The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.


Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi ALOUI, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Drag Effects on Vacuum Tube Trains
Author(s): S. A. Gillani, V. P. Panikulam, S. Sadasivan, Z. Yaoping
Keywords: CFD; Aerodynamic drag; Vacuum train; Shock wave; Navier stokes equations.
Effect of viscosities on the spray characteristics of pressure swirl nozzle
Author(s): Zhaomiao Liu, Jiayuan Lin, Huilong Zheng, Yan Pang
Keywords: PDA system; Spray characteristics; SMD; Spray cone angle; Medium viscosity
Effect of hydraulic resistivity on a weakly nonlinear thermal flow in a porous layer
Author(s): Dambaru Bhatta, Daniel Riahi
Keywords: porous media, hydraulic resistivity, weakly nonlinear, hydro-thermal, convective flow
The Effect of Swirling Flowfield on the Spray and Droplet Characteristics
Author(s): Mahenderan Chinnaraj, Rajesh Sadanandan
Keywords: Swirl flow, sprays, SMD, High-speed shadowgraphy, PDPA.
Design for a squirrel cage fan with double arc blade
Author(s): Zhehong Li, H. S. Dou, Peifeng Lin, Wei kun, Yongning Chen, Limin Lin, Xinxue Ye
Keywords: Double arc blade; Optimization; Squirrel cage fans
Thin Ship Michell’s Theory Approach and Experimental in Optimising Configuration of Warp-chine Pentamaran
Author(s): Wiwin Sulistyawati, . Yanuar, Agus Sunjarianto Pamitran
Keywords: pentamaran; warp–chine; Michell’s theory; optimisation; wave cancellation; resistance reduction.
A Study on the Effects of EGR and VNT on the Intake and Exhaust Pressure Waves in a High-Pressure Common-Rail Diesel Engine
Author(s): Shaohua Liu, Yongfan Hou, Bi Yuhua, Sheng Yin
Keywords: High-pressure common-rail diesel engine, Intake pressure wave, Exhaust pressure wave, EGR, VNT
The mitigation of the flow maldistribution in minichannel and minigap heat exchangers by introducing threshold in the manifolds
Author(s): P. Dąbrowski
Keywords: Minigeometry, Flow distribution, Manifold shape, Manifold’s depth, CFD, Numerical study
Investigation of Air Flow Characteristics in Air Intake Hoses Using Cfd and Experimental Analysis Based On Deformation of Rubber Hose Geometry
Author(s): Kemal Furkan Sökmen, Osman Bedrettin Karataş
Keywords: Air intake hose, Pressure drop, Rubber material model, Deformation, Computational fluid dynamics
Stent Porosity Efficiency in Treating Wide-neck Saccular Renal Artery Aneurysm
Author(s): H. Abu Bakar, A. Abas, N. Razak
Keywords: renal artery aneurysm, porosity, FSI, PIV
Numerical Characterization of Natural Swirling Flame Evolving in Free Environment via FDS: a Comprehensive Investigation of Fires Problems
Author(s): mohamed ali thamri, T. Naffouti, S. Gannouni, jamil zinoubi
Keywords: Swirling flame; Solid core; Vorticity; Rankine Vortex model; Momentum flux; Swirl number.
Effect of interface momentum distribution on the stability in a porous-fluid system
Author(s): Pengfei Hu, Qi Li
Keywords:  Porous layer, Linear stability, Interface momentum distribution, Poiseuille flow.
Granular drag force on a spherical intruder in fluidized bed
Author(s): Ali Zaidi
Keywords: Granular drag force; Fluidized bed; Impact phenomenon; Granular material; Discrete element method
Experimental investigation on the effects of swirl on the exit turbulent flow field of an unconfined annular burner at isothermal and reacting conditions
Author(s): R Manikandan, Rajesh S, Prathap Chockalingam
Keywords: Swirling flow; Axial swirl generator; Jet spreading rate, chemiluminescence, lean blowout
Substitute model and CFD investigations of a coalescer in a three-phase crude oil gravity separator
Author(s): Zbigniew Krzemianowski, Marcin Lackowski, Tomasz Ochrymiuk, Paweł Flaszyński
Keywords: Oil separators; Multiphase calculations; Coalescers;
Transient Numerical Analysis of Natural Convection in Partially Open Cavities Filled with Water near the Density Inversion Point
Author(s): Eliton Fontana, Claudia Capeletto, Adriano Silva, Viviana Mariani
Keywords: CFD analysis, Hydrodynamic stability, Density inversion, Flow regimes
Analytical solutions for unsteady pipe flows with slip boundary condition
Author(s): Anek Pillai, Manu V
Keywords: Micropipe, Starting flow, Pulsatile flow, Womersley number