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Design and Numerical Simulation of Micro Gas Turbine Combustor
Author(s): zhang ping, Y. Liu, J. Li, Y. Yan
Keywords: Single-tube combustor; numerical simulation; turbulent combustion; combustion mechanism.
Based on the requirements of a practical application, a cannula combustor with 100 KW thermal power was designed with a swirler, primary holes, dilution holes, and cooling holes. Then, the combustion process in this combustor was simulated numerically by using Computational Dynamics (CFD). In addition, the methane-simplified chemical mechanism was applied to CFD to simulate the combustion process. Combustion performance, product concentrations, and flow field were analyzed for better understanding the flow, mixing, and combustion processes in the combustor. Conical fuel jets were entrained to a reasonable recirculation zone shaped by swirling jets. The benefit of using the combination of swirler and primary holes, was that the combustion was concentrated at the combustor head. Moreover, the dilution holes and cooling holes ensured a reasonable out temperature profile and good cooling effects. The simulation results can serve a reference and guide for the combustor design.