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Vol9 , Special Issue 1
Slug Catcher Multiphase CFD Modeling: Optimization and Comparison with Industrial Standards
Pages : 1-9
Authors : Gianluca MONTENEGRO,  G. D’Errico,  A. Della Torre,  L. Cadei,  S. Masi, 

Turbulent Plane Impinging Jet-Physical Insight and Turbulence Modeling
Pages : 11-17
Authors : M. Charmiyan,  Ahmadreza Azimian,  Laurent Keirsbulck,  E. Shirani,  Fethi ALOUI, 

Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Pages : 19-29
Authors : E. Berrich Betouche,  Fethi ALOUI,  D. Pierrat,  L. Gros,  Anthony COUZINET,  Jack Legrand, 

Aero-Thermal Optimization of a Heat Sink using Variable Neighbourhood Search
Pages : 31-37
Authors : Pierre-Olivier Jandaud,  L. Lambourg,  S. Harmand, 

Liquid Film Thickness: Study and Influence over Aqueous Foam Flow
Pages : 39-48
Authors : Rogelio Chovet,  Fethi ALOUI, 

Numerical and Experimental Study on the Effects of Taylor Number on the Wavelength of the Couette-Taylor Flow
Pages : 49-57
Authors : mostafa monfared,  E. Shirani,  Fethi ALOUI,  M. R. Salimpour, 

Use of the PIV and Electrochemical Techniques to Experimentally Characterize the Couette-TaylorPoiseuille Flow Instabilities
Pages : 59-68
Authors : Wafik ABASSI,  Fethi ALOUI,  S.B Nasrallah,  Jack Legrand, 

Scavenging Process Analysis in a 2-Stroke Engine by CFD Approach for a Parametric 0D Model Development
Pages : 69-80
Authors : S. Cagin,  N. Bourabaa,  E. Delacourt,  Céline Morin,  X. Fischer,  D. Coutellier,  B. Carré,  S. Loumé, 

On the Influence of Low-power Laser Source on the Evaporation of Single Droplets: Experimental and Numerical Approaches
Pages : 81-87
Authors : MH Sadafi,  S. González Ruiz,  M. R. Vetrano,  J. van Beeck,  I. Jahn,  J.M. Buchlin,  K. Hooman, 

Reconstruction of In-cylinder Temperature, Equivalence Ratio and NOx Distribution Fields using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Technique
Pages : 89-95
Authors : H. Akbari,  A. Salavati-Zadeh,  A. Javaheri,  Vahid Esfahanian,  S. V. Ghavami,  H. Ghomashi, 

Numerical and Experimental Investigation into the Jet and Dispersion of CO R2 R from Pressurized Transportation Pipelines
Pages : 97-106
Authors : Chuanlong Xu,  X. Zhang,  Z. Ding,  S. Wang, 

Aerodynamic Investigation of a Wind Turbine using CFD and Modified BEM Methods
Pages : 107-111
Authors : M. Tahani,  M. Moradi, 

Experimental Study of Heat and Mass Transfer for Liquid Film Evaporation along a Vertical Plate Covered With a Porous Layer
Pages : 113-120
Authors : Amine TERZI,  Sadok Ben Jabrallah,  S. Harmand, 

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Characterisation of Reflected Overpressures around a Complex Structure
Pages : 121-129
Authors : Ludovic BLANC,  Jean-Luc Hanus,  Mame William-Louis,  Benjamin LE-ROUX, 

Experimental Investigations of the Spherical Taylor-Couette Flow
Pages : 131-137
Authors : Mohamed MAHLOUL,  A. Mahamdia,  M. Kristiawan, 

Forced Convection in a Cylinder Filled with Porous Medium, including Viscous Dissipation Effects
Pages : 139-145
Authors : Boutheina ZALLAMA,  L. Zili Ghedira,  S.B Nasrallah, 

Experimental Investigations on Oscillatory CouetteTaylor Flow Wall Shear Stress Behavior using Electrochemical Technique: Low Modulation Effect
Pages : 147-154
Authors : E. Berrich Betouche,  Fethi ALOUI,  Jack Legrand, 

Effect of Dispersed Nanoparticles on Thermophysical Properties of Nanofluid and Heat Transfer Coefficients
Pages : 165-171
Authors : H. Afshar,  M Shams,  Mojtaba Moosavi naeinian,  Goodarz Ahmadi, 

Numerical Investigation of Non-Newtonian Blood Effect on Acoustic Streaming
Pages : 173-176
Authors : R. Aayani,  Azadeh Shahidian,  M. Ghassemi,