The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.


Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi Aloui, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Drag Effects on Vacuum Tube Trains
Author(s): S. A. Gillani, V. P. Panikulam, S. Sadasivan, Z. Yaoping
Keywords: CFD; Aerodynamic drag; Vacuum train; Shock wave; Navier stokes equations.
Interaction of water waves with permeable barrier using Galerkin approximation
Author(s): R. Gayen, Sourav Gupta
Keywords: Water waves, Permeable barrier, Perturbation technique, Galerkin approximation.
Influence of impermeable elevated bottom on the wave scattering due to multiple submerged porous structure
Author(s): Valliboina Venkateswarlu, Debabrata Karmakar
Keywords: Multiple porous structures; energy damping; impermeable elevated bottom; eigenfunction expansion method; wave transformation.
Tanker wake effects on the trailing UAV in autonomous aerial refueling
Author(s): dong zhang, yong chen, xiangheng fu
Keywords: Tanker wake effects, Vortex interference, Autonomous aerial refueling
Prediction of base pressure in a suddenly expanded flow process at supersonic Mach number regimes using ANN and CFD
Author(s): J. D. Quadros, S. A. Khan
Keywords: base pressure, Mach number, nozzle pressure ratio, area ratio, artificial neural networks, computational fluid dynamics
A comparative CFD study on laminar and turbulent flow fields in dual-Rushton turbine stirred vessels
Author(s): Liangchao Li, Ning Chen, Kefeng Xiang, Beiping Xiang
Keywords: Stirred vessel, Dual-impeller, Numerical simulation, Laminar and turbulent flow, Flow pattern, Computational fluid dynamics
Pressure-Driven Electro-osmotic Flow and Mass Transport in Constricted Mixing Micro-channels
Author(s): Ahamed Saleel C, Ali Algahthani, Irfan Anjum Badruddin Magami, yunus tatagar, sarfaraz kamangar, Mostafa A. H. Abdelmohimen
Keywords: Immersed Boundary Method, Micro-channel,Electro-osmotic flow, Electrical Double Layer, Mixing, Mixing Efficiency, Zeta Potential, MEMS.
Numerical Identification of Flow-induced oscillation modes in rectangular cavities using URANS
Author(s): Majid Mesbah, Sahand Majidi
Keywords: URANS, Cavity flow, Self induced oscillation, Shear-layer mode, Wake mode, Mode detection
Impact of Boundary Layer Suction on Clearance Leakage Flow in a Cantilever Stator of Transonic Compressor
Author(s): Botao Zhang, Bo Liu, Peng Liu, Xiaochen Mao
Keywords: Tip leakage flow,The endwall suction,The tip suction,Suction flow rate, Active flow control.
Time Domain Simulation of Ship Motion in Irregular Oblique Waves
Author(s): seyed mohamadreza mousavi, ahmadreza khoogar, H. Ghassemi
Keywords: Ship motion, Numerical simulation, DTMB5415, Irregular wave, oblique wave
Large eddy simulation of pulsed blowing in a supersonic compressor cascade
Author(s): Qinghe Meng, Shaowen Chen, Shengli Ding, Hongyan Liu, Songtao Wang
Keywords: Large eddy simulation,Pulsed blowing,Supersonic compressor,Proper orthogonal decomposition,Loss reduction
Improved delayed detached eddy simulation of the slipstream and trackside pressure of trains with different horizontal profiles
Author(s): Ming Li, Bin Liu, Tanghong Liu, Zijian Guo
Keywords: High-speed train, Improved delayed detached eddy simulation (IDDES), Nose shape, Slipstream, Trackside pressure
An Efficient RBF-based Meshless Local Petrov–Galerkin Method for Modeling of Unidirectional Fully Developed Fluid Flow
Author(s): Iraj Saeedpanah, Ramin Golmohamadi Azar, Hamed Sarkardeh
Keywords: MQ-RBF; Shape and Weight Functions; Nnsteady flow; MLPG meshless method; 2D Fluid Flow
Phase Content and Flow Measurement of Bubble Flow Based on new Experimental Pipeline
Author(s): Lide Fang, Song Wang, Shengyao Li, Yousef FARAJ, Ji Tian, Xiaoting Li
Keywords: Gas-liquid two-phase flow, differential pressure flow meter, Volume fraction, flow measurement;
Performance Comparison of Novel Single and Bi-Diaphragm PZT Based Valveless Micropumps
Author(s): Hamid ASADI DERESHGI, Mustafa Zahid Yildiz, Nezaket PARLAK
Keywords: Valveless Micropump, Bi-diaphragm, Piezoelectric actuators, Fluid flow measurement, Displacement measurement
Some Insights Into Drop Impacts on a Hydrophobic Surface
Author(s): Ashish Karn, Rohan De, Abhay Kumar
Keywords: Drop impact; Maximum drop spreading; Drop recoil; Impact Parameter; Weber Number
On the Application of Endoscopic Background-Oriented Schlieren Technique for Near-Field Investigation of Density Field
Author(s): Mohammad Zare, Seyed Mostafa Mousavi, Arman Mohseni, Abdol Hosein Nikjoo
Keywords: Endoscopic Background-Oriented Schlieren, Density Measurement, Endoscope, Borescope, Near-Field Measurement
Analysis on the performance improvement with variable stiffness valve in reciprocating pump base on CFD
Author(s): Ge Zhu, Shimin Dong
Keywords: Reciprocating pump; Variable stiffness; Valve; Computational fluid dynamics; Fluid-structure interaction; Cavitation