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The PMLES: A Hybrid OpenMP-Cuda Source Code for LES of Turbulent Flows
Author(s): Jean Monteiro de Pinho, André R. Muniz
Keywords: Cuda, Turbulent Jets, LES, Turbulence, Numerical Simulation
The occurrence of turbulent flows is quite common on nature and in several industrial applications. The accurate simulation of these complex flows is still a great challenge in science. Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is a promising technique that is based on the elimination of all scales of a flow smaller than a characteristic length $\Delta$. It considers that the flow pattern in small scales is homogeneous and isotropic, and modelling of turbulence in such scales are universal, independent of the flow type. This work present the PMLES, a new OPENMP CUDA FORTRAN solver for turbulent flows, which uses a hybrid platform to achieve optimal performance. Theoretical and numerical aspects are firstly discussed, and then details of the implementation are given. Finally, the developed code is validated by simulating a turbulent jet and comparing the results with experimental and computational data from the literature. An analysis of performance gain is also carried out, proving the code's ability to solve this class of problems with a considerable reduction in computational time