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Vol4 , No 4
Experimental Analysis on the Counter-Current Dumitrescu- Taylor Bubble Flow in a Smooth Vertical Conduct of Small Diameter
Pages : 1-14
Authors : S. Benattalah,  F. Aloui,  M. Souhar, 

Natural Convection Heat and Mass Transfer in the Boundary Layer along a Vertical Cylinder with Opposing Buoyancies
Pages : 15-21
Authors : M. Si Abdallah,  B. Zeghmati, 

Estimation of the Effective Thermal Properties in a Metallic Medium by an Inverse Technique using Temperatures Measureme
Pages : 23-29
Authors : A. Sakly,  A. Jemni,  P. Lagonotte,  D. Petit, 

Influence of Primary Stenosis on Secondary One and Vice Versa in case of Double Stenoses
Pages : 31-42
Authors : D. K. Mandal,  N. K. Manna,  S. Chakrabarti, 

Effect of Rotation on Double-Diffusive Convection in a Magnetized Ferrofluid with Internal Angular Momentum
Pages : 43-52
Authors :  Sunil,  P. Chand,  A. Mahajan,  P. Sharma, 

Chemically Reactive Solute Distribution in a Steady MHD Boundary Layer Flow over a Stretching Surface
Pages : 53-58
Authors : M. S. Uddin,  K. Bhattacharyya,  G. C. Layek,  W. A. Pk, 

Effects of Variable Thermal Conductivity and Chemical Reaction on Steady Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer Inside a Cone due to a Point Sink
Pages : 59-63
Authors : V. Bisht,  M. Kumar,  Z. Uddin, 

A Flow Model for the Settling Velocities of non Spherical Particles in Creeping Motion
Pages : 65-75
Authors : Y. Mendez, 

Solutions in Variably Inclined MHD Flows
Pages : 77-83
Authors : C. S. Bagewadi,  S. Bhagya, 

On the Flow of a Paramagnetic Fluid in a Differentially Heated Channel
Pages : 85-89
Authors : H. Sadat,  C. Prax, 

Mass Transfer Effects on Unsteady Hydromagnetic Convective Flow past a Vertical Porous Plate in a Porous Medium with Heat Source
Pages : 91-100
Authors : S. S. Das,  S. R. Biswal,  U. K. Tripathy,  P. Das, 

Fluctuating Heat and Mass Transfer on Unsteady MHD Free Convection Flow of Radiating and Reacting Fluid past a Vertical Porous Plate in Slip- Flow Regime
Pages : 101-106
Authors : K. D. Singh,  R. Kumar,