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A reliable pressure strain correlation model for complex turbulent flows
Author(s): JYOTI PANDA
Keywords: Turbulence modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Reynolds Stress Models, Pressure Strain Correlation
Accurate and robust models for the pressure strain correlation are an essential component for the success of Reynolds Stress Models in turbulent flow simulations. However, replicating the non-local action of pressure using only local tensors places a large limitation on potential model performance. In this paper, we outline an approach that extends the tensor basis used for pressure strain correlation modeling to formulate models with improved precision and robustness. This set of additional tensors is analyzed and justified based on physics-based arguments and analysis of simulation data. Using these tensors, models for the rapid and slow pressure strain correlation are developed. The resulting complete pressure strain correlation model is tested for a wide variety of turbulent flows while being contrasted against the predictions of established models. It is shown that the new model provides significant improvement in prediction accuracy.