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Coupled analysis of transient aerodynamic characteristics of coach under crosswind in different situations
Author(s): Kai SUN, gu zhengqi, Jun LIU, Ledian ZHENG, Hongbo HU, Jun GAO
Keywords: Coupled, Transient, MBD, CFD, Accelerate, DES, Overset, Crosswind
The purpose of this study is to investigate transient aerodynamic characteristics of coach under the crosswind in different uniform speeds and uniform accelerations straight line situations. The transient aerodynamics caused by different speed change were analyzed using the real-time interaction between aerodynamic simulation and dynamic simulation. The target model was a simplified coach in full scale. SST (Menter) K-Omega Detached Eddy Simulation and overset mesh technique was used to predict the transient aerodynamic loads. The present results show that the transient aerodynamic loads had different locations of maximum side force and the holding duration of yaw moment for different constant speed. The speed becomes larger, and the position where the side force was maximum became farther away. The holding duration of top yaw moment was larger simultaneously. Moreover, proper acceleration for low initial driving speed and crosswind of small influence range could build up stability. High speed driving in gust wind is not suggested for unskilled driver.