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Vol 8 (2015)
Vol 8 , No 4
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Vol8 , No 4
An Analytical Solution for the Laminar Forced Convection in a Pipe with Temperature-Dependent Heat Generation
Pages : 641-650
Authors : T. Pesso,  S. Piva, 

Upward Flow Boiling to DI-Water and Cuo Nanofluids Inside the Concentric Annuli
Pages : 651-659
Authors : N. Vaeli,  M. M. Sarafraz,  S.M. Peyghambarzadeh,  F hormozi, 

Demixing of a Binary Fluid Mixture in Case of MHD Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer due to a Point Sink
Pages : 661-665
Authors : Kabita Nath,  B.R. Sharma, 

A Study of the Complex Flow Features Behind a Diffracted Shock Wave on a Convex Curved Wall
Pages : 667-672
Authors : adam muritala,  B. W. Skews,  craig law, 

A New Method to Calculate Centrifugal Pump Performance Parameters for Industrial Oils
Pages : 673-681
Authors : mohammad hassan shojaeefard,  behzad salimian rizi,  Mojtaba Tahani,  Abolfazl Khalkhali, 

Three-Dimensional Design of Axial Flow Compressor Blades Using the Ball-Spine Algorithm
Pages : 683-691
Authors : Ali Madadi,  M.J Kermani,  M. Nili-Ahmadabadi, 

MHD Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in a Vertical Channel with Temperature-Dependent Transport Properties
Pages : 693-701
Authors : k. V. Prasad,  Kuppalapalle Vajravelu, 

Ammonia Decomposition for Hydrogen Production in Catalytic Microchannels with Slip/Jump Effects
Pages : 703-712
Authors : Azad Qazi Zade,  Metin Renksizbulut,  Jacob Friedman, 

Flow Characteristic Study in a Configuration of Sudden Expansion with Central Restriction and Fence – Viewed as an Annular Flow Dump Combustor
Pages : 713-725
Authors : Tridibesh Das,  S. Chakrabarti, 

Numerical Study of Forced Air Cooling of a Heated Porous Foam Pyramid Array
Pages : 727-734
Authors : Anderson Kevin,  Maryam Shafahi,  Alfredo Guiterrez, 

Weak Nonlinear Double Diffusive Magneto-Convection in a Newtonian Liquid under Gravity Modulation
Pages : 735-746
Authors : B. S. Bhadauria,  Palle Kiran, 

Melting with Viscous Dissipation on MHD Radiative Flow from a Vertical Plate Embedded in Non-Darcy Porous Medium
Pages : 747-752
Authors : Hemalatha K,  J. Prasad, 

Entropy Generation Analysis for Stagnation Point Flow in a Porous Medium over a Permeable Stretching Surface
Pages : 753-765
Authors : M.M. Rashidi,  F. Mohammadi,  S. Abbasbandy,  Mohammed S. Alhuthali, 

Unsteady Hydromagnetic Natural Convection Flow of a Heat Absorbing Fluid within a Rotating Vertical Channel in Porous Medium with Hall Effects
Pages : 767-779
Authors : Gauri Seth,  Bidyasagar Kumbhakar,  Rohit Sharma, 

The Influence of Ekman Number on Flows Over an Oscillating Isothermal Vertical Plate in a Rotating Frame
Pages : 781-791
Authors : Muhammad asjad Imran,  Dumitru Vieru,  Itrat Abbas Mirza, 

Modelling the Effect of Variable Viscosity on Unsteady Couette Flow of Nanofluids with Convective Cooling
Pages : 793-802
Authors : Ahmada Ali,  O. D. Makinde, 

Mixed Convection Flow of Casson Nanofluid over a Stretching Sheet with Convectively Heated Chemical Reaction and Heat Source/Sink
Pages : 803-813
Authors : T. Hayat,  Muhammad Bilal Ashraf,  Sabir Shehzad,  Ahmed Alsaedi, 

A Weakly Non Linear Stability Analysis of Heat Transport in Anisotropic Porous Cavity Under Time PeriodicTemperature Modulation
Pages : 815-824
Authors : Amit kumar Mishra,  Mukesh Kumar, 

On the Dynamic Behavior of a Liquid Droplet Impacting upon a Wall Having Obstacles
Pages : 825-833
Authors : Boseon Kang, 

Onset of the Mutual Thermal Effects of Solid Body and Nanofluid Flow over a Flat Plate Theoretical Study
Pages : 835-843
Authors : Amir Malvandi,  Faraz Hedayati,  D. D. Ganji, 

Unsteady Free Convection Flow past a Vertical Plate with Heat and Mass Fluxes in the Presence of Thermal Radiation
Pages : 845-854
Authors : S. Das,  R. N. Jana,  A. J. Chamkha, 

Investigating Flat Plate Drag Reduction Using Taguchi Robust Design
Pages : 855-862
Authors : Ghodrat Ghassabi,  Mohsen Kahrom, 

Applications of Shallow Water SPH Model in Mountainous Rivers
Pages : 863-870
Authors : Ridong Chen,  Songdong Shao,  Xingnian Liu,  Xiaoquan Zhou, 

Mathematical Analysis of Single and Two-Phase Flow of Blood in Narrow Arteries with Multiple Contrictions
Pages : 871-883
Authors : DS Sankar,  Atulya K Nagar,  A Vanav kumar, 

Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Heated Tube Caused by Wire-Coil and Rings
Pages : 885-892
Authors : Saeed Vahidifar,  M. Kahrom, 

Bubble Dynamics for Nucleate Pool Boiling of Water, Ethanol and Methanol Pure Liquids under the Atmospheric Pressure
Pages : 893-898
Authors : samane hamzekhani,  Majedeh Maniavi Falahieh,  Mohammad Rasoul Kamalizadeh,  Mohammad Salmaninejad, 

Effect of Sparse Distribution Pores in Thermohaline Convection in a Micropolar Ferromagnetic Fluid
Pages : 899-910
Authors : R. Sekar,  Raju Dr. K., 

Dual Solutions for MHD Jeffery–Hamel Nano-Fluid Flow in Non-parallel Walls Using Predictor Homotopy Analysis Method
Pages : 911-919
Authors : Navid Freidoonimehr,  M.M. Rashidi, 

Investigation of Transient MHD Couette flow and Heat Transfer of Dusty Fluid with Temperature-Dependent Oroperties
Pages : 921-929
Authors : sobhan mosayebidorcheh,  Taha Mosayebidorcheh,  M. Hatami,  D. D. Ganji, 

Buoyancy Effects on Unsteady MHD Flow of a Reactive Third-Grade Fluid with Asymmetric Convective Cooling
Pages : 931-941
Authors : Tirivanhu Chinyoka,  O. D. Makinde,