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Effective pressure for two phase water-sediment models using SPH method
Author(s): Mehran Kheirkhahan, P. Omidvar, Khosro Hoseini
Keywords: Rheological Model; Owen's Model; Effective Pressure; Dam break with Movable Bed; Submerged column collapse
Sediment movement in aquatic environment is one of the complex two phase problems in flow mechanics and sediment hydraulics. In this study the interaction of water and sediment is studied using SPH method and developed SPHysics2D which in this code pressure values are calculated using the state equation. In this study non-Newtonian rheological model µ(I) has been used for modeling sediment phase in which its development is based on granular particle properties. Also effective pressure has been used for studying sediment behavior and the method used in this research has been compared to one other method used by other researchers. Owen equation has been utilized for determining viscosity effect rate in between the two phase area. The developed method has been evaluated by dam break on dynamic bed and after that sediment column collapse experimental model floating in aquatic environment was investigated. Results of this modeling’s show the ability of developed code in flow and sediment hydraulics.