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Vol7 , No 4
An Accurate Taylors Series Solution with High Radius of Convergence for the Blasius Function and Parameters of Asymptotic Variation
Pages : 557-564
Authors : S. Anil Lal,  M.  Neeraj Paul, 

Active Flow Control at the Rear End of a Generic Car Model Using Steady Blowing
Pages : 565-571
Authors : R. Mestiri,  A. Ahmed-Bensoltane,  L. Keirsbulck,  F. Aloui,  L. Labraga, 

Rayleigh-Taylor Instability at the Interface of Superposed Couple-Stress Casson Fluids Flow in Porous Medium under the Effect of a Magnetic Field
Pages : 573-580
Authors : M. Agoor. Bothaina,  N. T. Eldabe, 

Effects of Through-Flow and Internal Heat Generation on a Thermo Convective Instability in an Anisotropic Porous Medium
Pages : 581-590
Authors : R. K. Vanishree, 

On the Cooling Process of Nanofluid in a Square Enclosure with Linear Temperature Distribution on Left Wall
Pages : 591-601
Authors : A. A. Abbasian Arani,  M. Mahmoodi,  S. Mazrouei Sebdani, 

Visco-Elastic MHD Free Convective Flow through Porous Media in Presence of Radiation and Chemical Reaction with Heat and Mass Transfer
Pages : 603-609
Authors : R. Choudhury,  S. Kumar Das, 

Experimental Study of the Scour Regimes Downstream of an Apron for Intermediate Tailwater Depth Conditions
Pages : 611-624
Authors : P. Espa,  S. Sibilla, 

Morphological Considerations of Fish Fin Shape on Thrust Generation
Pages : 625-632
Authors : K. Kikuchi,  Y. Uehara,  Y. Kubota,  O. Mochizuki, 

Heat Transfer in Hydromagnetic Fluid Flow: Study of Temperature Dependence of Fluid Viscosity
Pages : 633-640
Authors : S. K. Ghosh,  G. C. Shit,  J. C. Misra, 

Radiation Effect on Mhd Heat and Mass Transfer Flow over a Shrinking Sheet with Mass Suction
Pages : 641-650
Authors : P. R. Babu,  J. A. Rao,  S. Sheri, 

Applications of 2-D Moiré Deflectometry to Atmospheric Turbulence
Pages : 651-657
Authors : S. Rasouli,  M. D. Niry,  Y. Rajabi,  A. A. Panahi,  J. Niemela, 

Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the Aerodynamic Characteristic of Three Typical Passenger Vehicles
Pages : 659-671
Authors : Y. Wang,  Y. Xin,  Zh. Gu,  Sh. Wang,  Y. Deng,  X. Yang, 

Development of a Segregated Compressible Flow Solver for Turbomachinery Simulations
Pages : 673-682
Authors : J. Benajes,  J. Galindo,  P. Fajardo,  R. Navarro, 

Effects of Hall Currents and Radiation on Unsteady MHD Flow Past a Heated Moving Vertical Plate
Pages : 683-692
Authors : S. Das,  S. K. Guchhait,  R. N. Jana, 

A Framework for Curved Boundary Representation in 2D Discontinuous Galerkin Euler Solvers
Pages : 693-702
Authors : B. Baghapour,  V. Esfahanian,  A. Nejat, 

Steady Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer Over a Shrinking Sheet with Induced Magnetic Field
Pages : 703-710
Authors : A. Sinha, 

Spectral Homotopy Analysis Method for PDEs That Model the Unsteady Von Kàrmàn Swirling Flow
Pages : 711-718
Authors : Z. G. Makukula,  S. S. Motsa,