The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.


An Optical Technique based on Continuous Wavelet Transform for Flow measurement Part-I
Author(s): Osman Ahmed, Mark Ovinis, Ibrahima Faye, Fakhruldin Hashim, Osei Harrison
Keywords: Multi-scale, turbulent signal decomposition, wavelet transform, optical technique
Numerical simulation of turbulent airflow and micro-particle deposition in upper human respiratory system
Author(s): Ali Tahavvor, Pouya Zarrinchang
Keywords: Nasal cavity; Micro-particle; Turbulent flow; CFD; Respiratory system
Author(s): Jarosław Brodny, Magdalena Tutak
Keywords: CFD, endogenous fire, longwall, rockfall goaves, underground coal mine
An Algorithm of Data Exchange for One Way Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis and its Application on High-Speed Train Coupling Interface
Author(s): Songhua Huang, Yugong Xu, Lele Zhang, Wenjie Zhu
Keywords: Load transfer method, High-speed train, Data exchange, Interpolation method, Thin plate spline with tension.
Complex behavior of polymers as drag reducing agents through pipe fittings
Author(s): Inkollu Sreedhar, A Sai Darshan
Keywords: Form drag, Total Drag, Skin Drag, Polymers, Turbulent flow, Pipe fitting, Pressure drop
Snap-off Criteria for Dynamic Flow Conditions in Constricted Circular Capillaries
Author(s): Antonio Quevedo, Carlos Fuentes, Enrique González-Sosa, Carlos Chávez
Keywords: Drop breakup, Pore-scale flow, Local capillary number, Capillary geometry
Study of Effect of Flow Parameters on Base Pressure in a Suddenly Expanded Duct at Supersonic Mach number Regimes using CFD and Design of Experiments
Author(s): Jaimon Quadros, S. A. Khan, Antony AJ
Keywords: base pressure, Mach number, area ratio, length to diameter ratio, analysis of variance.
Subsonic flow in divergent section of a convergent-divergent nozzle subject to an actual flow
Author(s): Balaram Kundu, Somchai Wongwises
Keywords: Convergent-divergent nozzle; Friction; Reference condition; Subsonic
Numerical investigation of fluid flow mechanism in the back shroud cavity of a centrifugal pump
Author(s): Wei Dong, S. Wuli Chu
Keywords: Centrifugal pump; Back shroud cavity; Circumferential velocity component; Radial velocity component; Pressure
Electroosmotic pumping between two immiscible electrical conducting fluids controlled by interfacial phenomena
Author(s): Andrés Matías, Oscar Bautista, Federico Méndez, Juan Escandón
Keywords: Immiscible conducting fluids, Electroosmosis, Circular microcapillary, Maxwell stress, Interfacial stress..
Author(s): Mothilal Thulasiraman, kasiviswanathan pitchandi, Velukumar v, PARTHIBAN KASI
Keywords: CFD, Optimization, Taguchi method, Ansys Fluent, Cyclone heat exchanger
Thermal Stratification and Rollover Performance Analysis of LNG tank Based on Curvelet Finite Element Method and Large Eddy Simulation Technology
Author(s): bin zhao, shuai han, lizhi xu, chengjiang shi, diangui gao, yuanyuan zhang
Keywords: stratification, rollover, LNG tank, Curvelet finite element method, Large eddy simulation
Numerical and experimental study of separation control by boundary layer aspiration in a highly-loaded axial compressor cascade
Author(s): X. Mao, B. Liu, Fuzhi Yuan
Keywords: Boundary layer separation, aspiration, three-dimensional corner separation, critical point, axial compressor cascade
The impact of air fences geometry on air flow around an ICE3 high speed train on a double line railway track with exposure to crosswinds
Author(s): Masoud Mohebbi, Mohammad Ali Rezvani
Keywords: high speed train, air fence, ICE3, double line railway track, crosswind
A dramatic enhancement of heat transfer in Dream Pipe with viscoelastic fluids
Author(s): Puvaneswari Puvaneswari, Karthikeyan Shailendhra
Keywords: Enhancement of Heat Transfer, Dream Pipe, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Laminar Oscillatory Flow, Viscoelastic Fluids, Molar Ratio
Transport of reactive species in oscillatory annular flow
Author(s): S. Debnath, Suvadip Paul, A. Kumar Roy
Keywords: Dispersion coefficient; reversible reaction; irreversible reaction; phase exchange; Damkohler number.
Ferrofluid Based Squeeze Film Lubrication between Rough Stepped Plates with Couple Stress Effect
Author(s): Yogini Vashi, Rakesh Patel, Gunamani Deheri
Keywords: Squeeze film, Stepped plates, Roughness, Ferrofluid, Couple stress, Load carrying capacity.
Drag Experienced by a Composite Sphere in an Incompressible Micropolar Fluid
Author(s): Vandana Mishra, Bali Gupta
Keywords: Permeable sphere, Micropolar fluid, Drag force, Stream function, Darcy law.
