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Simulation and Modeling for Aging and Particle Shape Effect on Airflow Dynamics and Filtration Efficiency of Human Lung
Author(s): J. Kori, Pratibha .
Keywords: Aging, Filtration Efficiency, Growth of Lung, Lung function, Nano particle, Porosity.
The respiratory system undergoes various anatomical, physiological and immunological changes with age, and the growth of lung can be associated with progressive increment in the number of alveoli. Therefore, it is important to understand the age related changes on the functioning of the respiratory system. In this study age related analyses are carried out from childhood to 30 years of age. Transportation and deposition properties of nanoparticles of various shapes during inhalation is taken into consideration. Incorporating the idea of filtration, numerical simulation is done by using generalized Navier Stokes' equation by assuming porosity of lung as a function of number of alveoli and including the particle shape factor to calculate the filtration efficiency of lungs. Finite difference scheme is used to solve the problem numerically for a very fine grid. Numerical computation is done in MATLAB. The results indicate that the filtration efficiency of lung is not so good during childhood but it increases with respect to age.