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Effect of a Weak Jet upon a Strong Jet
Keywords: Two Unequal Jets; Turbulence; Strong Jet; CFD ; Self Similarity
This paper investigates the influence of a weak-jet on the development of a turbulent axisymmetric strong jet encountered in several engineering applications. A parametric study was carried out to evaluate simultaneously the effect to the jets-spacing (S/D=3 and S/D=7.5) and their velocity ratios in range 0≤λ≤1. The mixing phenomenon is studied numerically by the finite volume method using the 3D-RANS second-order model, which gives a good agreement with the available data. Three distinct regions of this type of interaction are evidenced. This study confirms that the jets spacing affects strongly the converging region and has a minor effect on the combining region. It is found that the weak jet attracts the strong jet and the combining region extends from 30D to 40D where the self-similarity of a single jet is obtained. The jet width decreases when velocity ratio and jets spacing augment. In the combining region, in comparison with the free jet, it is found that the addition of a weak-jet increases the decay rate of the centerline velocity.