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The research on the rotor-stator interaction of centrifugal pump based on sinusoidal tubercle volute tongue
Author(s): Peifeng Lin, PengFei Song, Zuchao Zhu, Xiaojun Li
Keywords: Pressure pulsations, Centrifugal pump, Volute tongue, Bionics, Enstrophy
The rotor-stator interaction between the impeller and the volute is the main reason for the pump pressure pulsation and vibration. This work aims at designing a new type of tongue to minimize pressure pulsation, reduce vibration noise and energy loss. Inspired by the humpback pectoral fin, four volute tongues are investigated in this paper, three of which are sinusoidal tubercle volute tongues (STVT) and one is the original volute tongue (OVT). The influence of the shape of the volute tongues on the performance, pressure pulsation and enstrophy of the centrifugal pump was examined based on the DES turbulence model. The results show that the pressure pulsations of the STVT profiles are all lower, which improves the performance of the pump. The difference in pressure pulsation at the monitoring points closer to the tongue is more obvious. The STVT profiles change the vortex structure near the tongue and minimized the vortex strength. Meanwhile, the flow in the pump with the STVT profiles have lower enstrophy. The enstrophy of the flow with the STVT-2 profile is the lowest, which is reduced by about 8%. This reduces the dissipation of mechanical energy. This has important reference value for the optimal design of the pump structure.