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Performance Enhancement of a Transonic Axial Flow Compressor with Circumferential Casing Grooves to Improve the Stall Margin
Author(s): Naseem Ahmad, Bin Jiang, Q. Zheng, salman abdu Ahmed, Hamza Fawzy
Keywords: Numerical simulation, Axial compressor, Circumferential grooves, Adiabatic efficiency, Stall margin
The current numerical simulation investigates the performance of different models of grooves on NASA Rotor 37 by discretizing 3D RANS with the help of finite volume method. First steady simulation is performed on NASA rotor 37 for validation. The CFD results and experimental data for adiabatic efficiency and pressure ratio are in good agreement with each other. After validation few numbers of Circumferential grooves casing treatment (CGCT) models has been proposed and tested numerically. According to convergence criteria the initiation of stall is predicted. Rectangular CGCT shape and smooth wall casing performances are analyzed. Moreover, the highest adiabatic efficiencies and stall margins of different shapes of CGCT models are compared to evaluate the influence of shape of grooves on the stability and performance on axial flow compressor. The circumferential casing grooves enhance remarkably stall margin and operational range of the transonic axial flow compressor but adiabatic efficiency is slightly decrease