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Vol6 , No 1
Wave Generated by the NACA4412 Hydrofoil near Free Surface
Pages : 1-6
Authors : H. Ghassemi,  A. R. Kohansal, 

Dispersion in Chiral Fluid in the Presence of Convective Current between Two Parallel Plates Bounded by Rigid Permeable Walls
Pages : 7-13
Authors : N. Rudraiah,  S. V. Raghunatha Reddy, 

Effect of Induced Magnetic Field on Natural Convection in Vertical Concentric Annuli Heated/Cooled Asymmetrically
Pages : 15-26
Authors : A. Kumar,  A. K. Singh, 

Effects of Thermal Radiation and Rotation on Unsteady Hydromagnetic Free Convection Flow past an Impulsively Moving Vertical Plate with Ramped Temperature in a Porous Medium
Pages : 27-38
Authors : G. S. Seth,  R. Nandkeolyar,  M. S. Ansari, 

Hydromagnetic Blood Flow through a Uniform Channel with Permeable Walls Covered by Porous Media of Finite Thickness
Pages : 39-47
Authors : K. Ramakrishnan,  K. Shailendhra, 

Control of Smoke Flow in a Tunnel
Pages : 49-60
Authors : K. Brahim,  B. Mourad,  E. C. Afif,  B. Ali, 

Effect of Cooling System Design on Engine Oil Temperature
Pages : 61-71
Authors : O. P. Singh ,  M. Garg,  V. Kumar,  Y. V. Chaudhary, 

Experimental Investigation on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer to Formic Acid, Propanol and 2-Butanol Pure Liquids under the Atmospheric Pressure
Pages : 73-79
Authors : M. M. Sarafraz, 

Breakup of Droplets in Micro and Nanofluidic T-Junctions
Pages : 81-86
Authors : A. Bedram,  A. Moosavi, 

Thermoslutal Convection in Walters’ (Model B') Rotating Fluid Permeated with Suspended Particles and Variable Gravity Field in Porous Medium in Hydromagnetics
Pages : 87-94
Authors : G. C. Rana, 

Soret and Dufour Effects on Hydro Magnetic Heat and Mass Transfer over a Vertical Plate with a Convective Surface Boundary Condition and Chemical Reaction
Pages : 95-105
Authors : K. Gangadhar, 

Chemically Reacting MHD Boundary Layer Flow of Heat and Mass Transfer over a Moving Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Suction
Pages : 107-114
Authors : K. Gangadhar,  N. Bhaskar Reddy, 

An Aeroelastic Metamodel Based on Experimental Data for Flutter Prediction of Swept Rectangular Wings
Pages : 115-120
Authors : M. Mohammadi-Amin,  B. Ghadiri , 

Momentum and Heat Transfer in MHD Axisymmetric Stagnation-Point Flow over a Shrinking Sheet
Pages : 121-129
Authors : T. R. Mahapatra,  S. K. Nandy, 

Non-Newtonian and Gas-non–Newtonian Liquid Flow through Elbows – CFD Analysis
Pages : 131-141
Authors : T. K. Bandyopadhyay,  S. K. Das, 

Bingham Fluid Flow through a Tapered Tube with Permeable Wall
Pages : 143-148
Authors : K. Avinash,  J. Anand Rao,  Y. V. K. Ravi Kumar,  S. Sreenadh,