. Kamali
Keywords: Axial compressor, variable tip clearance, stall margin, flow angle, compressor performance
Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer and Multi Objective Optimization of Swirling Impinging Jet on Flat Surface
Author(s): MOHAMED ILLYAS, Ramesh Bapu, Venkata Subba Rao
Keywords: Heat transfer, Swirling impinging jet, Thermochromic liquid crystal, Optimization
A Study of the Effect of Nanoparticle Concentration on the Characteristics of Nanofluid Sprays
Author(s): Boseon Kang, Marco Marengo, Steven Begg
Keywords: Nanofluid, Nano particles, Nanofluid Spray, Spray cooling
Simulation of Film Boiling Heat Transfer in Complex Geometries Using Front Tracking Method
Author(s): Amir Sedaghatkish, S. Mortazavi
Keywords: film boiling, Front tracking method, complex geometries, heat transfer
Numerical Simulation of Flow behind Vortex Generators
Author(s): Nirmal Singh
Keywords: Rectangular vortex generators; Direct numerical simulation; Immersed boundary method
Modeling of Erosion Wear of Sand Water Slurry Flow through Pipe Bend Using CFD
Author(s): varinder singh, S. Kumar, Saroj Kumar Mohpatra
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD); Erosion wear; discrete phase model (DPM); Pipe bend
Effect of reflux hole on the transient flow characteristics of the self-priming sewage centrifugal pump
Author(s): Peijian Zhou, Zhenxing Wu, Jiegang Mou, Denghao Wu, Shuihua Zheng, Yunqing Gu
Keywords:  Centrifugal pump, Reflux hole, Transient flow characteristics, Pressure fluctuation
Effect of Inlet Air Pre-cooling of Water Injection on Compressor Performance at High Flight Mach
Author(s): Aqiang Lin, Lu Yang, Hai Zhang, Xiang Lin
Keywords: Water injection, High Mach, MIPCC, Pre-cooling section, Compressor
The Use of Dam Break Model to Simulate Tsunami Run-up and Scouring around a Vertical Cylinder
Author(s): Kuswandi Kuswandi, Radianta Triatmadja
Keywords: Dam break, Run-up, Run-down, Tsunami, Scour, Simulation
Numerical Study on the Effects of Fuel Injection Characteristics on the Performance of a Lean burn SG-GDI Engine towards High Efficiency and Emissions Reduction
Author(s): Sepideh Sarmast, Masoud Ziabasharhagh, Ali Salavati-Zadeh, Hamid Reza Fajri
Keywords: 1D & 3D CFD Modeling, Homogeneous and Stratified Charge, Injection Characteristics, SG-GDI Engine, Split Injection
The influence of the presence of the Lorentz force and its direction on the suppression of secondary flow in two different orifices: A numerical study using OpenFOAM
Author(s): Ranjit Singh, Trushar Gohil
Keywords: OpenFOAM, Magnetohydrodynamics, DNS, Vortex control, Pressure drop.
Steady flow of purely viscous shear-thinning fluids in a 1:3 planar gradual expansion
Author(s): Abdelfettah Menouer, SAD CHEMLOUL Nord Eddine, Khaled CHAIB, Ahmed KADARI
Keywords: Gradual expansion, Bifurcation, Shear-thinning fluid, Critical Reynolds Number, Recirculation
Visualization of shock wave phenomenon around a Sharp cone model at hypersonic Mach Number in a shock tunnel using high speed Schlieren facility
Author(s): SAIPRAKASH M, C. Senthilkumar, Kadam SUNIL, Singh prakash Rampratap, Shanmugam V, Balu G
Keywords: Sharp Cone model, High speed Schlieren facility, Hypersonic shock, tunnel, Shock layer thickness
Flutter of a Membrane in the Vicinity of a Stagnation Flow
Author(s): Sule Kapkin, Mehmet Şirin Demir, Metin Orhan Kaya, Erol Uzal
Keywords: Flutter velocity, Membrane, Stability, Stagnation point flow, Vibration
Experimental Investigation on Acoustic Wave Generation due to Supersonic Hot Jet Impingement on an Inclined Flat Plate
Author(s): Iman Bahman Jahromi, Kaveh Ghorbanian, Mohammad Ebrahimi
Keywords: Hot jet impingement, Noise generation, Acoustic event, Feedback loop mechanism
Numerical Investigation of Influence of Flow Rates on Combustion Characteristics using Multiphase Flamelet Combustion
Author(s): Shreekala Nagaraj, S.N Sridhara
Keywords: Mass flow rate, Mixture fraction, Performance parameter, Pattern factor, Pressure loss
Simulation and Modeling for Aging and Particle Shape Effect on Airflow Dynamics and Filtration Efficiency of Human Lung
Author(s): J. Kori, Pratibha .
