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Vol11 , Special Issue
Performance and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel-Butanol Blended Fuel in Lhr Engine
Pages : 1-5
Authors : S. Muthukumarasamy,  S. Arun,  P. Amirthalingam,  P. Yogesh,  P. Baradhan, 

A Comparison between MLP and SVR Models in Prediction of Thermal Properties of Nano Fluids
Pages : 7-14
Authors : R. Kavitha,  P. C. Mukesh Kumar, 

Performance Evaluation of Internal Combustion Engine by using MWCNT/Water Based Nanofluid as a Coolant
Pages : 15-21
Authors : Muruganandam M,  P. C. Mukesh Kumar, 

Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Double Helically Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger with MWCNT/Water Nanofluid
Pages : 23-29
Authors : M. Chandrasekar,  P. C. Mukesh Kumar, 

IWF Based Optimization of Porous Insert Configurations for Heat Transfer Enhancement Using CFD
Pages : 31-37
Authors : T. Sathish,  V. Mohanavel, 

Modelling of Manhattan K-Nearest Neighbor for Exhaust Emission Analysis of CNG-Diesel Engine
Pages : 39-44
Authors : T. Sathish,  A. Muthulakshmanan, 

Influence of Aspect Ratio on Thermal Performance of Heat Sink using Ansys
Pages : 45-52
Authors : P. C. Mukesh Kumar,  C. M. Arun Kumar, 

Experimental Investigation on Linde-Hampson Refrigerating System Operating with Different Blends of Hydro-Carbons as Alternate Refrigerants
Pages : 53-61
Authors : P. Murugan,  S. Mohanamurugan,  N. Nallusamy,  S. Sekar, 

Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Blends with Pine Oil
Pages : 63-67
Authors : J. Kishore Kumar,  C. Sundar Raj,  P. Sathishkumar,  P. Gopal,  Godwin Antony, 

Investigation of Performance and Emission Characters of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Diesel Blends of Linseed and Cottonseed oil
Pages : 69-74
Authors : K. Thaniyarasu,  T. Senthil Kumar,  M. Chandhrasekar, 

Co-Combustion Analysis of Lignite Coal and Groundnut Shell using TGA
Pages : 75-78
Authors : C. Sakthivel,  P. Gopal,  C. Rameshkumar,  B. Suresh Kumar, 

Hardness and Thermal Analysis in Welded Butt Joint of Hybrid Aluminium (LM25) Metal Matrix Nano Composite Cylindrical Rod using TIG Welding Process
Pages : 79-89
Authors : V. Deepakaravind,  P. Gopal,  A. Viswanathan, 

Experimental Heat Transfer Analysis on Heat Pipe using Sio2 and Tio2 Nano Fluid
Pages : 91-101
Authors : P. Sakthivel,  G. Arunkumar,  P. Navaneetha Krishnan,  R. Ramkumar,  P. Parameswaran, 

An Explicit Approach of Natural Ventilation for Various Orientation of Wind Catcher Openings using CFD
Pages : 103-105
Authors : V. Sivakumar,  K. Visagavel,  A. Selvakumar,  C. Jayavel, 

Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Compression Ratio in a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fueled with Spirulina Algae Biodiesel
Pages : 107-114
Authors : P. Govindasamy,  Godwin Antony,  K. Rajaguru,  K. Saravanan, 

Analysis of Varying Geometri Structures of Fins using Radiators
Pages : 115-119
Authors : K. Chinnarasu,  M. Ranjithkumar,  P. Lakshmanan,  K. B. Hariharan,  N. K. Vigneshwaran,  S. Karan, 

Computational Analysis and Optimization of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger
Pages : 121-128
Authors : K. Pradeep Mohan Kumar,  V. Vijayan,  B. Suresh Kumar,  C. M. Vivek,  S. Dinesh, 

Potential Flow Simulation through Lagrangian Interpolation Meshless Method Coding
Pages : 129-134
Authors : T. Avudaiappan,  V. Vijayan,  S. Sundara Pandiyan,  M. Saravanan,  S. Dinesh, 

Experimental Measurement and Computational Investigation on the Effect of Inlet Winglet Turbulators on the Heat Exchange Behaviour of Radiator Tubes
Pages : 135-139
Authors : C. Sadhasivam,  R. Thirumalai,  K. Techato, 

An Investigation of Air Flow and Thermal Comfort of Modified Conventional Car Cabin Using Computerized Fluid Dynamics
Pages : 141-150
Authors : S. Ibrahim,  R. C. Mehta, 

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