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On the low frequency pressure fluctuation in a 3/4 open jet automotive wind tunnel
Author(s): Jia Qing, Yuyu Zhu, Di Bao, M. M. Rashidi, Zhigang Yang
Keywords: wind tunnel, buffeting, LES, PIV, POD
Based on a 1:15 open jet automotive wind tunnel, this paper studied a possible generation mechanism of low-frequency buffeting phenomenon. Evolution of vortex structures and pressure field in the plenum chamber have been visualized and analyzed by Large-eddy simulation (LES). It is shown that the low frequency pressure fluctuation is caused by the large-scale structures and their interaction. Multiple proper orthogonal decomposition was adopted to analyze the flow field in the plenum chamber. The characteristic frequencies of the vortex-rings after pairing is the same as the dominant resonance of buffeting at this wind velocity.