Keywords: Aging, Filtration Efficiency, Growth of Lung, Lung function, Nano particle, Porosity.
Effect of Number of Impeller Blades on Performance of the Centrifugal Pump under Single-Phase and Cavitation Conditions
Author(s): Ahmed Al-Obaidi
Keywords: Centrifugal pump, Single-Phase, Cavitation, Number of impeller blades, Pressure variations, Velocity variations
Channel blockage and flow maldistribution during unsteady flow in a model microchannel plate heat exchanger
Author(s): Paweł Dąbrowski, Michał Klugmann, Dariusz Mikielewicz
Keywords: Minichannel; Minigeometries; Microgeometries; Transient state
Numerical Analysis of a Two-Phase Flow (Oil and Gas) in a Horizontal Separator Used in Petroleum Projects
Author(s): S. Yayla, Karwan Kamal, Seyfettin Bayraktar
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), oil gas separation, two phase flow, horizontal separator, phase separation, re-entrainment
Numerical investigation on the three-dimensional flowfield in the single expansion ramp nozzle with passive cavity flow control
Author(s): L. Zhou, Z. Wang
Keywords: single expansion ramp nozzle, passive cavity, over-expansion condition, flow control, geometric parameter
Aerodynamic Analysis of a Three-bladed Pivoted Savonius Wind Turbine: Wind Tunnel Testing and Numerical Simulation
Author(s): maryam amiri, mohsen kahrom, A. R. Teymourtash
Keywords: Pivoted Savonius, Aspect Ratio, End Plate,Multiple Reference Frame,Vertical axis
Effect of Slot-guidance and Slot-area on Air Entrainment in a Conical Ejector Diffuser for Infrared Suppression
Author(s): Lakhvinder Singh, Sidh Nath Singh, Sawan Sinha
Keywords: Mass entrainment, Slot openings, Heat signatures, Static pressure recovery, Numerical study.
Simulation of Dipole Vorticity Dynamics Colliding Viscous Boundary Layer at High Reynolds Numbers
Author(s): Eslam Ezzatneshan
Keywords: Lattice Boltzmann method, Regularized collision model, Dipole vorticity dynamics, High Reynolds numbers
Control of Laminar Separation Bubble using Vortex Generators
Author(s): Nirmal Singh
Keywords: Laminar separation bubble; Rectangular vortex generators; Direct numerical simulation; Immersed boundary method.
