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Numerical simulation of the effects on aerodynamics of train with broken windows
Author(s): Jian Du, Mingzhi Yang, Lei Zhang, F. Wu, Wei Huang
Keywords: Numerical simulation, Train window glass, Strong wind, Side force, Overturning moment
Window glass of the train was broken several times when running in the strong wind/sandy areas, causing safety risks to passengers and serious problems to the operation of the train. The aerodynamic performances of the train with broken windows in strong wind condition are uncertain. These problems remain the challenging research issues. To study these issues, the influence of the broken windows on the aerodynamic performances of the train model was analyzed using three-dimensional numerical simulation methods. The results showed that the aerodynamic forces on the second passenger car first decreased and then increased within a very short period when the two middle windows on the windward side had been broken. However, the broken train windows had little effect on the lift force, but the side force and the overturning moment increased sharply when the wind angle was increasing.