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A new relaxation time model for lattice Boltzmann simulation of nano Couette flows in wide range of flow regimes
Author(s): Sadegh Ghatreh Samani, A. H. Meghdadi Isfahani
Keywords: Lattice Boltzmann method; micro and nano- Couette; transitional regime; Knudsen number; relaxation; rarefaction
The standard LBM with the relaxation time is only able to simulate the flow features in continuum and slip regimes. In the present paper, in order to covering a wide range of the flow regimes, a new relaxation time formulation by considering the rarefaction effect on the viscosity for the lattice Boltzmann simulation of shear driven flows is presented. The results show that in spite of the standard Lattice Boltzmann Method, LBM, the presented relaxation time relation is able to predict flow features in wide range of flow regimes.