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Vol6 , No 4
Effects of Hall Current on Unsteady MHD Couette Flow of Class-II in a Rotating System
Pages : 473-484
Authors : G. S. Seth,  J. K. Singh, 

Rotation Effects on Unsteady Flow Past an Accelerated Isothermal Vertical Plate With Variable Mass Transfer in the Presence of Chemical Reaction of First Order
Pages : 485-490
Authors : R. Muthucumaraswamy,  N. Dhanasekar,  G. E. Prasad, 

Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Natural Convection for a Cavity Having Sinusoidal Protuberances on a Vertical Wall
Pages : 491-499
Authors : K. Rahmani,  A. Bentebbiche,  B. Draoui, 

Numerical Analysis of Laminar Natural Convection in a Quadrantal Cavity with a Solid Adiabatic Fin Attached to the Hot Vertical Wall
Pages : 501-510
Authors : P. K. Bose,  D. Sen,  R. Panua,  A. K. Das, 

Fluid Simulation of the Ion Temperature Effects on a Collisional Magnetized Sheath of a Dusty Plasma
Pages : 511-517
Authors : I. Driouch,  H. Chatei, 

Numerical Nanofluid Simulation with Finite Volume Lattice-Boltzmann Enhanced Approach
Pages : 519-527
Authors : J. Ghasemi,  S. E. Razavi, 

Investigation of Flow Field in a Typical Hypersonic Wind Tunnel over a Standard Mode
Pages : 529-536
Authors : F. Mohammadifard,  M. Karami,  M. Heidari, 

DTM-Pade Approximants for MHD Flow with Suction/Blowing
Pages : 537-543
Authors : M. Thiagarajan,  K. Senthilkumar, 

Soret and Dufour Effects on Transient Double Diffusive Free Convection of Couple-stress Fluid past a Vertical Cylinder
Pages : 545-554
Authors : H. P. Rani,  G. J. Reddy, 

Effect of Cold Spraying Parameters and Their Interaction an Hydroxyapatite Deposition
Pages : 555-561
Authors : R. P. Singh,  U. Batra, 

Radiative Heat Transfer with MHD Free Convection Flow over a Stretching Porous Sheet in Presence of Heat Source Subjected to Power Law Heat Flux
Pages : 563-569
Authors : H. Kumar, 

Passive Control via Slotted Blading in a Compressor Cascade at Stall Condition
Pages : 571-580
Authors : M. Ramzi,  G. AbdErrahmane, 

Chemical Reaction and Mass Transfer Effects on Flow of Micropolar Fluid past a Continuously Moving Porous Plate with Variable Viscosity
Pages : 581-588
Authors : P. Loganathan,  N. G. Stepha, 

A Magneto-convection Over a Semi -infinite Porous Plate with Heat Generation
Pages : 589-595
Authors : T. Raja,  S. Karthikeyan,  B. Senthilnathan, 

Analytical and Numerical Study for MHD Radiating Flow over an Infinite Vertical Surface Bounded by a Porous Medium in Presence of Chemical Reaction
Pages : 597-607
Authors : S. Ahmed,  K. Kalita, 

Inertia Effects in Rheodynamic Lubrication of an Externally Pressurized Thrust Bearing Using Bingham Lubricant with Sinusoidal Injection
Pages : 609-616
Authors : I. J. Amalraj,  S. Narasimman,  A. Kandasamy,