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Vol6 , No 3
Applied Filtered Density Function
Pages : 311-320
Authors : S.Levent Yilmaz,  N. Ansari,  P.H Pisciuneri,  M.B. Nik,  C.C. Otis,  P. Givi, 

Finite Element Analysis of Radiation and Mass Transfer Flow Past Semi- Infinite Moving Vertical Plate with Viscous Dissipation
Pages : 321-329
Authors : V. Srinivasa Rao,  L.Anand. Babu, 

Pulsatile MHD Arterial Blood Flow in the Presence of Double Stenoses
Pages : 331-338
Authors : Mukesh Sharma,  P.R. Sharma,  Vinay Nasha, 

An Explicit Model for Concentration Distribution using Biquadratic-Log-Wake Law in an Open Channel Flow
Pages : 339-350
Authors : Snehasis Kundu,  Koeli Ghoshal, 

The Combined Effect of Chemical Reaction, Radiation on Heat and Mass Transfer along a Continuously Moving Surface in Presence of Thermophoresis
Pages : 351-356
Authors : Bhasker Chandra,  Manoj Kumar, 

Numerical Solutions of Unsteady Laminar Free Convection from a Vertical Cone with Non-Uniform Surface Heat Flux
Pages : 357-367
Authors : Bapuji Pullepu,  A. J. Chamkha, 

Mathematical Modeling of Heat-Transfer for a Moving Sheet in a Moving Fluid
Pages : 369-373
Authors : Hamza.M. Habib,  Essam R El-Zahar, 

Application of Density Corrected Spalart-Allmaras Model to Flow Past Ogive Cylinder at High Angles of Attack
Pages : 375-384
Authors : Naresh Kumar,  . Dr. Manoj Nair, 

MHD Flow and Heat Transfer in a Power-Law Liquid Film at a Porous Surface in the Presence of Thermal Radiation
Pages : 385-395
Authors : k. V. Prasad,  K Vajravelu,  P.S. Datti,  B.T. Raju, 

Lie Group Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer Effects on Steady MHD Free Convection Flow past an Inclined Surface with Viscous Dissipation
Pages : 397-404
Authors : M. Gnaneswara Reddy, 

Simulation of Electrohydrodynamic Jet Flow in Dielectric Fluids
Pages : 405-412
Authors : H. Sugiyama,  H. Ogura,  Takeo Shiojima,  Y. Otsubo, 

Universal Velocity Distribution for Smooth and Rough Open Channel Flows
Pages : 413-423
Authors : Jaan Hui Pu, 

Boundary Layer Receptivity to Localized Disturbances in Freestream Caused by a Vortex Ring Collision
Pages : 425-433
Authors : Shuta Noro,  Yoshimune Suzuki,  Masaya Shigeta,  S. Izawa,  Yu Fukunishi, 

Stokes Flow around Rotating Axially Symmetric Pervious Body
Pages : 435-442
Authors : Srivastava Deepak, 

Unsteady MHD Radiative and Chemically Reactive Free Convection Flow near a Moving Vertical Plate in Porous Medium
Pages : 443-451
Authors : T.SUDHAKAR REDDY,  Dr. Raju M.C.,  S.V.K VARMA, 

Evaluation of Eddy Viscosity Models in Predicting Free- Stream Turbulence Penetration
Pages : 453-463
Authors : M. Kahrom,  A Shokrgozar, 

Influence of an Exit Wall Boundary on the Flow of a Circular Jet
Pages : 465-471
Authors : A.P. Vouros,  M.D. Mentzos,  E.I. Xanthopoulos,  A.E. Filios,  D.P. Margaris,