The following papers have been accepted but have not been finalized (proof reading) yet.

Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi ALOUI, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Drag Effects on Vacuum Tube Trains
Author(s): S. A. Gillani, V. P. Panikulam, S. Sadasivan, Z. Yaoping
Keywords: CFD; Aerodynamic drag; Vacuum train; Shock wave; Navier stokes equations.
Numerical Identification of Flow-Induced Oscillation Modes in Rectangular Cavities using URANS
Author(s): Majid Mesbah, Sahand Majidi
Keywords: URANS; Cavity flow; Self induced oscillation; Shear-layer mode; Wake mode; Mode detection.
Experimental study on slug flow characteristics and its suppression by microbubbles in gas-liquid mixture pipeline
Author(s): Tianxiang Ling, Tianxiang Wang, Gang Lei, Zhenlv Fang, Luhaibo Zhao, Chuanlong Xu
Keywords: Slug flow, Microbubbles, Electrical resistance tomography, High-speed imaging,Suppression
Mixing and Interpenetration in a Three-dimensional Buoyancy-driven flow of two Immiscible Liquids: A GPU based LBM Approach
Author(s): Prasanna Redapangu, Tsegay G.Kidan, Kiros Berhane
Keywords: Buoyancy-driven flow, Length of interpenetration, Immiscible fluids, Lattice Boltzmann method, Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities.
Effect of Low ALR on the Spray Characteristics of a Pressure-swirl Duplex Nozzle
Author(s): Reza Alidoost Dafsari, Rakhul Chandrahasan, Chulju Ahn, Jeekeun Lee
Keywords: air to liquid ratio, duplex nozzle, laser diagnostics, multiphase flow, spray droplet size
Computational and Experimental Investigations of Separation Control of LP Turbine Cascade Blades using Gurney Flaps
Author(s): Ct Gajanan, N. Sitaram, K. Viswanath
Keywords: LP turbine cascade, Gurney flap, Separation control, Computational investigations, Experimental investigations
Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Excess Flow Valve Movement at Different Operating Pressures and Gas Flow Rates
Author(s): Gökhan Coşkun, H. Pehlivan
Keywords: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Solid Interaction, Excess flow valve, Adaptive Mesh Refinement, Compressibility Effect, Natural Gas Flow
On the investigation of equivalence of shock wave boundary layer interaction using two equation turbulent flow solver
Author(s): B. John, P Vivekkumar
Keywords: Shock waves, Computational study, SWBLI-equivalence, Turbulence modelling, Finite Volume Method, Boundary layer, Flow separation
Numerical Experiments on Effect of Topographical Slope Changes in the Dynamics of Landslide Generated Water Waves and Submarine Mass Flows
Author(s): Jeevan Kafle, Parameshwari Kattel, Puskar R. Pokhrel, Khim B. Khattri
Keywords: Two-phase mass flows, Submarine landslides, Debris flows, Tsunami, Slope changes
On the stabilization of a viscoelastic Jeffreys fluid layer heated from below
Author(s): Ildebrando Pérez-Reyes, Alejandro Sebastián Ortiz-Pérez
Keywords: Feedback control, Hydrodynamic stability, Rayleigh convection
Uncertainty Analysis of Experiments of Vortex-Induced Vibrations for Circular Cylinders
Author(s): Onur Usta, Aytekin Duranay
Keywords: Vortex-induced vibration, VIV, Uncertainty, Bias error, Precision error, Response amplitude
Research on the flow characteristic in a multi-stage multiphase pump by numerical simulations
Author(s): YI SHI, Hongwu Zhu
Keywords: Multiphase pump; Numerical simulation; Gas-liquid flow; Stage-by-stage design; Subsea boosting.
Efficacy of Delta-Tab in Controlling the Mixing Characteristics of Mach 1.8 Jet
Author(s): Balkrishan Mahabir, Pradhyumn Bhale, Mrinal Kaushik
Keywords: Centerline pressure decay, Jet mixing; Core length, Mach contours, Numerical Schlieren, RANS
Propagation of Shock Waves of Varying Curvature
Author(s): Sarah Lewin, B. Skews
Keywords: Cureved shock waves, Shock diffraction, Shock reflection
Stability of Solids in Stepped Flume Nappe Flows: Subsidies for Human Stability in Flows
Author(s): Hinah Ribeiro, André Simões, Lafayette da Luz, Lúcio Mangieri, Harry Schulz
Keywords: stepped chute; draining staircases; safety in floods; stability of solids in flows
Investigation on the Mechanism of Blade Tip Recess Improving the Aerodynamic Performance of Transonic Axial Flow Compressor
Author(s): Song Yan, W. L. Chu, Wenhao Liu, Yu Li, Jingjing Yang, Weiguang Zhao
Keywords: Axial flow compressor; blade tip recess; aerodynamic performance; stability.
Investigation on the Gas Jet Flow Performance Confined in Round Pipe
Author(s): Han Zhang, Li Jia, Lishui Cui, Chunhui Li
Keywords: Confined jet, confined pipe, Size effec, gas flow measurement
nvestigation on Flow Characteristics and Parameters Optimization of a New Concept of TC Nozzle
Author(s): Fu Song, L. Zhou, J. Shi, Z. Wang
Keywords: throat area control, hybrid TC nozzle, flow characteristics, approximate model, performance optimization
The research on the rotor-stator interaction of centrifugal pump based on sinusoidal tubercle volute tongue
Author(s): Peifeng Lin, PengFei Song, Zuchao Zhu, Xiaojun Li
Keywords: Pressure pulsations, Centrifugal pump, Volute tongue, Bionics, Enstrophy
Numerical Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Liquid Jet Impinging on a Cylindrical Cavity Heat Sink
Author(s): zhiguo Tang, feng Deng, shoucheng Wang, jianping cheng
Keywords: Liquid impingement, Cylindrical cavity heat sink, Horseshoe vortex, Numerical simulation
Experimental studies of the evaporation of pure liquid droplets in a single-axis non-resonant levitator
Author(s): Marija Radmilovic-Radjenovic, Dimitrije Radjenovic, Miodrag Mitric, Branislav Radjenovic
Keywords: Evaporation, Surface regression, Respiratory droplets, Non-resonant levitator.
Computational Analysis of the Effect on Centrifugal Compressor Performance by Tapered Wall and Rotating Tapered Wall Vaneless Diffuser
Author(s): Niveditha Porika, Bhamidi V.S.S.S. Prasad
Keywords: Compressor performance, Computational fluid dynamics, Rotating diffuser, Tapered diffuser, Vaneless diffuser
A simple nonlinear eddy viscosity model for geophysical turbulent flows
Author(s): JYOTI PANDA, Kaushik Sasmal, Subhendu Maity, HARI WARRIOR
Keywords: CFD, Turbulence modeling, Eddy viscosity, Geophysical flows, Natural convection
Passive Control with Blade-End Slots and Whole-Span Slot in a large Camber Compressor Cascade
Author(s): Hejian Wang, B. Liu, B. Zhang
Keywords: High-momentum jet; Boundary layer separation; Three-dimensional corner separation; Whole-span slot; Blade-end slots; Total pressure loss.