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a study of the Taylor-Couette flow with finned surface rotation
Author(s): carlos alvarez, william vicente, Francisco solorio, Ernesto Mancilla, Martin Salinas, R. Zenit
Keywords: critical rotation rate, Taylor vortex, Annular fins, Taylor Couette flow, CFD, Vorticity.
In this study, the Taylor-Couette flow was disturbed by incorporating annular fins over the inner rotating surface. The finned surface had three parameters: height, width, and length between fins. In this work, seven different fin configurations, in which only the fin height varied, were examined and compared using experimental and numerical techniques. We found that annular fins disturbed the flow behavior by reducing the smooth critical Taylor number (Ta=57.18), but more important, we noticed a vortex enlargement induced by the incorporation of a relatively modest perturbation (b´<0.5) and this change remained in a wider range (0.57<T<14.18). Additionally, the appearance of secondary vortices that took place just over the fins and it was identified as a result of a progressive increment in fin height. These smaller vortices increased in number according to the relationship between the gap over the fins (aover) and fin width (c), number of vortices tended to increase while the distance from the fin surface to the outer cylinder was diminished.