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Radial Basis Function Differential Quadrature for Hydrodynamic Pressure on Dams with Arbitrary Reservoir and Face Shapes Affected by Earthquake
Author(s): abdollmahdi behroozi, M. Vaghefi
Keywords: Dam–Reservoir interaction; Radial Basis Function Differential Quadrature; Mesh-Free Method; Hydrodynamic pressure; computation cost
A mesh-free numerical model based on the Radial Basis Function Differential Quadrature is introduced to simulate the hydrodynamic response of the dam-reservoirs-foundation system affected by earthquake acceleration. The governing equation of the hydrodynamic pressure of reservoir-dam system was discretized using the presented model in an arbitrary shape, semi-infinite domain which truncated by different far-end boundary condition. For this purpose, the effects of fluid compressibility and energy absorption at the reservoir boundaries were considered simultaneously. The presented model was used to calculate the hydrodynamic pressure distribution on dam face caused by earthquake acceleration in several practical examples and the obtained results were compared with available well-known analytical solutions. The comparison demonstrates that the accuracy and efficiency of the presented model are quite satisfactory.