Detection of Cavitation through Acoustic Generation in Centrifugal Pump Impeller
Author(s): Ashutosh Jaiswal, Atiq Ur Rehman, Akshoy Ranjan Paul, Anuj Jain
Keywords: Centrifugal pump impeller, Cavitation, Net positive suction head (NPSH), Acoustics, Sound pressure, Vapour volume fraction
Blood Vessel Constrictions: A Lattice-Boltzmann Consistent Comparison between Newtonian and non-Newtonian Models
Author(s): Gustavo Adolfo Orozco Alvarado, Clara Tatiana Gonzáles Hidalgo, Allan Mackie, Juan Diaz, Diego Alejandro Roa Romero
Keywords: Blood rheology, Lattice-Boltzmann, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Non-Newtonian models, Simultaneous Optimization
Experimental and numerical study of a turbulent multiple jets issued from lobed diffusers
Author(s): Walid Medaouar, L. Loukarfi, M. Braikia, A. Khelil, H. Naji
Keywords: Lobed jets; Multiple jets; Experimental study; Numerical simulation; Turbulence modelling; RANS
Effect of γ‑Al2O3/Water Nanofluid on Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Corrugated ⅂ Shaped Cavity: Study the Different Aspect Ratio of Grooves
Author(s): Rasul Mohebbi, Sahar Haghighi Asl, Yuan Ma
Keywords:  γ‑Al2O3/Water Nanofluid, ⅂ Shaped Cavity, Grooves, Natural Convection, LBM
Flow Field Influence Analysis of Combination Intake Port to Port and In-Cylinder for a Four-valve Diesel Engine
Author(s): D. W. Jia, X. W. Deng, Yong Wang, J. L. Lei
Keywords:  four-valve diesel engine; combined intake ports; air flow in intake ports; air flow in-cylinder
Keywords: ABC algorithm, Pool boiling, Heat transfer, Boiling optimization.
Flow over flexible vegetated bed: Evaluation of analytical models
Author(s): HELA Romdhane, A. Soualmia, Cassan Ludovic, Denis Dartus
Keywords: Analytical models, Experiments, Flexible vegetation, Open channel, Roughness
Experimental and numerical investigation of the efficiency and pressure drop of an inertial impactor with variable area
Author(s): Amin Namvar Ayouri, Mohammad Ali Ehteram
Keywords: Blow-by, Micro droplets of engine oil, Inertial impactor with variable area, Pressure drop.
Author(s): Abdelmadjid ATIF, Sadek SENOUCI
Keywords: Centrifugal pump, Two-phase flow, Gas pocket, Performance deterioration, Volute interaction
Numerical simulation of flow around a high-speed train subjected to different windbreak walls and yaw angles
Author(s): Jie Zhang, Kan He, Jiabin Wang, T. Liu, Xifeng Liang, G. Gao
Keywords: high-speed train; windbreak wall; yaw angle; crosswind, numerical simulation
A Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation on the Drag Coefficient Measurement of an AUV in a Towing Tank
Author(s): Ehsan Javanmard, shahriar Mansoorzadeh
Keywords: Free Surface, AUV, Computational fluid dynamics, VOF, Towing tank, Strut
A Detailed Study of Boost Pressure and Injection Timing on an RCCI Engine Map Fueled with Iso-octane and N-heptane Fuels
Author(s): Hamid Reza Fajri, Amir Hossein Shamekhi, Saeid Rezaie, Mohammad Javad Jafari, Seyed Ali Jazayeri
Keywords: RCCI Engine, Iso-octane, N-heptane, Injection Timing, Intake Air Pressure
Effect of Nozzle Pressure Ratio and Control Jets Location to Control Base Pressure in Suddenly Expanded Flows
Author(s): Khizar Ahmed Pathan, Prakash S. Dabeer, S. A. Khan
Keywords: K. A. Pathan, P. S. Dabeer, and S. A. Khan
Numerical study on the effect of temperature on droplet formation inside the microfluidic chip
Author(s): Fan Jiang, Yongcheng Xu, Jie Song, Haoran Lu
Keywords: numerical simulation, droplet formation, flow focusing, temperature, CLSVOF
Effective Boundary Conditions and Numerical Method for Flow Characteristics of Aeroengine Compressor at High Mach Flight
Author(s): Aqiang Lin, Jie Zhou, Xiaojiang Tian, Q. Zheng, Hai Zhang
Keywords: Aeroengine compressor, High Mach, Similarity criterion, Parametric definition
Investigation of Flow Field Over an Oscillating airfoil
Author(s): SUREKHA RATHI SAMUNDI DHARMALINGAM, Anshul Khandelwal, Rajasekar R
Keywords: sinusoidal oscillation, Unsteady, pitching Airfoil, Numerical simulation
In-cylinder aero-thermal simulation of Compression Ignition Engine: using a layering meshing approach
Author(s): olfa moussa, Ahmed Ketata, Driss Zied, pedro coelho
Keywords: Compression Ignition Engine, aero-thermal flow, dynamic mesh, CFD simulation, meshing effect.