New permeability model for gel coated porous media with radial flow
Author(s): Nasibeh hajilary, ALI SHAHMOHAMMADI
Keywords: Polymer gels; Brinkman equation; Radial flow; Permeability model; Darcy equation; Residual Resistant Factor
Electrothermal convection in dielectric Maxwellian nanofluid layer
Author(s): veena sharma, Anuradha Chowdhary, U. Gupta
Keywords: Nanofluid, Maxwell model, Brownian motion, Thermophoresis, Electric field, Stress relaxation time, Galerkin method.
Micro-Vibration Analysis and Optimization of Aerostatic Bearing with Pocketed Orifice-Type Restrictor
Author(s): yifei li, yihui yin, hong yang, xinen liu, jun mo, hailong cui
Keywords: Gas lubrication, Aerostatic bearing, CFD simulation, Micro-vibration, Dynamic stability, Design optimization
Effect of channel boundary condition in predicting hydraulic jump characteristics using an ANFIS-based approach
Author(s): Kiyoumars Roushangar, Roghayeh Ghasempour, Reyhaneh Valizadeh
Keywords: ANFIS, Boundary condition, Different appurtenances, Empirical equations, Hydraulic jump characteristics.
Wave motion due to a ring source in two superposed fluids covered by a thin elastic plate
Author(s): Najnin Islam, Rupanwita Gayen, B.N. Mandal
Keywords: Ring source potentials, Two-layer fluid, Thin elastic plate, steady state analysis.
Evaluating the effects of blade tip clearance in various stages on the performance of an axial compressor
Author(s): Masood Ostad, Reza Kamali
Keywords: variable tip clearance, stall margin, flow angel, compressor performance
Lattice Boltzmann Numerical Investigation of Inner Cylindrical Pin-fins Configuration on Nanofluid Natural Convective Heat Transfer in Porous Enclosure
Author(s): yaser jafari, Mohammad Taeibi-Rahni, majid haghshenas, pouyan ramian
Keywords: Natural Convection; Pin-fins Configuration Effects; Porous Medium; Nanofluids; LBM
On the expedient solution of the Boltzmann equation by Modified Time Relaxed Monte Carlo (MTRMC) method
Author(s): Mehrdad Eskandari, S. Salman Nourazar
Keywords: Boltzmann equation, Time relaxed Monte Carlo, modified time relaxed Monte Carlo, direct simulation Monte Carlo, Taylor series
Expansion wave propagation into a cavity
Author(s): Matthew Whalley, B. W. Skews
Keywords: Compressible flow, Unsteady flow, Wave focusing.
Investigation of the Numerical Methodology of a Model Wind Turbine Simulation
Author(s): Narges Tabatabaei, M. J. Cervantes, Chirag Trivedi
Keywords: model wind turbine, computational fluid dynamics CFD, transient, wake profile, turbine performance
On the optimization of the species separation in an inclined Darcy-Brinkman porous cavity under the effect of an external magnetic field
Author(s): Rtibi Ahmed, Mohammed Hasnaoui, Amahmid Abdelkhalek
Keywords: Darcy-Brinkman porous medium, Soret effect, Magnetic field, Separation of species, Analytical and numerical study
Comparison of flow field simulation of Liquid Ejector Pump using Standard K-ε and Embedded LES Turbulence Modelling techniques
Author(s): qasim zaheer, Jehanzeb Masud
Keywords: Ejector Pump, Complex Flow, Reynold Shear Stresses, Potential Core, Embedded LES
Micro scale gas turbine diffuser design – a practical approach
Author(s): Michal Czarnecki, John Olsen
Keywords: compressor, centrifugal, micro scale, gast turbine, engine, turbojet
Effect of fin geometry on Flow-Induced Vibration response of a finned tube in a tube bundle
Author(s): Hassan Arshad, Shahab Khushnood, Luqman Ahmad Nizam, Muhammad Ameer Ahsan, Ozair Ghufran Bhatti
Keywords: Finned tube bundle, Flexible tube, Mass ratio, Fin geometry, parallel triangular.
Characterization of disturbed hemodynamics due to stenosed aortic jets with a Lagrangian Coherent Structures technique
Author(s): Ali Olcay, Armin Amindari, Kadir Kirkkopru, Huseyin Yalcin
Keywords: Lagrangian coherent structures, Aortic valve, Stenosis, Computational fluid dynamics, Fluid structure interaction, Calcification, Hemodynamics, Vortex, Wall shear stress, Pressure
Stability of Vertical Throughflow of a Power Law Fluid in Double Diffusive Convection in a Porous Channel
Author(s): SEEMA KUMARI, P. Murthy
Keywords: Porous medium, Non-Newtonian Fluid, Buoyancy ratio, Rayleigh number, Lewis number
Numerical Investigation on Temperature and Flow Characteristics of a Tornado-Like Vortex by Using Large-Eddy Simulation
Author(s): Ke Li, Min Xiang, YU HU, XLIANG HUANG, HY QI
Keywords: large-eddy simulation, tornado-like vortex jet, Ranque-Hilsch effect, vacuum degree, energy separation
Optimization of Freestream Flow Effects on Thrust Shock Vector Control Nozzle
Author(s): Farzad Forghany, Mohammad Taeibi-Rahni, Abdollah Asadollahi Ghohieh
Keywords: Shock Vector Control; Freestream Flow; Fluidic Injection Angle; Dynamic Response.
