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Effects of feeding mode and inlet area ratio on heating characteristics in dual-inlet swirl tubes
Author(s): Xiao Xu, Junjie Wang, Qiang Yang, Honglai Liu, Hualin Wang
Keywords: Preheating degassing; Dual-inlet swirl; Flow and heat transfer; Numerical simulations
A preheating exchanger is developed for improving acidic water degassing. Reasonable dual-inlet swirl heating tubes are established and the comparisons of the swirl number and circumferential average Nusselt number between isobaric injection and isokinetic injection are performed. Inlet area ratios ranging from 0.1 to 0.9 exhibit an important influence on the flow phenomena and the heating performance. A lower value of inlet area ratio leads to the tendency for the fluid passing through inlet 2 to move upstream of inlet 2 and results in more vortex pairs between inlets 1 and 2. A higher value of inlet area ratio leads to a more uniform streamline axial stretch distance. An inlet area ratio value of 0.5 exhibits the largest global average Nusselt number, normalized Nusselt number, and thermal performance factor. The optimized inlet area ratio is provided for improving the degassing efficiency.