The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.


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CFD optimization of the jet mixer in oxidation pond of absorption tower
Author(s): Wei Li, Ye Yao, Jing Chen
An Algorithm of Data Exchange for One Way Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis and its Application on High-Speed Train Coupling Interface
Author(s): Songhua Huang, Yugong Xu, Lele Zhang, Wenjie Zhu
Complex behavior of polymers as drag reducing agents through pipe fittings
Author(s): Inkollu Sreedhar, A Sai Darshan
Snap-off Criteria for Dynamic Flow Conditions in Constricted Circular Capillaries
Author(s): Antonio Quevedo, Carlos Fuentes, Enrique González-Sosa, Carlos Chávez
Steady-state Experiment and Simulation of Intake Ports in a Four-Valve Direct Injection Diesel Engine
Author(s): Dewen Jia, Xiwen Deng, Jilin Lei
Study of Effect of Flow Parameters on Base Pressure in a Suddenly Expanded Duct at Supersonic Mach number Regimes using CFD and Design of Experiments
Author(s): Jaimon Quadros, S. A. Khan, Antony AJ
Effect of separation angle and nozzle radial position on mixing time in ladles with two nozzles
Author(s): alexis gomez, alberto conejo, roberto zenit
Linear and Weak nonlinear double diffusive convection in a viscoelastic fluid saturated anisotropic porous medium with internal heat source
Author(s): Alok Srivastava, A. K. Singh
Subsonic flow in divergent section of a convergent-divergent nozzle subject to an actual flow
Author(s): Balaram Kundu, Somchai Wongwises
Swirl Characteristics of Vortex Valve Variable-Thrust Solid Rocket Motor
Author(s): Xianggeng Wei, Jiang Li, Guoqiang He
Effects of Reinjection on Flow Field of Open Jet Automotive Wind Tunnel Test Section
Author(s): qiliang li, wentong dai, liyuan zhong, Yang Zhigang, kaiyan du, yudong xu, M.M. Rashidi
Control of Tip Leakage Flow in Axial Flow Compressor Cascade by Suction on the Blade Tip
Author(s): Xiaochen Mao, Bo Liu, Tianquan Tang
Author(s): Mothilal Thulasiraman, kasiviswanathan pitchandi, Velukumar v, PARTHIBAN KASI
Numerical and experimental study of separation control by boundary layer aspiration in a highly-loaded axial compressor cascade
Author(s): Xiaochen Mao, Bo Liu, Fuzhi Yuan
An innovative roof shape in liquid storage tanks to reduce dynamic sloshing effects
Author(s): Pouya Nourae Danesh, Mohammad Mehdy Kabiri, Mohammad Ali Goudarzi
Shielding gas coaxial jet pipes numerical study of a vertical laser welding process of AZ91 magnesium alloy
Author(s): chiraz boughanmi, sana bannour, hatem mhiri, philippe bournot
Transport of reactive species in oscillatory annular flow
Author(s): S. Debnath, Suvadip Paul, A. Kumar Roy
Numerical study on the Smoke Flow Characterization and phenomenon of Plug-Holing under lateral smoke exhaust in tunnel fire
Author(s): Juan Yang, Xuhai Pan, Zhilei Wang, Min Hua, juncheng Jiang
Numerical visualization of plunging water jet using Volume of Fluid Model
Author(s): Amine boualouache, Faiza ZIDOUNI, Amina MATAOUI
New permeability model for gel coated porous media with radial flow
Author(s): Nasibeh hajilary, ALI SHAHMOHAMMADI