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Optimization of the Pool Boiling Heat Transfer in the Region of the Isolated Bubbles using the ABC Algorithm
Author(s): E. ALIÇ, Ö. Çermik, N. Tokgoz, Ö. Kaska
Keywords: ABC algorithm; Pool boiling; Heat transfer; Boiling optimization.
The region of the isolated bubble regime, in which the bubbling starts, is a very significant process for boiling heat transfer. In this study, Artificial Bee Colony algorithm (ABC), which is mainly based on the searching optimum foods sources for the bees, has been used for the optimization of the pool boiling heat transfer calculation. The ABC algorithm is very handy for numerical analysis. The ABC algorithm has been compared with a genetic algorithm as well as other well-known correlation models for pool boiling heat transfer calculation. The ABC algorithm is found to be useful for any boundary conditions. The boundary conditions have been changed in order to improve the results. Results show that the ABC algorithm works faster than the genetic algorithm for the given problem. The ABC algorithm also predicts less average absolute error when compared with other well-known correlations as well as the optimization using the genetic algorithm.