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Experimental Investigation of Thermal Barrier (8YSZ-MGO-TIO2) Coated Piston used in Diesel Engine
Author(s): vadivel ayyakkannu, Periyasamy S
Keywords: Yttria stabilized zirconia, Thermal barrier coating, Diesel engine, Piston crown, Plasma spray, Emission.
In this experimental work, a single-cylinder diesel engine was tested under different loading conditions with its piston crown coated with the thermal barrier coating (TBC). The main aim of this work is to realize the effect of the TBC on performance and emission characteristics in the diesel engine. The top surface of the piston was coated with plasma spray method by using 100 µm of NiCrAl as lining layer and over this layer were coated with 150 µm of mixture that consists of 88% Yttria stabilized Zirconia, 4% MgO and 8% TiO2. Exhaust emission (HC, NOx, CO, and CO2) parameters were investigated using AVI exhaust gas analyzer. The results revealed that the brake thermal efficiency was increased by 10% & brake specific fuel consumption was decreased by 9.8% for coated piston compared to an uncoated piston engine. The smoke, CO, and HC emissions were also decreased for coated piston compared to an uncoated piston engine. But partial increases were found in carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.