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Experimental studies of the evaporation of pure liquid droplets in a single-axis non-resonant levitator
Author(s): Marija Radmilovic-Radjenovic, Dimitrije Radjenovic, Miodrag Mitric, Branislav Radjenovic
Keywords: Evaporation, Surface regression, Respiratory droplets, Non-resonant levitator.
Evaporation of drops, though a simple daily observation, is still poorly understood due to the complex nature that involves hydrodynamic effects in the bulk fluids and transport phenomena at the liquid-vapor interface. This paper reports on the evaporation of single component droplets (water, ethanol, acetone, and glycerol) levitated in a single-axis non-resonant levitator. It was observed that the acetone and ethanol evaporated faster than water, although the acetone is the most volatile. The estimated lifetime of acetone is less than 5min, which is much shorter as compared to 56min for ethanol or about 90min for water droplets. On the other hand, glycerol showed no tendency to evaporate which can be explained by the strong intermolecular forces and its high viscosity. With increasing the evaporation time, the ratio of large and small semi-axis decreases and tends to 1 corresponding to changes in drops shape from oblate ellipsoid to sphere. Based on the classical D2-law the surface regression rates were estimated. Results presented here can be used in a wide range of biomedical and material applications including evaporation of respiratory droplets during a pandemic such as the ongoing Covid-19.