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Flow characteristics of liquid-solid two-phase of a vertical hydraulic transport swirling pipe
Author(s): Jie YIN, Qunyan CHEN, Rui ZHU, Wenxian TANG, Shijie SU, Fei YAN, Lihui WANG
Keywords: Liquid-solid two-phase; Kinetic energy; Swirling flow; CFD-DEM; Vorticity;
In order to improve the transportation efficiency and safety of the vertical hydraulic transport pipe, a new type of pipeline transport system with helical blade is proposed in this paper. Based on CFD-DEM coupling method, the liquid-solid two-phase flow characteristics are analyzed for the swirling pipes and no blade pipe. The study focuses on the effect of the different helix angles of helical blade pipes in terms of the distributions of fluid velocity, the fluid vorticity, the total pressure, the particle’s local concentration, the drag force and kinetic energy of particles. It is found that the tangential velocities of the swirling pipes are clearly larger than that of the case of no blade pipe, and the swirling number decreases as the increasing of helix angle of helical blades within swirling pipe. As the decreasing of helix angle, the vorticity magnitude increases sequentially, and the vortex core structure of the flow field is gradually enriched. Meanwhile, the total pressures for the swirling pipes decrease rapidly after the fluid enters the helical blades region, reflecting the difference energy efficiency of the swirling pipes.