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Simulation of the Periodically Perturbed Separated and Reattaching Flow over a Backward-Facing Step
Pages : 1-8
Authors : Z. Mehrez,  M. Bouterra,  A. El Cafsi,  A. Belghith,  P. Le Quéré, 

Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Sediment Transport in a Shallow Reservoir
Pages : 9-21
Authors : L. B. S. Souza,  H. E. Schulz,  S. M. Villela,  J. S. Gulliver, 

Characterization of Flow through the Intake Valve of a Single Cylinder Engine Using Particle Image Velocimetry
Pages : 23-32
Authors : B. M. Krishna,  J. M. Mallikarjuna, 

Slip-Flow and Heat Transfer in Isoflux Rectangular Microchannels with Thermal Creep Effects
Pages : 33-41
Authors : H. Niazmand,  A. Amiri Jaghargh,  M. Renksizbulut, 

Resonance of Double-Diffusive Convection in a Porous Medium Heated with a Sinusoidal Exciting Temperature
Pages : 43-52
Authors : R. El Ayachi,  A. Raji,  M. Hasnaoui,  A. Abdelbaki,  M. Naïmi, 

Computational and Experimental Investigations of Boundary Layer Tripping
Pages : 53-63
Authors : M. R. Heidari,  M. R. Soltani,  M. Farahani,  M. Taeibi-Rahni, 

Mixed Convection in a Composite System Bounded by Vertical Walls
Pages : 65-75
Authors : N. Srivastava,  A. K. Singh, 

Buoyancy Induced Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow inside a Prismatic Cavity
Pages : 77-86
Authors : A. Walid,  O. Ahmed, 

Flow and Heat Transfer during an Expansion Stroke in a Composite Fluid/Porous System
Pages : 87-95
Authors : Z. Nessrine,  B. Ayda,  D. Hcen,  B. N. Sassi, 

Three-Dimensional Modeling and Analysis of a Porous Thermal Energy Storage System
Pages : 97-109
Authors : N. B. Khedher,  S. B. Nasrallah, 

Photographic Investigations of Jet Disintegration in Airblast Sprays
Pages : 111-123
Authors : S. N. Sridhara,  B. N. Raghunandan, 

Numerical Simulation of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: Case Study of Effect of Sand Dunes on the Spatial Distribution of Inundation in Hambantota, Sri Lanka
Pages : 125-135
Authors : J. J. Wijetunge,