Referee's Guide


What should a referee do after a manuscript is assigned?

After a manuscript is assigned to a referee, he/she will be informed by an automatic email. The referee should respond to the email within 5 days via  that email or the JAFM online facility. To do so, the instructions below may be followed:

Go to the JAFM website:

Click on "login" on the left  top of the journal homepage and login using your username (email ) and password.

Click on " For Referees ".

You will see 2 options:   a) List of new papers        b) List of in-review papers

In ( List of new papers ) you will see the list of papers that you may agree or decline to review.

In ( List of in-review papers ) you will see the list of papers that you have already agreed to review but have not done so.

In order to review a paper listed in ( List of in-review papers ) , click on the title of the paper to see the details.

Click on " Continue ".

  Please review the manuscript and  enter your comments and select your final vote and then click on "Save and Send".