Effect of pitch angle and Reynolds number on aerodynamic characteristics of a small horizontal axis wind rotor
Author(s): Jianyong ZHU, Peiqing Liu
Keywords: Wind energy,horizontal axis wind rotor,Reynolds number,aerodynamic characteristics, wind tunnel test
Numerical study of vorticity and heat flow in bottom heated DDC systems at nominal Rayleigh number
Author(s): Nithish Reddy, Krishnan Murugesan
Keywords: double diffusive convection, thermal-solutal buoyancy forces, vorticity, bottom heated cavity
Porous Media Flow Transitioning into the Forchheimer Regime: a PIV Study
Author(s): James Arthur
Keywords: Particle image velocimetry, porous media, Darcy, Forchheimer, Izbash, inertia
Investigation on Flow Characteristics of SVC Nozzles
Author(s): Jingwei SHI, zhanxue WANG, Li ZHOU, XiaoLin SUN
Keywords: SVC, Transverse injection, Vector performance, Aerodynamic parameters, Flow control
The Effects of the Reynolds Number on the Hydrodynamics Characteristics of an AUV
Author(s): N. M. Nouri, K. Mostafapour, Marhamat Zeinali
Keywords: Hydrodynamic characteristics; AUV; CFD; Water tunnel
Flame Length Scaling of C2H4-Air Premixed Flames under Acoustic Forcing
Author(s): Donghyun Hwang, Kyubok Ahn
Keywords: Flame length, Flame center length, Dump combustor, Combustion instability, Turbulent vortex flame
An Empirical Model Relating Pressure Drop and Mass Flow Rate in General Internal Flows: Theoretical Basis and Sensitivity Analysis
Author(s): Tejas Pant, Haifeng Wang
Keywords: Empirical Model, Internal Flows, Pressure Drop, Mass flow rate, CFD, Sensitivity Analysis
Numerical Simulation of Various Riblet Shapes and a Uniform Model for Boundary Layer
Author(s): Yang Yu, Xiao-dong Ren, Xuesong Li, Chun-wei Gu
Keywords: various riblet shapes, skin friction reduction, velocity profile, von Kármán’s constants, uniform model of the logarithmic law
Numerical Analysis of the Effects of Riblets on Drag Reduction of a Flat Plate
Author(s): Alireza Heydarian, H. Ghassemi, Pengfei Liu
Keywords: Drag reduction; Flat plate; Riblet; Micro channels
Simulating Fluid and Structure Interaction Using Exponential Basis Functions
Author(s): Hanieh Pary Abarghooei, Bijan Boroomand
Keywords: Fluid-structure interaction, Meshless method, Exponential basis functions, Lagrangian description for fluids, Nonlinear sloshing.
Cavitation damage prediction on dam spillways using Fuzzy-KNN modeling
Author(s): ehsan fadaei-kermani, Golam abbas barani, M. Ghaeini-Hessaroeyeh
Keywords: Cavitation damage, Spillways, Fuzzy k-nearest neighbor model, Damage intensity
Nozzle displacement effects on two-phase ejector performance: an experimental study
Author(s): khaled ameur, zine aidoun
Keywords: experiments, two-phase, ejector, R134a, NXP
Computational and Experimental Study on the Water-Jet Pump Performance
Author(s): Ahmed Sheha, Mostafa Nasr, M. A. Hosien, Essam Wahba
Keywords: Jet pump, CFD, Pump efficiency, Geometrical parameters, Operational parameters
Modeling and Optimization of the Magnetohydrodynamic Conduction Pump by Particle Swarm Method
Author(s): bouali khadidja, F.Z Kadid, rachid abdessemed, Abdelmalik taleb-ahmed, toumi abida
Keywords: Fluid mechanics, Magnetohydrodynamic, Conduction pump, Particle Swarm, Finite volume method, Fitness function, Constraints, Optimization
Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Morphological Changes in Natural Channel Bend
Author(s): Seung Kyu Lee, Truong An DANG
Keywords: Experimental investigation, numerical model, bed load, multiple grain-size, curved channel
Effect of boost pressure on the In-Cylinder Tumble-Motion of GDI Engine under Steady-State Conditions Using Stereoscopic-PIV
Author(s): Mohammed El Adawy, Morgan Heikal, A.Rashid A.Aziz, Shahzad Munir, Muhammad Israr
Keywords: In-cylinder flow, Flow bench,Tumble motion, Boosted GDI engine, Stereo PIV, POD
A similarity solution with two-equation turbulence model for computation of turbulent film condensation on a vertical surface
Author(s): Masoud Ziaei-Rad, Afshin Ahmadi Nadooshan, Saeed Mahmoodi
Keywords: Turbulent film condensation, similarity solution, k-e turbulence modeling, vertical surface