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Effect of Mainstream Swirling on Flowfield Characteristics of an Outer-Cavity Trapped Vortex Combustor
Author(s): Yi Jin, Kai Zhang, Kanghong Yao, Yunbiao Wang, Di Wu, Xiaomin He
Keywords:  TVC Swirling flow Squeezed effect Spring flow pattern
Non-reacting flow characteristics are of prime importance in determining the performance of combustors. In the present work, by introducing swirlers, the effect of mainstream swirling on non-reacting flow characteristics of an outer-cavity trapped vortex combustor is investigated with simulation methods. The results are firstly validated by Particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurement results. Four swirl numbers 0, 0.4, 0.6 0.8 and three velocity sets are considered. The results show that the addition of swirlers in the mainstream introduces 3-D flows not only in mainstream, but also in cavities. As the swirl number increases, the size of the low-velocity region near the combustor center line increases both in axial direction and in radial direction. The cavity flow pattern keeps the dual-vortex pattern for most of cases, however, for certain cases with high mainstream velocity and high swirl number (0.6, 0.8), multiple-vortex patterns are observed. Mixing results are discussed in terms of turbulence intensity and turbulence kinetic energy. The turbulence intensities of the combustor outlet for swirl number 0.8 are found to be increased significantly by approximately 300% to 450% as compared to the case with no swirling, which indicating dramatically enhanced mixing.