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Vol4 , No 2
On the Use of Rotating-Disk Geometry for Evaluating the Drag-Reducing Efficiency of Polymeric and Surfactant Additives
Pages : 1-5
Authors : S. Jafargolinejad,  A. Pishevar,  K. Sadeghy, 

Mass Transfer and Heat Generation Effects on MHD Free Convection Flow past an Inclined Vertical Surface in a Porous Medium
Pages : 7-11
Authors : M. G. Reddy,  N. B. Reddy, 

Network Simulation of Laminar Convective Heat and Mass Transfer over a Vertical Slender Cylinder with Uniform Surface Heat and Mass Flux
Pages : 13-23
Authors : J. Zueco,  O. A. Bég,  H. S. Takhar,  G. Nath, 

Wall Shear Rates in Taylor Vortex Flow
Pages : 25-31
Authors : V. Sobolik,  T. Jirout,  J. Havlica,  M. Kristiawan, 

Experimental Study of a Beta Stirling Thermal Machine Type Functioning in Receiver and Engine Modes
Pages : 33-42
Authors : R. Gheith,  F. Aloui,  S. Ben Nasrallah, 

An Investigation of Heat Transfer in a Mechanically Agitated Vessel
Pages : 43-50
Authors : A. Debab,  N. Chergui,  K. Bekrentchir,  J. Bertrand, 

Reorganization of Coherent Structures Downstream a Circular Cylinder Located between Two Parallel Walls
Pages : 51-56
Authors : F. Rehimi,  F. Aloui,  S. B. Nasrallah, 

On the Enhanced Heat Transfer in the Oscillatory Flow of Liquid Metals
Pages : 57-62
Authors : K. Shailendhra,  S. P. AnjaliDevi, 

Control of Local Mass Transfer in the Separated and Reattaching Flow by a Periodic Forcing
Pages : 63-67
Authors : M. Bouterra,  Z. Mehrez,  A. E. Cafsi,  A. Belghith,  P. L. Quéré, 

Temperature Spectra from a Turbulent Free Thermal Plume and in Interaction with its Material Environment
Pages : 69-76
Authors : J. Zinoubi,  T. Naffouti,  R. B. Maad, 

Flow Improvement in Rectangular Air Intake by Submerged Vortex Generators
Pages : 77-86
Authors : A. R. Paul,  K. Kuppa,  M. S. Yadav,  U. Dutta, 

Similarity Solution for Unsteady MHD Flow Near a Stagnation Point of a Three-Dimensional Porous Body with Heat and Mass Transfer, Heat Generation/Absorption and Chemical Reaction
Pages : 87-94
Authors : A. J. Chamkha,  S. E. Ahmed, 

Effects of Rotation and Magnetic Field on Unsteady Couette Flow in a Porous Channel
Pages : 95-103
Authors : G. S. Seth,  Md. S. Ansari,  R. Nandkeolyar, 

Blade Exit Angle Effects on Performance of a Standard Industrial Centrifugal Oil Pump
Pages : 105-119
Authors : W. G. Li, 

New Trends in Multiscale and Multiphysics Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Novel Engineering Systems
Pages : 121-127
Authors : D. Lakehal, 

Under-Ventilated Wall Fire Behaviour during the Post- Flashover Period
Pages : 129-135
Authors : J. M. Most,  J. B. Saulnier, 

Convective Heat Transfer in Impinging- Gas- Jet Arrangements
Pages : 137-149
Authors : J. M. Buchlin,