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Nanofluid Flow Comprising Gyrotactic Microorganisms through a Porous Medium
Author(s): Sohail Ahmad, Muhammad Ashraf, Ali Kashif
Keywords: Nanofluid; Gyrotactic Microorganisms; Chemical Reaction; Concentration.
The problem of the steady nanofluid flow with chemical reaction comprising gyrotactic microorganisms through a porous medium past a stretching sheet is explored numerically. The nonlinear coupled ODEs are obtained after applying the persuasive tool of similarity transformation on governing model PDEs and then undertook numerically by exploiting the SOR (Successive over Relaxation) parameter method. The outcomes of assorted parameters for the flow are surveyed and discussed through graphs and tables. A graphical comparison is correlated with the previously accomplished study and examined to be in an exceptional agreement. The culminations designate that the bioconvection Peclet number and the microorganism concentration difference parameter enhance the density of the motile microorganisms.