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Numerical Study on the Anti-snow Performance of Deflectors on a High-Speed Train Bogie Frame
Author(s): G. Gao, Qianru Chen, J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Zhen Tian, Chen Jiang
Keywords: Snow accumulation, Lagrangian particle phase, Wind-snow two-phase flow, High-speed train bogie
In this paper, a new installation of flat plate deflector attached on the bottom of the bogie frame is proposed and the anti-snow performance with different attack angles is numerically studied. The wind-snow two-phase flow in the bogie region is simulated based on the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations combined with the Realizable "k-ε" turbulence model and the Lagrangian particle phase. The numerical simulation methodology is verified and validated by comparing with previous wind tunnel tests. In this paper, three typical attack angles (30°, 60°, 90°) are studied. The results show that: the 30° case has a medium influence on the flow field and reduces snow accumulation by 35.14%; the 60° case guides the high-speed airflow downward and has the best effect with 62.46% reduction in snow accumulation; the 90° case has the smallest reduction with 20.30% in the mass. Overall, all deflectors with three different installation angles can reduce the mass of snow accumulated on the bogie surface.