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Vol8 , No 1
Anomalous Diffusion with Step-Function Injection in a Radial Geometry
Pages : 1-5
Authors : Shaowei Wang,  Shaowei Wang, 

Natural Convection Heat and Mass Transfer Flow with Hall Current, Rotation, Radiation and Heat Absorption Past an Accelerated Moving Vertical Plate with Ramped Temperature
Pages : 7-20
Authors : Gauri Seth,  Rohit Sharma,  Subharthi Sarkar, 

On Spectral Relaxation Method for Entropy Generation on a MHD Flow and Heat Transfer of a Maxwell Fluid
Pages : 21-31
Authors : Stanford Shateyi,  Sandile Motsa,  Zodwa Makukula, 

Modeling Open-Flow Steam Reforming of Methanol over Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 Catalyst in an Axisymmetric Reactor
Pages : 33-42
Authors : Leonardo Pacheco,  Dominique Della-Valle,  Olivier Le.Corre,  Charbel Habch,  Thierry LEMENAND,  Hassan Peerhossaini, 

Dynamic Analysis of Pig through Two and Three Dimensional Gas Pipeline
Pages : 43-54
Authors : Malihe Mirshamsi,  M. Rafeeyan, 

On the Onset of Convection in a Dusty Couple-Stress Fluid with Variable Gravity through a Porous Medium in Hydromagnetics
Pages : 55-63
Authors : K. Kumar, 

Transient MHD Free Convective Flow of an Optically Thick Gray Gas Past a Moving Vertical Plate in the Presence of Thermal Radiation and Mass Diffusion
Pages : 65-73
Authors : S.K Ghosh,  Sanatan Das,  R. N. Jana, 

Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Spacing between Vertical Plates on the Development of a Thermal Plume from an Active Block
Pages : 75-84
Authors : T. Naffouti,  Lamia Thamri,  Rejeb Ben Maad, 

MHD flow of nanofluids over an exponentially stretching sheet embedded in a stratified medium with suction and radiation effects
Pages : 85-93
Authors : Loganathan Parasuraman,  vimala chellasamy, 

An Experimental Study of Liquid-Solid Flow in a Circulating Fluidized Bed of Varying Liquid Viscosity
Pages : 95-101
Authors : Nirmala sundaram,  L. Muruganandam, 

Investigation of the Dispersion Behavior of Inertial Particles within Accelerated Domain
Pages : 103-112
Authors : Tong ZHAO,  Zhilong WANG,  Masahiro TAKEI,  Kai Liu,  Yahui CUI, 

Second Order Model for Strongly Sheared Compressible Turbulence
Pages : 113-121
Authors : marzougui hamed, 

A Numerical Study on Slip Flow Heat Transfer in Micro-Poiseuille Flow using Perturbation Method
Pages : 123-132
Authors : M. Saghafian,  Ramezan Rajabi,  Idin Saberian,  E. Shirani, 

Numerical Aerodynamic Evaluation and Noise Investigation of a Bladeless Fan
Pages : 133-142
Authors : mohammad jafari,  Hossein Afshin,  Bijan Farhanieh,  Hamidreza bozorgasareh, 

Experimental Setup for the Analysis of Vortices
Pages : 143-149
Authors : Sandro Nizetic,  Filip Grubisic Cabo,  Miro Bugarin, 

Boundary layer Slip Flow and Heat Transfer of Nanofluid Induced by a Permeable Stretching Sheet with Convective Boundary Condition
Pages : 151-158
Authors : Amir Malvandi,  Faraz Hedayati,  D. D. Ganji, 

Effects of Hall Current and Rotation on Hydromagnetic Natural Convection Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer of a Heat Absorbing Fluid past an Impulsively Moving Vertical Plate with Ramped Temperature
Pages : 159-171
Authors : Gauri Seth,  Subharthi Sarkar,  Syed Modassir Hussain,  Goutam Kumar Mahato,