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Numerical Investigation of a Solar Air Heater (SAH) with Triangular Artificial Roughness Having a Curved Top Corner
Author(s): Boucif Zina, A. Filali, LAOUEDJ Samir, benamara nabil
Keywords: Solar air heater; roughened artificial; turbulent flow; THPP
In present study numerical investigation of a solar air heater SAH with a triangular rtificial roughness having a curved top corner is performed using a finite volume method. Flow and energy governing equations were solved with the accosiation of two transport equation for the kenetic turbulence energy k and the dissipation rate ɛ. The RNG k-ε turbulent model is considered and Reynolds number is varied between 3800 to 18000. Results indicates that the values of Nusselt number and friction factor strongly depend on the roughness relative height e/D, relative pitch P/e and the value of Re number. The best solar air heater performance could be obtained for P/e = 7.14 and e/D = 0.042.