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Investigation of Water-Diesel Emulsion Characteristics Using Optical Technique
Author(s): H. A. Abdul Wahhab, Mahmoud A. Maskour, Saeed A. Madodi
Keywords: Water-diesel emulsion fuel, Optical technique, Stability of mixtures, Surfactant
The idea of using water-in-Diesel (W/D) emulsion in recent studies as fuel for diesel engines is to reduce emissions. The introduction of water into a diesel engine using W/D emulsion has a number of potential benefits and can be used as an alternative fuel. One of important factors to using this fuel was the distribution of water droplets in emulsion and emulsifier stability. In the present work, the effect of emulsifier dosage (water in diesel ratio) and heating of W/D emulsion on the stability period with using optical technique was investigated. Five samples of W/D emulsion at a different emulsifier dosage 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% water content have been studied, whereas the heating of emulsions was carried out for 40oC, 60oC, and 80oC. The results obtained from the current work show that an increase in water dosage to W/D emulsion had bad effects on stability period, also, an increase in heating temperature for W/D emulsion showed negative effect on emulsion stability.