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Concentration modulation effect on weakly nonlinear thermal instability in a rotating porous medium
Author(s): Palle Kiran
Keywords: Darcy convection, Concentration modulation, Rotation, Nonlinear theory.
The present article is to study mass transfer in a rotating porous layer subjected to imposed time-periodic solutal boundaries. The mass transfer coefficient is calculated by deriving the cubic Ginzburg Landau (GLE) amplitude equation. A weakly nonlinear analysis is applied to investigate the mass transfer in the porous medium. In this article the stationary convection is discussed in the presence of solutal Rayleigh number. The amplitude equation (GLE) is solved numerically and calculated the Sherwood number in terms of the various system parameters. The effect of individual parameter on mass transport is discussed in detail. Further, it is found that, the mass transfer is more for modulated system than un-modulated system. The effect of internal solute number $S_i$ having both enhances or diminishes the mass transfer. Finally it is also found that, solutal modulation can be effectively applied in either enhancing or diminishing the mass transfer.