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Blood Flow in Prefractal Media
Author(s): A. Miguel
Keywords: Tortuous Capillaries, Flow Resistance, Permeability, Blood Flow, Fractal, Prefractal
The development of microfluidic media supporting blood flow is significant for many applications. Prefractal models have considerable potential for contributing to the study of flow in these media, since information about scale complexity is captured by a small number of parameters. In this study physically based models for estimating permeability of a microfluidic porous materials are presented. Model are derived assuming that these media are represented by a bundle of tortuous capillary tubes with a fractal pore-size distribution. Flows of power law fluids, Bingham fluids and described by marginal zones theory are considered. Models are expressed in terms of porosity, microstructural parameters and fluid characteristics. Expressions for the flow resistance through single tortuous tubes, and the relationship between fluid velocity through tortuous tubes and through straight tubes, in terms of fractal dimensions, are also obtained.