Effect of Property Variation on the Fluid Flow and Thermal Behavior in a Vertical Channel
Author(s): Krishna Roy, Biplab Das
Keywords: Natural convection, Non-Boussineśq, Variable property, Nusselt number
CFD Study of the effect of geometrical shape of separation blades on the rotor performance of an annular centrifugal extractor (ACE)
Author(s): Hanan GHAYA, Rim Guizani, hatem mhiri, Philippe Bournot
Keywords: CFD, ACE rotor, multi-phase flow, liquid-liquid extraction, turbulence, pressure drop,the interface radius, liquid holdup volume
a study of the Taylor-Couette flow with finned surface rotation
Author(s): carlos alvarez, william vicente, Francisco solorio, Ernesto Mancilla, Martin Salinas, R. Zenit
Keywords: critical rotation rate, Taylor vortex, Annular fins, Taylor Couette flow, CFD, Vorticity.
Effect of Gap Ratio on the Wake behind Two Side-by-side Flat Plates
Author(s): B. Shin, M. Kondo
Keywords: Wake, Vortex interference, Two flat plates, Side-by-side arrangement
2-D simulation with OH* kinetics of a single-cycle pulse detonation engine
Author(s): Emílio Maciel, Carla Marques
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics, Pulse detonation engine, OH* kinetics, OH* images, Diagnostics
Towards Methodologies for Optimal Fluid Networks Design
Author(s): Antonio Miguel
Keywords: tree-shaped flow networks, optimal design, Lagrange multipliers, chain rule, equipartition of forces, equipartition of resistances, equal thermodynamic distance, size constraints, constructal design
Capillary wave and initial spreading velocity at impact of drop onto a surface
Author(s): Li PengFei, Wang SuoFang, Dong Weilin
Keywords: Drop impact, Capillary wave, initial spreading velocity, Impact velocity, Contact line
Attempt to Suppress Numerical Viscosity in Incompressible SPH Method
Author(s): Yu Fukunishi, Yuta Takahashi, Yu Nishio, Izawa Seiichiro
Keywords: Incompressible SPH computation, Numerical viscosity, Wall friction, Elliptic kernel function, Special wall treatment
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation on Particulate Distribution in Gyro Casting for the Manufacture of Al/SiC Particulate Metal Matrix Composite
Author(s): Abdul Samad P A, Shalij P R, Ramesh A, Mubarak A K
Keywords: Gyro casting, Stir casting, Computational fluid dynamics, Mixing power, Grid independence study, Mixing index
Author(s): Selvaraju Ponnusamy Nallusamy, K M PARAMMASIVAM
Keywords: Flow separation control, Vortex generator, VG location, Drag reduction, Boundary layer thickness.
Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Vortex Shedding in a Novel Sub-Scaled Motor
Author(s): Roohollah Taherinezhad, Gholamreza Zarepour
Keywords: pressure oscillation, vortex shedding, strouhal number, solid rocket motor
Finite Element Analysis of Pulsatile Blood Flow in Elastic Arteries
Author(s): Osama ElBanhawy, Amr Guaily, Mohammed Tosson
Keywords: fluid structure interaction, finite element method, pulsating viscous flow, deformable tube
Effectiveness of Stent in the treatment of Renal Artery Aneurysm using FSI simulation
Author(s): H. Abu Bakar, A. Abas, N. Razak
Keywords: Renal artery aneurysm, Stent, FSI, PIV