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Drag Reduction Characteristics of Bionic Mucous Membrane Acting on the Turbulent Boundary Layer
Author(s): Chaofan Ma, Kaisheng Zhang, Baocheng Zhang, Bo Zhao, Qiang Wang
Keywords: mucous membrane, bionic drag reduction, viscoelastic fluid, turbulence statistics, coherent structure
The mucous membrane on fish body surface composed of viscoelastic fluid has excellent drag reduction function. For the mucous membrane, a bionic friction drag reduction model was proposed, then the secretion process of mucus represented by Carreau viscoelastic model and the drag reduction effect of the mucous membrane in the classical wall turbulence boundary layer were investigated by large eddy simulations. Results show the bionic mucous membrane has an inhibitory effect both on the turbulence intensity and Reynolds stress, and simultaneously it improves the stability of the near-wall streak structure, reduces the formation and fragmentation of flow vortices, and the burst of turbulence. The drag reduction rate reaches over 14%. This study provides a hydrodynamics understanding of the drag reduction characteristics of bionic mucous membrane.