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Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Secondary Injection with a Novel Pyrogenic Pulser
Author(s): R. Taherinezhad, G. Zarepour
Keywords: Pyrogenic Pulsers, Secondary Injection, Solid Rocket Motors
In this study, a novel pyrogenic pulser has been designed both with analytical and numerical approach, evaluated with real static tests. Motivation of this research was active control requirement of aero acoustic pressure oscillations with secondary flow injection in solid rocket motor. At first, pyrotechnic and pyrogenic pulsers have been introduced. Then analytical governing equation including transient, sinusoidal and Hercules have been presented. Understanding of pulser internal pressure and its plume length, injected flow field has been analyzed using ANSYS-Fluent software with two turbulent model of k-ω SST and k-ε Realizable both in ambient and in motor pressure. Thereafter, designed and manufactured hardware of pulser and test process have been presented. Finally, analytical, numerical and experimental results have been discussed. Results indicated a good matching among transient analysis, k-ω SST model and test data. Also, pyrogenic pulsers design depends on various parameters of motor and pulser charge performance prediction. The quality of pulser charge bonding to its insulator and erosion of its throat path due to injection have an important role to obtain a desirable pulser mass flow rate and plume length.