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Impact Evaluation of Full-Span Slot and Blade-End Slot on Performance of a Large Camber Compressor Cascade
Author(s): Hejian Wang, B. Liu, B. Zhang, Zijing Chen
Keywords: Flow separation; Blade-end slot; Full-span slot; Post-loaded blade; Total pressure loss; Pressure diffusing capability.
It has been proved that suitable slot structure of the compressor slotted blade can generate high-momentum jet flow through pressure difference between the pressure and suction surface, the slot jet flow can reenergize the local low-momentum fluid to effectively eliminate the flow separation. In order to investigate and evaluate the impact of full-span slot and blade-end slot on the performance of the post-loaded blade, which has serious flow separation on the suction surface both near blade midspan and endwall, a diffusion stator cascade with large camber angle is selected as the research object. Firstly, the blade-end slotted scheme and the full-span slotted scheme are set up, then the performance of datum cascade and two slotted cascades is computed under a wide incidence angle range at the Mach number of 0.7, finally, the performance of the three cascades is analyzed and compared in the available range of incidence angles. The results show that, in the computational incidence angle range, both of the two slotted schemes can reduce the total pressure loss of datum cascade and enhance its pressure diffusing capability. However, compared with the blade-end slot, the full-span slot has a better comprehensive control effect on the corner separation and the boundary layer separation near blade midspan. Hence, compared with those of blade-end slotted cascade, the total pressure loss coefficients of full-span slotted cascade are further decreased in the available incidence angle range, while the pressure diffusing capability of which is also further enhanced. The full-span slotted scheme has a better adaptability to wide incidence angle range, it can effectively broaden the available incidence angle range for datum cascade.