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Design and Numerical Simulation of a Micro-Gas Turbine Combustor
Author(s): P. Zhang, Y. P. Liu, J. H. Li, Y. W. Yan
Keywords: Cannular combustor; Numerical simulation; Turbulent combustion; Combustion mechanism.
A cannular combustor with a 100-KW thermal power was designed with a swirler, primary holes, dilution holes, and cooling holes based on an original gas turbine of a practical application. Further, the combustion process in this combustor was numerically simulated by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). A methane-reduced chemical mechanism was applied to CFD to simulate the combustion process. The combustion performance, product concentrations, and flow field were analyzed. Experimental data of airflow distribution obtained in previous study were applied in the design process. The present work was reported to verify that the experimental data can be regarded as a guide and optimization basis in the aerodynamic design process. Additionally, the consistency of numerical results and design data indicates that the design in this paper could satisfy the design requirements.