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Vol5 , No 4
Investigation of Air Drafting Pattern Obtained from the Variation in Outlet Positions inside a Closed Area
Pages : 1-12
Authors : B. Tripathi,  S. G. Moulic, 

Effects of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reactions on the Dispersion of a Solute for Immiscible Viscous Fluids between Two Plates
Pages : 13-22
Authors : J. P. Kumar,  J. C. Umavathi,  A. Basavaraj, 

On Dissipative Radiative MHD Boundary Layer Flow in a Porous Medium Over a Non Isothermal Stretching Sheet
Pages : 23-31
Authors : P. Vyas ,  N. Srivastava, 

Experimental Study of Cavitation and Hydraulic Flip Effects on Liquid Jet Characteristics into Crossflows
Pages : 33-43
Authors : N. S. Chemloul, 

Thermosolutal Magneto - Rotatory Convection In Couple - Stress Fluid through Porous Medium
Pages : 45-52
Authors : P. Kumar, 

Mixed Convection at a Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Magnetic Field and Variable Viscosity
Pages : 53-62
Authors : N. Veerraju,  K. S. Srinivasa Babu,  C. N. B.  Rao, 

Effect of Different Near-Wall Treatments on Indoor Airflow Simulations
Pages : 63-70
Authors : N. El Gharbi,  R. Absi,  A. Benzaoui, 

Rheodynamic Lubrication of an Externally Pressured Thrust Bearing Using Herschel-Bulkley Fluid with Sinusoidal Injection
Pages : 71-79
Authors : I. J. Amalraj,  S. Narasimman,  A. Kandasamy, 

Visualization of Merging Flow by Usage of PIV and CFD with Application to Grate-Kiln Induration Machines
Pages : 81-89
Authors : I. A. S Larsson,  E. M. Lindmark,  T. S. Lundström,  D. Marjavaara,  S. Töyrä, 

A Novel Sintered Porous Micromixer for the Effective Mixing of Biologics and Scale Model Investigation of Micromixing Mechanisms
Pages : 91-100
Authors : J. Stevens,  G. Brossard,  A. Blom,  A. Douteur,  Y. Delmotte, 

An Extension of the SSG Model on Compressible Turbulent Flow
Pages : 101-111
Authors : K. Hechmi,  L. Taieb, 

On the Instability of Spheres Settling through a Vertical Pipe Filled with HPG
Pages : 113-121
Authors : P. D. Weidman,  B. Roberts,  S. Eisen, 

A Flow Model for the Settling Velocities of non Spherical Particles in Creeping Motion, Part II
Pages : 123-130
Authors : Y. Mendez, 

Numerical Computation of Unsteady Compressible Flow past a Plunging Aerofoil
Pages : 131-138
Authors : K. S. Kumar,  S. V. Sajjan, 

Thermo-Diffusion and Diffusion –Thermo Effects on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer through a Porous Medium in a Circular Cylindrical Annulus with Quadratic Density Temperature Variation – Finite Element Study
Pages : 139-144
Authors : P. S. Reddy,  V. P. Rao,