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Wave Motion Through Mangrove Forests in the Presence of a Viscoelastic Bed Due to a Line Source
Author(s): Arijit Das, Soumen De, B. N. Mandal
Keywords: Wave motion, Mangrove forests, Viscoelastic bed, Line source
The present paper is concerned with a study of water waves generated due to presence of a line singularity (source) with time harmonic strength through mangrove forests in the presence of a viscoelastic bed. The trunks of mangroves are assumed to be in the upper layer inviscid fluid, while the roots consisting of mangroves are inside the viscoelastic bed. The equation of motion in the viscoelastic region is obtained by coupling the Voigt’s model with the equation of motion in the presence of mangroves. The expressions for the potential functions in the two layers are obtained. The forms of the surface and interface waves are depicted graphically for realistic values of kinematic viscosity and shear modulus of elasticity, the line source being submerged in the upper layer.