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Comparison aerodynamic performance and power fluctuation between Darrieus straight-bladed and Gorlov vertical axis wind turbines
Author(s): Mahdi Moghimi, Hadi Motawej
Keywords: VAWT; Darrieus, Gorlov, DMST, Aerodynamic performance, power fluctuation
Energy resources are crucial for all human activities. The fossil fuels, which supply the vast majority of our energy needs nowadays, are associated with uncertainties in their future availability. Besides, the consumption of fuels has a harmful consequences for the environment. Wind is considered as one of the renewable and clean energy resources. Horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are used for power generation. VAWTs are appropriate for operating under low speed wind to produce power in a small-scale manner. However, to improve performance in such a situation, many VAWT designs have been developed. The aim of this paper is to develop a low-cost models to evaluate and compare the aerodynamic performance of Gorlov and Darrieus-type straight-bladed VAWTs. For this purpose, a double multiple stream tube (DMST) models, which are based on the blade element momentum theory (BEM) have been developed for Darrieus-type straight-bladed and Gorlov VAWTs. The developed models are validated by comparing the obtained results with the available results in the literature; in addition, a comparison has been performed between the Darrieus-type straight-bladed and Gorlov VAWTs from the performance point of view. It has been found that despite the slight reduction of peak power coefficient (C_P) for Gorlov VAWT compared to Darrieus type, the performance of Gorlov VAWT rotor is better from the effectiveness and fluctuation standpoints according to the torque coefficient curve of helical blade.