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Design of crescent splitting electrodes in EWOD device
Author(s): Zhaolong Wang, Liguo Chen, Xiongheng Bian
Keywords: Electrowetting-on-dielectric;Digital microfluidics;Crescent electrode;Splitting voltage
In order to reduce the voltage required for droplet separation on the digital microfluidic chip, the traditional square electrode was designed to crescent electrode, and the splitting effect of the novel electrodes with different parameters were investigated. First, the relationship between the EWOD force on the micro-droplet and the chord length of the effective Triple Contact Line (TCL) of the contact circle of the micro-droplet was analyzed based on the theory of the electrowetting-on-dielectric. Then, the droplet separation was numerically simulated and the splitting process of the same droplet on different electrodes were analyzed according to the numerical results. Finally, the effect of droplet separation on four kinds of chips were tested and verified. The results show that the minimum voltage required for droplet separation on the crescent electrode (A=1.41) was at least 13.9% lower than that of the square electrode, and the success rate of separation at different channel heights was higher than that of the other three electrodes among the four electrodes. The experimental results proves that the crescent electrode can achieve the purpose of reducing the splitting voltage, and the effect is optimal when A=1.41.