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Vol6 , No 2
Axisymmetric Creeping Flow of a Micropolar Fluid over a Sphere Coated with a Thin Fluid Film
Pages : 149-155
Authors : B. R. Gupta,  S. Deo, 

Nonlinear Hydromagnetic Flow with Radiation and Heat Source over a Stretching Surface with Prescribed Heat and Mass Flux Embedded in a Porous Medium
Pages : 157-165
Authors : S. P. AnjaliDevi,  M. Kayalvizhi, 

Experimental Investigation on the Ice Accretion Effects of Airplane Compressor Cascade of Stator Blades on the Aerodynamic Coefficients
Pages : 167-175
Authors : M Ramezanizadeh,  S. M. H Pouryoussefi,  M. Mirzaei,  S. G. Pouryoussefi, 

Effects of Radiation and Cold Wall Temperature Boundary Conditions on Natural Convection in a Vertical Annular Porous Medium
Pages : 177-189
Authors : M. Patil,  P. G. Hegde,  K. N. Seetharamu, 

A Mathematical Theorem on the Onset of Stationary Convection in Couple-Stress Fluid
Pages : 191-196
Authors : A. S. Banyal, 

MHD Unsteady Memory Convective Flow through Porous Medium with Variable Suction
Pages : 197-202
Authors : S. A. Hussaini,  M. V. Ramana Murthy,  A. Waheedullah,   Rafiuddin, 

Effect of Homogeneous Condensation on the Interaction of Supersonic Moist Air Jets with Resonance Tube
Pages : 203-212
Authors : M. M. Ashraful Alam,  S. Matsuo,  T. Setoguchi, 

A Study of Unsteady Rotating Hydromagnetic Free and Forced Convection in a Channel Subject to Forced Oscillation under an Oblique Magnetic Field
Pages : 213-227
Authors : S. K. Ghosh,  O. Anwar Beg,  M. Narahari, 

Effects of Variation of Viscosity and Viscous Dissipation on Oberbeck Magnetoconvection in a Chiral Fluid
Pages : 229-237
Authors : N. Rudraiah,  N. Sujatha,  J. S. Kumar, 

Quasi-Dimensional Modeling of a CNG Fueled HCCI Engine Combustion Using Detailed Chemical Kinetic
Pages : 239-247
Authors : Y. Bakhshan,  A. H. Shadaei, 

Influence of Internal Heat Generation/Absorption, Thermal Radiation, Magnetic Field, Variable Fluid Property and Viscous Dissipation on Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Maxwell Fluid over a Stretching Sheet
Pages : 249-256
Authors : K. V. Prasad,  K. Vajravelu,  A. Sujatha, 

Three-Level Decomposition for the Analysis of Turbulent Flow over Rough-Wall
Pages : 257-265
Authors : K. Bhaganagar,  R. Leighton, 

Experimental Investigation and Performance Evaluation of a Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe
Pages : 267-275
Authors : R. Naik,  V. Varadarajan,  G. Pundarika,  K. R. Narasimha, 

The Effects of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on MHD Oscillatory Free Convective Flow Past a Vertical Plate in Slip Flow Regime with Variable Suction and Periodic Plate Temperature
Pages : 277-283
Authors : M. Choudhury,  G. C. Hazarika, 

Hydro-Magnetic Convection Heat Transfer in a Micropolar Fluid over a Vertical Plate
Pages : 285-299
Authors : M. Ferdows,  P. Nag,  A. Postelnicu,  K. Vajravelu, 

Mixed Convection Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluid from Vertical Surface Saturated in a Porous Medium Filled with a Nanofluid
Pages : 301-309
Authors : A. M. Rashad,  A. J. Chamkha,  M .M. M. Abdou,