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Vol5 , No 2
Effects of Thermal Radiation on Hydromagnetic Flow due to a Porous Rotating Disk with Hall Effect
Pages : 1-7
Authors : S. P.  Anjali Devi,  R.  Uma Devi, 

Transient Approach to Radiative Heat Transfer Free Convection Flow with Ramped Wall Temperature
Pages : 9-13
Authors : R. R. Patra,  S. Das,  R. N. Jana,  S. K. Ghosh, 

Experimental and Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Particles on Flow Structures in Secondary Sedimentation Tanks
Pages : 15-23
Authors : H. Asgharzadeh,  B. Firoozabadi,  H. Afshin, 

The Effect of Temperature Dependent Viscosity on MHD Natural Convection Flow from an Isothermal Sphere
Pages : 25-31
Authors : M. M. Molla,  S. C. Saha,  M. A. Hossain, 

Influence of Heat Input, Working Fluid and Evacuation Level on the Performance of Pulsating Heat Pipe
Pages : 33-42
Authors : K.  Rama Narasimha,  S. N. Sridhara,  M. S. Rajagopal,  K. N. Seetharamu, 

Buoyancy Driven Heat Transfer in Cavities Subjected to Thermal Boundary Conditions at Bottom Wall
Pages : 43-53
Authors :  Aswatha,  C. J.  Gangadhara Gowda,  S. N. Sridhara,  K. N. Seetharamu, 

On the Effects of Rotation on the Passive Scalar and Kinematic Fields of Homogeneous Sheared Turbulence
Pages : 55-65
Authors : B. Chebbi,  M. Bouzaiane, 

Effects of Hall Current and Rotation on Unsteady MHD Couette Flow in the Presence of an Inclined Magnetic Field
Pages : 67-74
Authors : G. S. Seth,  R. Nandkeolyar,  Md. S. Ansari, 

Dynamic Analysis of Small Pig through Two and Three- Dimensional Liquid Pipeline
Pages : 75-83
Authors : M. Lesani,  M. Rafeeyan,  A. Sohankar, 

Thermodynamics of Energy Systems and Processes: A Review and Perspectives
Pages : 85-98
Authors : M. Feidt, 
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Some Insight into the Wind-Induced Vibration of Stay Cables in the Context of Rigid Static Inclined Circular Cylinder
Pages : 99-112
Authors : A. Raeesi,  S. Cheng,  D. S-K Ting, 

Combined Effects of Thermal Radiation and Hall Current on MHD Free-Convective Flow and Mass Transfer over a Stretching Sheet with Variable Viscosity
Pages : 113-121
Authors : G. C. Shit,  R. Haldar, 

High Performance Computing of Three-Dimensional Finite Element Codes on a 64-bit Machine
Pages : 123-132
Authors : M. P. Raju,  S. K. Khaitan,